One Piece Invincible Ch 8

Chapter 8 Haizi Street

Central Street of the Kingdom of Goa are the most prosperous areas of the entire Goa kingdom. Every day, countless merchants pass by, and they buy and sell goods in exchange for funds.

But in the center of the street near the town, there is an Area its famous with the name of “Hair Street”.

Every day there are many fierce pirates come.

Even here, Sometime before there has been a pirate whose bounty is hundred millions, Even Navy headquarter has been alarmed, Navy from east blue start to hesitate to arrest or not.

However, since then, the Navy has basically not visited this place. Naturally, it has become an active area for pirates.

“This is the pirate street? It doesn’t look like anything strange.”

Raj was dressed in black, wearing a cloak and walking on the street of the pirates.

Both sides are hawkers selling them, and they all seem to be local businessmen.

There are also many entertainment cities, pubs and gambling venues.

“Just choose this one.”

Raj chose a pub at random and walked in.

As soon as he entered the door, the sound of boiling smoldering filled his ears, making Raj ears hurt.

“It turns out that the insiders are pirates.”

He glanced at it casually, and pirates are sitting here with a big mouth to drink and swig the meat. They laughed and talked about how they kill and set fire, and the “hegemony record” of the house robbery. All are pirates from all over the Kingdom of Goya.

“There are so many pirates, that is, they don’t know whose bounty is higher.”

Raj didn’t want to kill the pirates first, and then found that there was no bounty in the end.

I saw him go straight to the front desk, buckled the table and gestured: “A cup of wisky, thank you.”

Raj stayed in Maggie’s pub for so long, and he still knew about some secrets.

In each zone, there are basically “underground intelligence organizations”, and these organizations often have the name of a pub.

He wants to know some information, you can ask the staff of the tavern, as long as you can afford the money, basically any information about this zone can be obtained.

“Guest, your Whisky.”

Service ~ The student handed a yellow beer to Raj, and the flames were burning on it.

“A little thing to ask you.”

Raj throw a coin, a silver coin accurately fell to the service – the hands of the students.

“Guest, you ask.” Service~ The waiter looked at the silver coin, and there was a slight surprise in his eyes, and he quickly got in front of Raj.

“I want all the pirates on Haizi Street information and open a price.”

Raj said while drinking.

Service ~ The students looked at Raj with a strange look, and suddenly realized the attempt of Raj.

But he quickly showed a confident smile: “Guest, no problem, but you see this…”

“A gold coin, is that enough?”

“You wait!” The service~ the waiter turned and entered the room inside.

Gold coins and silver coins are all exchanged by Raj for selling a dozen or so beasts in exchange for intelligence.

Soon, the service~ the student came back, and he had a thick package on his hand.

“Guest, this is what you need.” Service~ The student handed over the parcel.

Raj opened it and glanced at it. The thick glimpse was all a reward poster.

“Is there a room? Help me open one.”

Two coins are thrown out, one is the gold coin for the purchase of information, and the other is the silver coin for the reservation.

“This is the key, your room number is 3056.” Service ~ The student quickly took the next bunch of keys on the counter.

Raj took the key and took the parcel and turned it to the building.

Closing the door, Raj sat in the chair, took out a thick set of reward posters from the parcel, and read them one by one.

“3000 Bailey, really little, not as good as a few beasts.”

“25,000 Bailey, okay, but in the crowd just now, it seems that I have not seen him, in order to waste money to find him, I can’t draw it.”

“140,000 Bailey, you can go, a little strength, but unfortunately still have to look around.”


Raj turned down one by one, and finally he did not have the patience to see one by one, simply put a reward of one million Bailey The following posters were all thrown into the trash can.

Only leave a reward of more than one million.

“One million is used to make ships. I also need to buy some goods for sailing on the sea. It should not be cheap, and there is no way to make money at sea. It’s much more to do. How can I get at least three million Bailey? Is it enough?” Raj groaned.

“No, I am in the palm of my hand. There is no pirate in that place. I can’t make a bounty. How can I replenish the materials? I can ask for money from the sea, and the expenses are not low!”

“Let’s count down 7 or 8 lakh bounty….. oh, just kill a million Bailey’s bounty pirates in one go, avoiding the time to worry about money.”

So, Raj threw more than 10 million pirate posters into the trash.

There are only three in his hand.

A 12 million Bailey.

A 18 million Bailey.

A 26 million Bailey.

“Just choose three of you, whoever you meet first, whoever thinks bad luck!” After

remembering the bounty and face on the poster, Raj’s hands slammed, and the speed of light directly took the three posters out of the Martian. Then it instantly turned into ash.


At this time, in the pub hall, it was full of fun.

The crowd of people who were originally intensively drinking, walked away at once, showing a vacuum zone.

The two faces are red and red, and the pirates holding the big knife are confronting each other.

The pirates are not good at virtue.

If you don’t agree with one word, you will start to swear. If you don’t agree with one word, you will kill yourself. These have long been the norm.

The pirates are patronizing all day long in the pub, and this kind of thing is more common than eating and drinking.

Therefore, no one stopped the two pirates from killing, but instead they all yelled at the side to watch the show.

When the two pirates rushed up, they began to meet each other and fight each other.

It can be seen that both of them are somewhat skilled, and they all have the same pattern.

“And Carlo, you represent my ‘knife’ pirate group, if you lose, I can’t spare you!”

Outside the field, a tall, full-bodied man with a beard and a sip.

“Knife pirate group? That guy, isn’t it the veteran knife of the knife pirate group? Walker?”

“It turned out to be him! No wonder so crazy, I heard that the reward of Knife Walker has reached 12 million Bailey. Right? Last time he also sunk a naval ship!”

“Shut your mouth, don’t you know that the guy’s opponent is a ‘cities pirate group’! The captain of the evil pirate group, Garcia, Don’t forget his bounty is 18 million Bailey, a full 6 million more than Knife Walker!”

“Hey, this time, there is really a good show. Two members of the pirate group of 10 million levels are smashing each other. It is rare in the streets of the pirates !” The onlookers of the pirates talked hotly and even Someone opened a market.

“12 million and 18 million are all here… It’s so good, I can get 30 million Bailey at a time, and it’s really worth it!”

Raj sitting in the corner, heard the argument and couldn’t help but evoke A cruel smile.

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