One Piece Invincible Ch 4

Chapter 4: Next Plan

The yellow-colored light flashed in the bar.

Every time as long as the light stops, it necessarily means that one person will be kicked out and broke several bones.

Because the yellow-color light moves very fast, the remaining few hooligans almost come out in different directions at the same time, squatting on the wall or knocking over the table, spitting blood and mourning.

“How? Is it so good to beat me before? why are you not laughing like before?”

Raj stopped, his face was sweaty, his breathing was heavy. For him who has just taken the devil fruit, Physical exertion is quite a lot.

Raj carelessly shouted: “Scum! You dare to bully villagers of windmill village, Today I will let you feel, how it feels to be bullied!”

Raj directly grabbed a bloody face Gangster and started beating them with his fist!

After about a dozen punches.

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

Hearing this familiar sweet female voice, Raj finally sighed.

Just now he even kicked seven or eight gangsters and didn’t obtain a single fragment. This made Raj’s heart tighten. Now, after hearing the prompt, he can finally relax his heart.

“Do I have to use your fists to get the pieces?”

Raj guessed: “Or, is the chance of getting fragment became low?”

In order to prove his own theory, Raj started beating gangsters with his fist till they die.

“Congratulations, get a piece of physical strength restoration Dan!”

As the voice came, Raj’s theory was confirmed — that he had to fight with his fist and also his chances of breaking the fragment were getting smaller!

Not only that, playing with these bunch of gangsters, he has not exploded any other devil fruit fragment, and can only explode physical strength restoration Dan fragments.

“If this is the case, then I am too lazy to waste time on them.”

Raj wanted to make them sandbags and practice the punching, and burst the devil fruit pieces.

After all, he now wants to synthesize a devil fruit, but it takes 100 pieces of debris. The explosion is a matter of chance. If he wants to get 100 pieces, he must attack at least a thousand times!

If he did not fix a sandbag, how much time it will waste to get 100 pieces of the fragment?

“Physical strength restoration Dan synthesis requires only 30 pieces of debris, which is much cheaper.”

The function of physical strength restoration is very simple.

A physical strength restoration Dan immediately recovers your physical strength which you used in the fight!

It can be said that physical strength restoration Dan is also a rare good thing for Raj.

“And you all have to stay strong, so that I can tell you, what is hell!”

Raj caught the gangsters and slammed his fists.

Even if they were crying and asking for mercy, he did not stop.

Makino’s heart is kind, she doesn’t want to see them lose their lives. Otherwise, Raj will definitely not let them go, so they recognize what is real bullying!!!

“Go! I have broken all your bones, and you will not be able to make a fortune anymore!”

Raj throws them like rubbish.

Several of their bones were broken by Raj, and the pain was much more hurtful than directly killing them, and their shouts could be heard almost everywhere in the windmill village.

The villagers also know that these gangsters are not good people they killed lots of villagers and now they are so miserable that they are shouting like a pig, So villagers also started enjoying their screams.

“Just a few minutes before they are still sitting in the bar. How can they just look like this?”

“Raj suddenly became very powerful and he seems to the devil fruit user. And all the gangsters were beaten by him!”

“Devil fruit ability?! God, no wonder these guys have been taught so badly, it turned out to be this way! They bullied the villagers every day, today they finally meet someone who can beat them!”

“Look, Sfor’s rushed up!”

“Shufu’s dad was killed by the gangsters. Before he was a young man, he dared not go for revenge, now these gangs have no power to fight back, how can he not avenge his father?”

This is an act of revenge.

The gangsters have been arrogant in the windmill village for so long, and they have already angered many villagers.

This time they fell, the villagers immediately grabbed the opportunity to rush, and to avenge the loved ones who died under these hooligans.

More and more villagers are rushing to get started, even if they don’t do it, they have to spit.

The end of this gangster can be imagined.


“Raj, are you okay?”

Makino looked worriedly at Raj.

“Makino, don’t worry, I’m fine!” Raj patted her chest~ Hey, “Look, it’s so strong!”

“It’s okay, but… they said you became a capable person, you really ate Devil fruit?”

Makino knew about the devil fruit and understood the consequences of eating the devil fruit.

“Yes, Makino, I have eaten a Glint-Glint fruit.” Raj smiled.

“Glint-Glint fruit is the fruit of the logia system. Do you know the fruits of logia? To deal with this group of people, it is too easy!”

“Logia fruit! I have heard it from Shanks, it is said to be the most powerful in the devil fruit!”

Makino apparently did not know that the Admiral Kizaru had the Glint-Glint fruit.

After all, in such a remote village, information about devil fruit is already very good enough.

“Shanks… red hair…”

Raj thought of the name, could not help but boil.

If it was before, he will only be envious of the Shanks, because he could not catch up with each other for the rest of his life.

But it is different now.

With the ability to eat devil fruit infinitely, as long as there is enough time to cultivate, his strength will become very horrible… never be lower than the Shanks!

“Shanks, will become the goal of my pursuit… and One Piece, I will not rob with Luffy, I will be the king of this world, the real king of the world!”

Raj is full of aspirational ambition.

“Makino, I decided, I want to go out to sea, to pursue their footsteps, I want to enter the Grand Line and rush to the New world!” Raj said.

“I know that you all want to be a pirate and look for a big secret treasure.” Makino said helplessly.

“Before this, I have to exercise my strength first… Makino, I may not be able to see you often in the future!”

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