One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 39

Chapter 39: Night Attack

In the evening, both boats stopped resting on the sea.

For the glasses men’s kind invitation to the three of them to open a party together, Luo Qing naturally refused!

Although he have confidence in his own strength, he still have to beware of some of the means of doing it, such as poisoning!

Luo Qing has the super poisonous resistance brought by Lizard fruit, but Nami and Kobi did not have that!

In the face of Luo Qing’s refusal, the glasses man just regretted. It seems that he really just wants to make a few friends. On the contrary, it seems that Luo Qing is too fussy.

But in the face of the ridicule of the pirates behind the glasses men, Luo Qing chose to forgive.

After all, it’s not too much to worry about the dead!

The night is high, and the sky does not know when it starts to rain.

Luo Qing and others have returned to their rooms. He said that there is something good to drink, and that there are more exciting eye-saving benefits waiting for him!

Before returning to the room, Nami’s shy little appearance reminded him, there is a play today!

After estimating that Kobi had fallen asleep, Luo Qing quietly opened the door, and then came to the door of Nami with a guilty conscience.

He just had to knock on the door but unexpectedly found that Nami’s door was not locked, but opened a seam.

“She left the door for me, oh…”

Luo Qing decisively pushed the door in!

“Hey? Why didn’t you move?”

After entering the room of Nami, Luo Qing found that Nami was lying in bed with a bathrobe. The seductive body made Luo Qing’s mouth dry.

But just as he was preparing to go, he suddenly felt that something was wrong!

Too quiet!

It’s raining outside!

And even the sound of the waves disappeared!

Luo Qing opened his mouth and shouted “Nami!”, but found that he could not hear his own voice!

Just as he was about to quit here, a silver light appeared in his glove!

Luo Qing subconsciously called out the Infinity gloves, and then turned on all the abilities!

The fatal blow hidden in the ceiling was ‘sliding’ and dodged, leaving only a big hole in Luo Qing’s clothes!

The entire sneak attack process is silent, even a little movement can’t be heard!

If it wasn’t for Luo Qing’s reaction, he would died just now. If he couldn’t use the light to grasp the reflection on his dagger, and he might have killed it in his hands!

“It’s you!” Luo Qing did not show any unexpected appearance after seeing the sneak attacker.

But he still can’t hear his voice!

Then Luo Qing saw that the glasses man right hand waved, the voice of everything in the world appeared again in Luo Qing’s ear!

“I didn’t expect you to be the devil fruit user, I miscalculated!”

The glasses man removes his ability. After all, his ability to play the sneak attack without knowing the situation can have the greatest effect. Like this kind of confrontation, it doesn’t make much difference. Another one is that he wants to kill someone, as a commemoration of his coming to Grand Line!

After listening to the glasses man, Luo Qing suddenly realized that it was no wonder that he did not know when someone touched the boat.

Presumably it must be related to his devil fruit ability, about sound or something else.

“What happened to Nami?”

“Nami? Good name, rest assured, she just was stunned by me. When I solved you first, then I will be able to spoil this little girl. When I have enough, I will give it to my partners and and finally sell it. What do you think of being a slave?”

Even knowing that glasses man is irritating him with a vicious and sinister language, let him lose his rational judgment, but Luo Qing is still gets angry!

“A lot of nonsense is to wait for the reinforcements?”

Listening to the noise from outside, glasses man continued to force: “Look at your appearance seems to be the devil fruit user of Zoan system, I may not be your opponent in the aspect of close combat, so I will only wait for my partners to come.”

The glasses man said as he dazzled and played with the dagger.

Luo Qing, because he stood next to the sleepy Nami, did not dare to have any action.

“Captain, we are here!”

A pirate showed a triumphant smile.

But just in the short moment that he relaxed because of his own arrival, Luo Qing, who had been waiting for his flaws, immediately used the explosive power of Lizard fruit and the smoothing of the slippery fruit, he appeared directly in front of the glasses man. Then he banged him out!

The wall of the cabin broke a big hole, not far away, the glasses man stood up under the help of his partners.

“Kill him!”

Luo Qing couldn’t leave Nami’s side, so he decided to abandon the super-high mobility brought by the slippery fruit, but to keep the pirates who dared to rush into the room in the room!

The thick fur and the slippery fruit that brought to him the ‘defensive power’ of BUG, ??so that Luo Qing did not have any pressure when facing these many peoples!

He don’t worry about defense, just wave his claws and shred each enemy in front of him!

After a while, Nami’s room was full of bloody smell.

If it is not raining outside, this taste will be even stronger!


What is the taste?

Luo Qing suddenly felt his head sink!


Luo Qing took another look at Nami, and she had a painful look on her face, but she did not wake up!

“Haha, you finally found out!”

The glasses man hiding behind the crowd began to laugh!

Before he got this Devil fruit, he was a little famous killer, assassinate, poison, sneaked… all with precision!

In an accidental situation, after he got the devil fruit that matched his ability very well, he suddenly became more powerful!

In just two years, he has made himself a big name and set up his own pirate group.

After coming to the Grand Line, he immediately set his goal on Luo Qing, because partner is just a girl and a child!

Originally, he wanted to use his good intentions and words to dispel his vigilance, and then deceived him on his ship and then started.

However, Luo Qing’s accidental refusing only allowed him to choose option B.

Waiting for the night to use the power of the devil fruit to eliminate all the sounds to his boat, and then found the woman in a generous manner, and when he stunned her, he want use as a hostage to kill other.

Just in case he spread poison in the room, he and his crew who had already taken the antidote in advance would not be affected at all.

In this way, Luo Qing in his eyes fell into a desperate situation!

The only thing he didn’t expect was Luo Qing’s horrible speed and strength, but he felt extra excited when he thought that the devil fruit user would die in his own hands!

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