One Piece: Shendu ch 10

Chapter 10: Enquire about Devil fruit!

Allen also tries to massage his balls to relieve some pain.

After some time, he walks out from the room as his ankle broke. Shakky looks at his condition and starts to laugh.

Shakky is also a top powerful player of the One Piece world. Her observation Haki is also powerful, so she knows what happens inside the room.

Observation Haki also consumes mental strength to use. Shakky starts her observation Haki when Hancock release her Conqueror Haki + Dragon pressure.

Allen sits on the chair, and look at Shakky with resentful eyes.

Allen look around and asked: “Shakky sister, where is mine breakfast?”

Shakky looks at him, like she is looking at an idiot.

Shakky smiles and said: “Are you adopted by your sister? Or are you going to pay for your breakfast? Because I didn’t provide anything for free.”

“I just gave you accommodation because Rayleigh is a little bit interested in you. Now he is gone, you also move out, before I kick you out.”

Allen forehead starts to sweat.

How can someone warn you while smiling and you can also feel the killing intent in her words? It is really the most dangerous moment when you piss off a girl.

Hancock also comes out from washroom and heard Shakky words.

Hancock is after all a princess, how can she accept this type of humiliation!

Hancock comes near Allen, and directly pick his hand, and starts moving towards the gate. It’s like she really wants to leave this stinky place, as soon as possible.

Allen heart is also got warm that Hancock really got upset when some try to threaten him.


Allen smiles and stops Hancock. Hancock eyes are filled with some resentment, but she didn’t say anything. Allen also didn’t explain much.

Allen put his hand on Hancock shoulder and starts moving towards Bar counter.

He smiles at Shakky and said: “Ok, we will move out. But we need some information. We will pay for your information right now, if we don’t have enough amount, I will pay the money in the future.”

Shakky looks at his eyes which has no anger. She is also got surprised. She wants to see the mood of Allen after he heard her sarcastic comment.

Shakky can feel that from now on, there is an invisible border has been created between them. From now onwards they can’t be friends with him, they can only be neutral or enemy with this person.

Shakky now really regret saying those words, but she is living her life in retirement, so she doesn’t have to worry about that a rookie will be her friend or enemy.

Shakky removed all thoughts from her mind, and asked: “What information you want?”

“How you detect me before? Can you really see me with your Observation Haki?” Allen asked.

Shakky looks at his eyes and smile: “Price of this question is 10 million!”

Hancock suddenly got surprised and want to swear this rude lady. But Allen stops and smile at Shakky: “Ok, no problem, but I can’t provide you the money at a moment. You have to wait sometime.”

Shakky smiles and said: “No-problem, with my network system you can’t run away from me, if you don’t pay.”

“I detect you because when you reached my house, you start to discuss your plan with this girl. And also, we can’t detect you with observation Haki.”

Allen patted on his forehead and thought: “I am really an idiot. How can I discuss my plan in from of enemies base.”

Allen then asked: “Then how you will stop us just before opening the gate.”

Shakky pointed towards their feet, and said: “After I already heard your plan, so it is easy to calculate, when and where you are. Also, those two little girls are too nervous, so when they walk, they make some little noise.”

Allen finally understands all his shortcomings. So he finally comes to ask the real question: “Give me one Devil Fruit illustration book, and also tell me, which Dragon has the most Devil Fruits in Mary-Joa. Also best description map of Mary-Joa. Also which Dragon stays on Sabaody Archipelago Island, and also have devil fruit with him. Also, give me the description of which Auction House has the devil fruit.”

Shakky eyes almost got out with surprise. She is really not able to think about the plan of Allen.

Hancock also starts to shake.

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