One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 40

Chapter 40: Killed!

Sometimes there is no sound around, so Luo Qing is very annoying!

He don’t have to think about it. It must be the masterpiece of the glasses man. Imagine having a knife in your visual dead corner. You can’t hear any sounds.

At this moment, Luo Qing felt the need of Haki. If he have Observation Haki, the ability of glasses man will not affect his judgment.

Fortunately, the slippery fruit played a very large role, basically making him immune to physical attacks. Over time, Luo Qing became aware of the power of this fruit!

Seeing that so many of them failed to win against Luo Qing, and even killed by him, the eyes of the glasses man flashed.

“Execute Plan C!”

“Set fire, burn the boat!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Then Luo Qing saw some people knocking over the oil drums that had already been prepared, and then directly throwing the torches on the deck!


The blazing flame begins to burn!

This is to burn Luo Qing and others alive on the boat!

The glasses man really found the weakness of the slippery fruit under the misunderstanding!

That is invalid in temperature!

He didn’t develop the fruit to the extreme like Bartholomew Kuma, where you can bounce anything!

Even the abstract state of ‘fatigue’ can be ejected in vitro!

Luo Qing’s development on the slippery fruit is far from this level, even if it is developed to the extreme, it can slip temperature is still unknown!

The heat brought about by the raging fire caused the hair of Luo Qing to curl up. Fortunately, under the protection of the slippery fruit, he also had the thick coat of Lizard fruit as the second layer of protection, and God also helped him. The rain has been going on and on, so it gives him the possibility to stick to it.

But the fire that burned by the smoldering oil stuck to the deck was not extinguished by the light rain for a while.

“Captain, the fire is too big, we should withdraw!”

The pirates who besieged Luo Qing have already retreated. Under such a big fire, they will also be burned alive.

“Is there anything you found?” The glasses man were asked.

Even if Luo Qing was killed in the end, he also lost a lot of manpower. If there is not enough income to make up for his loss, then this battle will be a failure!

“Captain, this time we can catch a fat sheep!”

“The treasures that were found out were shipped back, and they were worth a 100-200 million!”

The glasses man’s deputy is very excited to say.

“It’s a good job!” Glasses man was relieved as soon as he heard it. Now, as long as the other party is dead here, it will be foolproof plan.

“Captain, the little devil who was pink hair was caught by us. How to deal with it?”

The glasses man looked at him with disgust and said: “I reward you, remember to deal with it after you finish.”

“I know!”

The deputy captain laughs very evil. He doesn’t like women, he likes this type of little devil.

“This ship is going to sink, let’s go.”

After waiting for a while, he didn’t see Luo Qing rushing out of the fire. The glasses man was finally relieved.

Even if the other party is a devil fruit, the physical quality is very strong, but in the state of poisoning, fighting for so long, but also surrounded by the fire, think about it, who can live.

But when glasses man just stepped on the board connecting the two ships, the wooden board under his feet suddenly broke!

The glasses man wanted to return, but he was caught by a wet big hand and then slammed into the deck!

“Fuck! Your means are really nice!”

At the edge of the boat, Luo Qing held the unconscious Nami in one hand, and the other hand directly turned over the boat!

“Impossible! How did you run out!”

The glasses man, who has half-body in the deck, shouted in horror after throwing a sip of blood.

They just waited so many people outside, so many eyes were staring at the fire, and if someone came out, he would definately know it!

Think again, just now…

The glasses man immediately shouted incredulously: “You hid in the sea? How could it be!”

Is he not a devil fruit user? How can he hide in the sea?

Glasses man completely can’t figure it out!

After ‘determining’ that the opponent is also the same devil fruit ability, he directly ignored this point!

He did not expect that this place where there is no problem can be really…

Luo Qing first gently put down Nami, and then killed a few pirates who are rushing to die, and then directly came to him. Eyes of the struggling glasses man panicked and frightened.

“You really gave me a good lesson. You just sent me a big gift when I came to Grand Line. How can I thank you?”

Luo Qing glanced at him with smile!

Indeed, from the East Blue Sea, the least difficult novice village, Luo Qing has somewhat expanded. He believes that he has the dual fruit ability and Infinity gloves. Even if he encounters an enemy that he cannot beat, he does not have much problem to run. After all, this is just the first half of the Grand Line, not the place where monsters are everywhere like in the New World.

Therefore, he was aware that the glasses man is malicious and he still insisted on following up!

Although on the strength of positive confrontation, glasses man is not his opponent at all!

However, in the case of glasses man who have assassination skills and devil fruit, Luo Qing is directly passive!

If it wasn’t for the last time, he used the ‘Infinity claw set’ to dig through the deck below and sneak into the sea. This time may be he will die here!

Luo Qing directly pinched the neck of the man with his left hand and lifted it up. Pirates on the side did not dare to go forward because of the rodent.

“Do not kill me!”

The glasses man said intermittently because he could not breathe.

“What did you say?”

Luo Qing put his ear close to the glasses man.

At this moment, the right hand of the glasses man hidden behind him suddenly attacked!

An obviously sterilized dagger appeared in the position of the heart of Luo Qing under the shining of the torch!

But at the moment of contact with Luo Qing’s body, the daggers slipped past!

“Do you think I will make this kind of low-level mistake? I have been wary of you, you four-eye chicken!”

Luo Qing’s ‘Infinity claw set’ directly attack on the glasses man’s lower abdomen, and then stirred a circle inside!


The screams of glasses man spread far away through the night!

“Don’t kill me! I can give you an antidote. You and the woman don’t want to be buried with me? And the little devil has been taken away by my man. You better let it go…”

“There is so much nonsense!”

Awkwardly, Luo Qing pulled out his right paw and then cut his head directly!

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