One Piece Invincible Ch 7

Chapter 7 Catching Pirates

For seven days, Raj is staying in the Gorbo Mountains.

His purpose is only one: fragments + cultivation!

As long as you feel tired or lack of physical strength, Raj immediately takes a green, healthy, pollution-free and side-effect-free body Dan, and instantly becomes refreshed, how excited and excited!

With enough physical strength, Raj is used for laser light shooting and speed of light training.

Even the big beast, known for its speed, is also a slag in front of Raj and there is no comparable at all!

Not only that, but Raj also found that the speed of his own punches has become faster and faster.

When he started he can punch 100 punch per second but now he can punch 1000 per second and now… In just seven days, the strength of Raj has increased tenfold!

This means that Raj already has the qualification to go to the sea as a pirate, chase the footsteps of the road, and conquer the other side of the sea.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thousand punches in a second, the speed of light fists out, not yet a second, this beast will die on the spot.

“The red tiger is just like this. I thought he is the king of this forest so he will be more powerful, but he only killed after 10,000 punch!”

Looking at the red-haired tiger that was completely suffocated by himself, Raj licked his mouth. .

The red-haired tiger is the beast that Raj just came to the world of the One Piece and learned the hunting with the hunters.

Because the red tiger is moving fast, the outer skin defense is high, and the claws can tear even the steel, which is very powerful!

It can be said that in the entire Gorbo Mountain, the red tiger is a tyrant.

Even if the hunters are all together, they may not be the opponents of the Red Tiger.

But now…

He was killed by Raj with only 1 laser light and 10,000 punches directly!

“Seven days, even the red tigers were killed by me, and the entire Gorbo Mountain has not been any challenge for me.”

“It is time to go out to sea!”

“Look first, I have How many physical Dan fragments.”

Click on the physical Dan icon in your mind.

Physical strength Dan fragments (6859/30)

“Can synthesize more than two hundred physical strength Dan, with so many physical strength Dan, cool!”

Seven days, accumulated more than two hundred physical strength Dan, for the current Raj, This is simply a huge fortune.

“Go, it’s time to go back to the village!”


On the road of the Windmill Village, Raj took the body of a beast and moved quickly.

The strength of Raj became stronger, and the strength naturally increased a lot. The body of this beast has less than a few tons of weight, but it can be light in the hands of Raj, and it does not affect the speed at which he Runs.

“Makino, I am back!”

Raj came to the pub door and threw a few heavy bodies to the ground, “bang” and raised the dust.

“Is this what you did? Raj, you are too powerful!”

Makino walked out of the pub door and saw the body of the beast on the ground, praised.

“Hey, Makino, you help me find someone and get this beast cooked, I ask everyone in the windmill village to have a meal!”

He crossed the world of One Piece and fell to the Windmill Village, where I was taken care of by many villagers.

Especially the hunters in the windmill village, they taught the skills of hunting, which gave Raj a strong body and a living capital in this world.

Now that you are getting stronger, of course you have to give back to those talents who have helped yourself!

“Ok!” Makino laughed.


At night, the pub hosted a bonfire feast. Several heavy beasts were broken down and placed on the grill. The villagers in the village of Windmill almost came.

Raj talked and laughed with them, collided with the wine glasses, and drank a glass of beer.

“Casca old man, I remember you make boats?”

Raj went to the side of the old man with a black headscarf on his head and asked while drinking.

“Little boy, what? Do you want to go out to sea?” Casca’s old man squinted.

“Of course! Remember Luffy? He now has 300 million bounty. How much better! I want to learn from Luffy and become a great pirate!”

Raj clearly remembers that after the war on the Judicial Island, Luffy completely alarmed the world government, and his bounty was directly raised to 300 million!

Not only him, but also a group of straw hat pirates, all bounty rose.

Now that you have the capital to go out to sea, it is time to go to the sea to chase, to follow the footsteps of Luffy and feel the magic of the new world of grand Line!

“Want to be a pirate? You have to think about it. The Navy is now trying to catch the pirates. If you are a pirate, be careful to be arrested by the Navy!” Casca old man joked.

“Do you see that beast? I knocked it down with a punch! Casca old man, although rest assured, I will become a very powerful pirate, even stronger than Luffy!” said Raj.

“Since you have decided, I will not persuade you, but if you want to go out to sea, you must have at least one million Bailey boat, or you will not even get out of the East Blue.”

Casca old man poured another sip of wine.

“Up to a million Bailey…”

He lived in the world of pirates for hundreds of days, and millions of Baileys are tantamount to an astronomical number.

If you can hunt these beasts by yourself, a beast can sell thousands of Baileys at most, and he has to hunt thousands of beasts to get millions of Bailey… and this is still the case when someone is willing to pay for this price.

“Look at what you asked me to eat meat today, I will give you a clear path.”

Casca old man glanced at Raj and saw the embarrassed look of Raj.

“Casca old man, still you are enough to say, let’s talk!” Raj clink.

“It’s very simple. You are not saying that you are getting better now? You can choose to pick up the reward! The Navy has released so many rewards. Can you just pick a pirate?” said Casca.

Raj’s eyes lit up.


Now that his strength has become stronger, is it not right to go to kill the pirates and get a reward?

A pirate reward is millions of tens of millions. Like Luffy, it is hundreds of millions. It can make a big profit in minutes. Is there anything faster than this?

“Go to the central street. It is said that there are many pirates gathering every day. Some pirates are very strong. The navy has a headache and they can’t do it. If you feel that the strength is enough, go there and collect a reward to kill a pirate. It is also considered to be harmless for the people.” Casca suggested.

There are many rewarding pirates in the central street of the Kingdom of Goya?

When Raj heard the news, he was in the same mood as hearing the destination of a big treasure.

“Casca old man, your words are too helpful for me, and I want to eat meat in the future, come to the pub directly to find me, make sure you get tired! Haha!”

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