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One piece Invincible ch 91

Chapter 91: Debut

“What is this?”

“I can’t get away!”

“Help me!”

The female warriors watched as their bodies gradually became submerged by the dark mist, but they couldn’t do anything.

“Hahahahahaha… The more you struggle, the faster you will sink! Let you die in the dark!”

Black Beard laughed.

“Black beard…”

Elder Nyon saw this scene, her face was white, but nothing could be done.

The dark fog is so strange, as long as it gets stuck, you can’t make it if you want to dodge… If you fall into the mud, the more you struggle, the faster you will die.



Not only the female warriors who protect the country, but also the female warriors of Kuja Pirates together with the two sisters of Hancock were also sucked by the darkness.

Hancock wanted to save her sister.

But soon, she was also found herself smothered by the dark fog.

“Hahahahaha… How do you feel the feeling of desperation? This is the end, when you go against the Blackbeard!”

When the Blackbeard is laughing, suddenly, a yellow-colored flash on the horizon goes straight to the Blackbeard!

“No one can hurt the captain!”

Jesus Burgess noticed the yellow-color flash in the first time, rushed straight up, and punched out with a Haki hard punch!

The yellow-color flash was defeated on the spot.

However, It have not waited for Jesus Burgess to return.

The yellow-color flash is like a raindrop, how can Jesus Burgess resist?


The body of Jesus Burgess was directly bombarded by a flash of the explosion.

The black beard was hit by the flash at the same time.

“Oh ah… it hurts! Kill me!”

The double pain caused by the Yami Yami No Mi fruit made the Blackbeard hurt so much that he start to roll on the ground.

However, where he was hurt, there was a dark mist covering him, and all the injuries were absorbed, and the injuries were eliminated.

The dark fruit is the most dangerous fruit in the world!

All the injuries are absorbed, only the pain is intensified… In other words, as long as you can withstand the pain, even the heavy injuries can be completely cured!

Of course, it is not completely undead. After all, the Logia system is the most energy-consuming. If it is so heavy that even the dark fog can’t cure it.


Doflamingo suddenly stood up from the lounge chair. His brows wrinkled, and the sunglasses stared straight into the direction of the flash.

Soon, a black robe came and start floating in the air. He look down at the Blackbeard and Doflamingo.

“Doflamingo, Blackbeard, I heard that I can meet with you two heavyweights, but I rushed over in a hurry… But you seem a little unfriendly, even demolished the door of Amazon Lily… If you are just looking for death, don’t have to be so anxious about it.”

Raj smiled.


Hancock saw Raj, and her eyes burst into a pleasant color.

Because Blackbeard is wounded, the dark fog was taken back and all the female soldiers were successfully escaped from the trap. And Hancock also got rid of the bondage.

“Take back your female warrior, I want to talk to these two heavyweights.”

Raj said.


Hancock departed from the city gate and met with the two sisters.

Everyone in the Amazon Lily Island, looking at the broken city gate, watching two famous Pirates, Doflamingo and Blackbeard, praying for Raj.

“Oh… funny, it’s so interesting! You can use the power of Kizaru!”

Dolfrango’s sunglasses flashed with a hint of surprise, “You also accepted the Dr. Vegapunk’s transformation test?”

As one of the great players in the new world, and also as the underground world emperor of the New World, Doflamingo is well aware of the capabilities of the three Admirals of Navy.

The laser light of Raj, he saw it at a glance, this is the Pika Pika No Mi fruit ability of Admiral Kizaru.

The only thing that can be explained is that the man in front him is just like the Bartholomew Kuma, accepted the test of Dr. Vegapunk and transformed the ability to emit laser light from Hands.

“Doflamingo, it seems that you know nothing about me… Ohhh, you haven’t seen me yet.”

Raj said with a smile.

“Kid, Talk respectfully with Young Master! In New world who does not know our family!”

Buffalo said with anger.

“Oh… it turned out to be you!”

Doflamingo’s eyebrows were picked, no wonder he thought the voice was so familiar, it was!

“Killing Delalon, ruining the Buin family, and destroying all my property in Babastan… I am not wrong, Captain of the Death Pirates-Raj!” Doflamingo remembered.

“It’s rare that you still remember me. It seems that your memory is good!”

Raj said with a smile. “Since you have come today, don’t leave, give me a good ‘tribute’!”

“Kid, dare offended my family, you are finished!”

The fat body of the Buffalo directly starts flying, carrying BABY-5, rushed toward Raj.

[Scythe female]

The feet of BABY-5 are turned into a big sickle.

[Rotating Weapon Attack]

Buffalo, with the big knives of BABY-5, began to frantically rotate, and wanted to cut Raj into two pieces.

“The Don Quixote family members are really stupid. I am really worried about the future of this family… Oh, yes, maybe this family will be finished today!”

Raj said and his body shape disappeared.

“Hey? where he is gone?”

The next second, Raj appeared on the top of BABY-5 and Buffalo.

“I am here!”

With a yellow-colored flashing foot, slammed out!


However, Raj’s ankle was blocked by an indestructible net.

“Oh… crazy boy, destroying so many industries, I lost so much money, I have to kill you personally!”

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