One Piece Invincible Ch 6

Chapter 6 Cultivation

If the devil fruit provides the most needed power to Raj, then the existence of physical strength restoration dan brings infinite possibilities to the power of Raj!

The Glint-Glint fruit itself is a kind of long-distance consumption-type attacking fruit. Raj also remembers very clearly that in the Top war (War with Whitebeard), Kizaru’s big move to kill Luffy ‘Yasakani Sacred Jewel’.

Is like flashing fragments from the sky, like the rain, overwhelming, is simply a terrible super kill attack!

When did you develop that trick yourself, isn’t it easy to sit on the same level as the Four Emperors?

What’s more, my potential can be more than that!

It’s a Glint-Glint fruit now, what fruit will I encounter in the future?

If I develop these fruits to the maximum, countless big moves will open together… The picture will be beautiful~ wonderful!


Raj continued to walk in the jungle to find the beast.

There is many beasts in Gorbo Mountain.

Not long after, Raj met another dinosaur.

He raise your hand directly, and shoot a laser beam.

The dinosaur made a scream and fell to the ground.

Raj rushing up and put a slap in the face of the dinosaur!

With the punching speed of Glint-Glint fruit, you can shoot hundreds of punches in a second, and you can catch up with the Tianma Meteor Fist!

This speed of punching has naturally brought a lot of gains.

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”


A sweet female sound rang in the mind of Raj, and every time it appeared, it was equal to giving Raj a short stimulant, making him tireless and arrogant until the dinosaur was killed by him and the sound stop.

“Let’s see, how many physical strength restoration Dan fragments I have now!”

Raj excitedly looked at the synthetic formula.

Physical strength restoration Dan (75/30)

“This time is more than the last time! I can synthesize two!”

Raj directly chooses synthesis.

The colorful progress bar ran twice, and the Ding cover opened, and two freshly-released physical strength restoration Dan were in the mind.

“Right, Can physical strength restoration Dan be turned into an entity?” Raj thought of doing it and trying to turn physical strength restoration Dan from his mind into an entity.

His thoughts were almost instantaneous, and in the palm of his hand, there were two dark gold capsule came.

“What is the taste of eating them directly.”

Raj threw a dan into his mouth.

It tastes sweet, like chocolate, and it breaks when you bite.

Suddenly, heat rises from the body of Raj.

“Hot! It’s hot, it’s hot! I feel full of strength!”

Raj only felt hot and full of strength, almost overflowing.

Immediately when he raised his hand, two laser beams shot out, causing a violent explosion.

“I am not exhausted after using two laser light attack! Let’s try to move at the speed of light!”

Raj used this endless amount of physical strength and began to madly shuttle through the jungle.

The speed of light movement of the Glint-Glint fruit is really fast, although it is fast, it is not the speed of light, he can only be rushed out of the hundreds of meters in one second.

But this is also very good for Raj.

A hundred meters in a second, a breath rushes out a distance of hundreds of meters. At this speed, Raj can protect himself under the attack of any beast and save his life!

After moving for nearly a minute with the speed of light, Raj felt that the heat in the body had eased.

“Artifact! Really an artifact!”

After feeling the power of Dan, and Raj is both excited and surprised.

If he ran into an enemy in the future, he could directly rush it up to attack. Anyway, he couldn’t use his dan to restore the strength!

And the most important thing is that Raj can use it for quick cultivation!

What does cultivation consume?

Physical strength!

What does physical strength add?

Physical strength restoration dan!

The two complement each other. As soon as they come out, Raj can basically practice infinitely as long as he thinks!

Such a cultivation method, ask the whole world of One Piece, who can do it?

“In the One Piece, Luffy has been practicing for two years and has become particularly powerful. With the ability to fight even Doflamingo…. If I practice this way for two years. I must be stronger than Luffy…. At that time, is the Admiral still my opponent?”

It is conceivable that as long as there is enough physical strength, the strength of Raj will be so terrible.

“But I have no time to exercise in this boring place for two years, I also have to go to the Grand line, and to the New world!”

“First develop the basic ability of the Glint-Glint fruit, and immediately set off!”

“Okay, next, first increase the speed, the speed of light moves up!”


Next, until the night, Raj is constantly moving through the jungle of Gorbo Mountain.

As long as he meet the beast, he kill them.

Of course, Raj will not directly kill them. He just let these beasts lose their ability to act, lose their resistance, and he able to beat them with punches.

“Congratulations, get one of the physical strength restoration dan shards!”

“Congratulations, get one of the physical strength restoration dan shards!”

“Congratulations, get one of the physical strength restoration dan shards!”


This voice circulates continuously in Raj’s mind. I don’t know how many times it happened.

Raj was too lazy to pay attention to how many physical strength restoration dan he had raised.

As long as he feels tired and can’t use the laser light and the speed of light to move, he will immediately eat one physical strength restoration dan.

“Physical strength restoration dan Debris (1256/30)”

Raj looked at the sky which darkened, he was fully tired, he simply gave up the intention to continue to practice, directly synthesis all the physical strength Dan.

Fortunately, the “brain capacity” of Raj is large enough, and more than forty physical strength restoration dan are like nothing, so they are suspended quietly above the huge furnace.

And Raj does not have to worry about going hungry.

It’s all “food” in the mountains. After you become hungry, you’ll get a piece of it, and you’ll be able to eat it when you cook!

I have to say that the world of One Piece is different from the earth. When meet is cooked, it smells fragrant and delicious.

“It’s no wonder that Luffy is so obsessed with meat. Now I feel a little bit like a foodie.” Raj ate a whole dinosaur meat!

If it is placed on the earth, it will not happen at all, but here, everything is possible.

“Today’s strength has improved a lot, let’s sleep first, wait until tomorrow to start practice again!” He sleep on the ground, using the bones to rest on the head.

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