One Piece: Shendu ch 1

Chapter 1: Enters new world!

A normal day in Kashmir. It is around November 2019.

Kashmir is a place in India where temperature is mostly low. This place is too beautiful. Everyone say that it is place looks like heaven.

A 39 year old man is watching Jackie Chan Adventures. He is general okatu who only stays home and watch TV.

It is his favorite show. He watched multiple anime in his life-time and many show stories are much better than Jackie Chan Adventures like One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and many more.

But the power shown in Jackie Chan Adventures is his best choice.

He is watching at the episode where Shendu got all the Talismens and just got his body changed.

Suddenly a blast happens and whole mountain area is blasted. No-body knows what happen to that uncle. Next day news came a meteorite crashed on a mountain, no-body got hurt, government is trying to clear out the area.

That uncle got died and no-body even know about it.


Suddenly a 15 years boy opened his eyes and have headache. He looked around but can’t see anything. He thought he slept because of cold weather. He tried to find his mobile on the side to make some light to look around.

Ting Ting

He found that his hands were tied with something and that heavy. He first thought that he is in his sleep but found that he is really not sleeping and iron chains are making noice when he tried to move.

He finally understand that something happens and he has to do something to get answers. Finally his eyes got adjust to the light in that room and he looked around.

He found that there are lots of chains around to bound people and he was locked in one of these chains. Suddenly he directly quietened down and pretend like sleeping. Because he know that this is not like some normal jail of the modern police. Maybe he shout and killed by these guys. First he have to find out what is happening.

Do I really cross the World? Just like novels.

Or someone kidnap me and put in this 19th century type of jail, so that no-one find out about me??

Suddenly gate opened and some rouge type of guys enter into the cabin. They also have 3 little girls with them and all 3 girls are crying because they are beaten.

That cruel guy throw these girls on the floor without mercy and started to tie them with iron chains. One of the guy started to laugh and said.

“We even catch a white face little boy and 3 little girls from Amazon Island. This time we really make a great profite. There are even chances that Boss able to collect so much money out of them that he can buy a Devil Fruit.”


Other guy said: “Than we will starts to rule the whole sea and became One Piece.”

After hearing this, Allen got some useful information.

1st, I cross into One Piece World.

2nd, These 3 sister maybe Boa Hancock and others.

3rd, I am also kidnapped by them.

4th, They are going to sell me.

5th, Captain is not a devil fruit user.

So, it looks like I am in real troble right now.

Because Allen know that he was an otaku in the previous world and have no experience in fighting. Even the powerful pirates can run away from slavery, how will he do that.

So, his only way to run away is, before he reach auction house.

“Please god, you can do this to me. You let me enter into the world atleast send me a system.”

[Ting! Boss have you just called me.]

“What? System are you really there!!”

Two pirates heard and come near him.

“Hey, you useless piece of shit, what are you blabbering?”

And that guy directly kicked in his stomach.


Allen in 39 years, never beaten by someone. He lived a life where he just have to eat and sleep. So, how can he able to handle the kick of a guy who are used to kill people!!

Suddenly a guy enter into the cabin and asked: “What happened??”

“Nothing, this guy just by me and started to cry out like a girl, Hahahahaha.”

Guy on the gate warned: “Hey, I warned you, don’t by mistakenly kill this guy, or Captain will starts to torture you instead of his slaves.”

Pirate who kicked started to treamble and said: “Yeah, definately!”

And he go out with the other pirate.

Allen is still crying. He never felt so much pain in his life. Even Hancock stopped crying and starts looking at him.

After around half an hour, Allen stopped shouting finally.

Hancock disdainfully snorted towards Allen.

Hancock thought: “This boy looks nice but can’t even handle a little kick.”

Allen finally control his anger and pain, and wrote down to take revenge for this kick.

He asked system: “System, why it is so painful when he kicked me?”

[Ting! Because when Boss starts from the bottom level, he can reach at the top level, so system makes your power at the bottom level and clear out all toxins in your blood]

“System, do you want to kill me? Currently now I am on a pirate ship and they are going to sell me. How much time can I live in this condition!!”

[Ting! Boss, I don’t let you die. I will release the best Novice Gift Pack for you. You will definately be happy after you look at it.]


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