One Piece Invincible Ch 5

Chapter 5: Physical strength restoration Dan

After the gangsters were beaten by Raj, the Windmill Village restored the calm of the past.

Raj fame also spread by this battle.

Since then, the people of the Windmill Village warmly greeted Raj when meeting each other.

The villagers who avenged the family members from the gangster, they came to the door to thank him.

Behind the windmill village is the Gorbo Mountain. It filled with a large number of beasts and hunters often appear in the Gorbo Mountain, but they must be careful. If they are little careless, it is likely to become a feast of the beast.

“The first move, laser light!”

Raj began to practice, trying to converge power to the fingertips, make a ‘pistol’ posture, and then release it.

Accumulating….. accumulating and then power is released, and the yellow-color flash suddenly emerges, as if it were absorbed, it will gather at the fingertips of Raj.


Raj’s finger moved, a yellow ~ color beam directly spurted out!

However, because it was the first experiment, it was not well mastered. This laser light disappeared only by penetrating a big tree. It was impossible to do it right on the 1st try. As in the animation, it was very far away from it.

“The first time I can penetrate the big tree, this power… the logia fruit is really amazing!”

But the power is enough to make Raj surprised.

He trained several times in this way, the power is getting bigger and bigger, and finally reached at the level where it can penetrate two big trees!

“I am so tired.”

The logia fruit is indeed strong, but it also consumes a lot of energy.

He was practicing only for ten minutes and Raj feel like he ran 10 miles. It looks like he has just taken a shower.

“It’s no wonder those who have the ability will still continue to exercise even if their abilities are strong. Because if their body can’t handle then What is the use of this type of power.”

So Raj also has to train as much as possible because a large number of devil fruits means a large number of physical exertion.

At present, he is too weak, it is best to get a little more physical strength restoration Dan shards, so that he doesn’t have to worry about being killed in the future when he used all his strength.

Immediately, Raj began to look over the mountain to find beasts.

In the past, he can only fight with one or two order beast but the situation has changed.

Anyway, he only needs to raise his fingers to deal with these beasts!

“Found it!”

Raj ran shortly, and immediately ran into a dinosaur that was running wild in the jungle.

The dinosaur is at least eight meters high. When he runs, the earth starts shaking. The huge body can easily break the trees with a single collision.

“Okay, you are selected!”

Raj aimed at the dinosaur, and the fingertips began to glow yellow-colored.


The laser light spurted out and directly penetrated the back of the dinosaur, skipping it from the chest!

“Haha, dinosaurs are so big, if you switch to other beasts, it is not so easy to hit!”

Raj aim is not good, but the dinosaurs are big enough, So he has no problem at all!


The dinosaur was attacked by the laser light, and a blood hole appeared in the chest. On the spot, the huge body fell to the ground and raised a lot of dust.

“I know that the beast’s life is tenacious, they will not so easily die!”

Although the dinosaur fell, but Raj found that it was not dead at all and still struggling to stand up.

“After attacking a living object, you can get the debris. If you are dead, where can I collect the debris?”

Raj flew up and sits directly on the dinosaur’s body. Then, the fist fell on the dinosaur-like a raindrop.

Of course, the dinosaur first noticed the existence of Raj, and made a roar. He wanted to stand up and open his mouth, but the laser light penetrated its lungs, making it painful and unable to exert its original strength.

In addition, Raj’s fist is constantly falling on it.

“Hey? My strength seems to be getting stronger! The world of One Piece is really different. I stayed for three months and my body became so strong. It seems that as long as you continue to practice and consume power, you can continue to become stronger!”

At the thought of this, Raj became more excited, and began to continue to beat the dinosaurs.

In the world of One Piece, there are many strong players who take the power of devil fruits.

But instead of taking the devil’s fruit, there are also a lot of strong people who have cultivated themselves.

For example, Red hair, such as the Hawkeye, such as these are the most typical examples.

It can be seen that in the world of One Piece, the increase in human power is much faster than on Earth.

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”


Raj has been arrogant, and the tips in his head will ring once every ten punches.

When Raj killed the dinosaur, he had collected a lot of physical strength restoration Dan fragments.

“Dead? It’s really boring!”

Raj saw the dinosaurs die, and went to the head to find out. “Is the physical strength restoration Dan shards enough?”

“Physical strength restoration Dan: Can bring full strength (42/30)”


Raj ordered, and immediately the Ding of the colorful furnace tripped open!

Thirty pieces of physical strength restoration Dan fragments were placed in the huge furnace, and the colorful progress bar was running fast.

About five seconds later.

“Congratulations, you have successfully synthesized ‘physical strength restoration Dan’!”

Ding a medicine flew up, and a hot body of Dan came out.

The appearance of the dark gold looks like the Capsule.

“Exactly, dealing with a dinosaur has consumed me a lot of energy, let’s try this one!”

Raj directly clicks to use.

The physical strength restoration Dan disappeared, and Raj only felt that he had a lot of hot air in his body. Then the soreness and fatigue of the whole body were swept away, the power became full.


Raj raised his hand and fired a laser beam. The light quickly penetrated the two big trees. When it reached the third big tree, it suddenly burst, and the big tree was blown directly from it!

“Hey! Cool! Physical strength restoration Dan is simply an artifact! Hahaha!”

Raj really is very excited.

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