One Piece Invincible Ch 1

Chapter 1 Crosses the One Piece World

East Blue, Goa Kingdom, Foosha Village.

“Makino, I am back!”

In the small pub, a simple and strong boy pushed in and shouted loudly.

Makino saw a boy who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, nearly 2 meter tall, wearing a white vest and carrying a dead wild mountain pig on his shoulder. The wild mountain pig is huge, at least two or three hundred kilograms but in the hands of the boy, it is like nothing.

“Raj, welcome back!”

A girl with looks of a film star with light green hair with a gentleness of a mother. Makino is packing up the table, when she sees the figure of the teenager, looked up and she smiled.

“Give me a beer, the strongest kind!”

Raj throws the wild mountain pig to the ground then sits at the bar counter and asks Makino for a beer.

“I already prepared for you!” Makino smiled and took the beer out of the fridge and placed it in front of Raj.

“Thank you, Makino!”

Raj grabbed the beer and drink it. A lot of beer ran down from the corner of his mouth and smashed onto the shoulders of the teenager and soaking the vest wet.

“Ah! It’s so cool!” Raj put down the beer mug: “Makino, your craftsmanship of bar-tendering is getting better and better!”

“You just came back from hunting, rest well and take a break.” Makino smiled softly.


Lying on the sofa, Raj calmed down, and a colorful progress bar emerged in his mind.

“Progress is 99%.”

It’s weird and incredible.

Even if Raj read all types of novels in his past life but this type of problem he doesn’t face anywhere!

There is a colorful progress bar in his head, lingering as if he can see it all the time… Is there something weirder than this?

Oh, yes, it’s true!

Another thing that is even more bizarre than this is that he is now in the world of One Piece!

At first, Raj did not believe that he had come to the world of One Piece, but when he saw the navy and the pirates, he heard news about “Monkey D Luffy” and about the Grand Line and about the New World. After that, he have to believe it that he is in One Piece World.

Especially after seeing the familiar Makino and Windmill Village, Raj understands that he has crossed the village where Luffy was born, and it is here, Red hair Shanks gifted the hat to Luffy, opened the life of Luffy’s legend!

It has been more than three months since he comes in the world of ‘One Piece’. If it is strictly calculated then today is just the first 100th day.

According to the previous life understanding of ‘One Piece’, now the timeline is around when Luffy has just destroyed the judicial island.

After this incident, the confrontation between Blackbeard and Ace will happen. Ace was defeated by the Blackbeard and was taken to the deepest prison (Impel Down) by the Navy and ready to be executed the death penalty.

The black beard became a new seven warlord of the sea because he is successful in capturing Ace.

Beating Moria and a Dragon, and Hancock… are just behind a series of events, Raj remembers it clearly!

Raj, who has been in here for three months, has no computer, no mobile phone, no TV and now he turns numb and has completely able to follow the life track of the people of this world, but it is not so difficult.

“What is this progress bar in my head?”

Raj thought about it almost every day.

The progress bar increased by 1% a day, and today it is just a hundredth day, which means that this progress bar is about to reach 100%.

“What happens if the progress bar is full?”

Raj has been fantasizing.

But the more he thinks the more he fantasizes about becoming a God directly.

If this progress bar represents his life, does it mean that he will die today?

Or the progress bar represents the time when he crossed into the world. When the time is up, he will be able to return to Earth and return to the original world.

Raj is thinking about the possible outcomes every day.

At this moment –

“Hey! Boss, give us a dozen beers!”

The door of the bar was violently pushed open, and several big-sized, fierce and savage big men swayed in.

Raj’s eyes suddenly sank.

“It’s them again.”

Raj knows this group of people. They are hooligan in the windmill village.

This group of people does not learn any fighting style, they only know how to bully people of windmill every day.

If people don’t accept then they immediately start beating people until they start to vomit blood then they cripple that person. They have already become a boss in the Village.

Raj had only heard of their names before and had not met them.

In this bar, they don’t come often, there aren’t many people in the village so the business of the bar is not that much good.

But Raj did not expect that they still came to the door.

“Boss, come with beer, I am already thirsty!”

They are total 9 people, after sitting down, light there cigarettes, and some even put their feet on the table.

Other guests in the bar saw it and started sneaking away. They didn’t dare to stay. In the blink of an eye, the entire bar was left with only these hooligans.

“Guest, your beer is coming!”

Makino immediately took the beer.

A few gangsters were laughing and drinking, and the sound was noisy, so Raj could not sleep at all.

“These guys…” Raj was angry because he took a break and was disturbed by these hooligans.

But Raj can’t do anything about them.

Although he has a strong body, after three months of exercise, he can kill the wild boar alone.

But in the face of these damn hooligans, Raj is not their opponent.

These hooligans are particularly powerful. Raj listened to others saying that they used to be pirates, but because they meet some particularly powerful pirates, the captain was killed, the crew run away, and they escaped and came to the village of Windmill.

The bounty hunters in the windmill village are not as good as in the other village, so no one dares to provoke them.

“If I can get a devil fruit and become a capable person, I must kill them!”

Raj was really angry.

The devil fruit is the most important part of ‘One Piece’. Once it is taken, you can have special abilities immediately. The only shortcoming is fear of sea water and restraint by the sea floor stone.

If there is a devil fruit, this group of gangsters are like ants in front of his eyes!

Just when Raj thought so, suddenly, the colorful progress bar in his mind suddenly reached perfection.

—–100% ——

The silent current blew out from the head of Raj, and Raj only felt like an electric shock, and he trembled and shook.

“The system is bound, you are welcome to use the synthesis system, say it loud which system is strong, the synthesis system is the strongest!”

The sweet female mechanical sound heard in Raj’s mind.

He was really shocked and surprised.

“Who is talking in my head?”

Raj quickly looked around in horror, and then his pupil slammed and saw his mind.

“This… What is this furnace?”

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