One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 38

Chapter 38: Upgrades Infinity Glove

If the glasses man is a woman, Luo Qing may also think that the other party is addicted to his beauty of the world!

But now he think that the other side must be a pervert!

After blinking a bit, Luo Qing said: “Okay, then it will bother you. Who knows where the record pointer of that violent woman has thrown is pointing? May be it will be dangerous, because she can’t get my love and retaliate against me!”

The glasses man has a strong feeling of vomiting, and would like to ask him aloud: “You are serious, right?!”

But after seeing Luo Qing’s extremely serious eyes, he gave up the plan to continue communicating with this narcissistic man.

“Let’s go, don’t be left behind.”

. . . . . . . .

Luo Qing did not know where the record pointer of the glasses man pointed to, but he still chose to keep up.

The glasses man is planning something, and Luo Qing is not taking a look at his worth 55 million bounty!

“You really want to go with them? I feel that the other party is not a good person!” Nami is somewhat worried.

She still thinks that the record pointer that the violent woman had left before is more reliable, there is no other reason, it is the woman’s intuition!

“Don’t worry. If they really have some bad ideas, we will make a fortune!”

Nami thinks too!

The bounty plus the treasure on his ship…

Nami suddenly changed her spirits, and she wished that the other party would come over and find trouble with us immediately!

Nami’s nature can’t be changed!

After Luo Qing’s glance at Kobi, he saw the pity from the other’s eyes.

After Kobi took the helm, Luo Qing returned to the room to rest, in order to deal with the possible battle at any time!

What is the name of the violent woman just now?

What is Bonney?


Bonnie pirate group… pink hairs… bright red lipstick… violent character… has a relationship with Ace…


This is not the big stomach girl!

One of the wrost generation in the future like Luffy!

In this way, the reason for the other party is to inquire about the whereabouts of Ace will be understood.

This violent female identity is definitely not simple!

When Ace died, she cried!

When she saw Whitebeard, she cried again!

When she saw Bartholomew Kuma of the original Shichibukai being used as a mount by Dragon, she cried again!

Even Akainu expressed shock and fear of her escape!

And about her identity, it is also arguing on the earth!

Someone started from the role prototype and said that she is actually Ace’s sister.

It is also said that she is actually a White-beard daughter, and Crocodile’s sister…

Others speculate that she may be a person with an same age of Whitebeard, because the ability of the devil fruit, she can become so young, in fact, Ace’s sister, the acquaintance of Whitebeard, also have their own positions in Revolutionary army…

In short, there is everything, but the most likely seems to be the first, Ace’s sister!

From the short-term contact just now, it seems to prove this possibility.

The hateful Oda!

Luo Qing once again hated Oda. This old man created so many mystery in One Piece that you can’t understand with common sense!

The water in this world is too deep!

If Luo Qing did not cross the world, it is estimated that the finale of One Piece may be finished when his grandson are going to burn him!

“Remember that the violent woman’s fruit ability is like a BUG. It seems that she can control the age of the people she touches at will!”

It seems that the concept of time is completely distorted by her devil fruit!

Fortunately, I didn’t fight with her, or I accidentally killed by her!

After feeling a chill, Luo Qing immediately took out the sea floor stone sword that was grabbed from Smoker. And it seems that only the weapon which can restraint against devil fruit can give him a sense of security.

“Hey, this broken weapon is really not easy to use!”

Luo Qing felt very dissatisfied after waving two times with his right hand wearing Infinity glove.

“If Infinite glove also contain the ingredients of the sea floor stone…”

Just as his voice just fell, the Infinity glove on his hand lit up with a white light.

Then in an instant, sword created by the sea floor stone disappeared!

Luo Qing looked at the Infinite glove with a layer of gray things swimming around, then slowly disappeared, and exposed the appearance of the Infinity glove.

“No! I just talk about it! Really!”

This ability to absorb and transform is simply against the sky!

Luo Qing determined that sea floor stone was absorbed by the Infinity glove. It is not known whether the current Infinity glove have brought the characteristics of the sea floor stone!

Find a chance to definitely try it!

Luo Qing thought excitedly!

He really don’t know how much the ability of this Infinite glove will increase in future!

Luo Qing, in a good mood, stood up, and then pushed the door of Nami…

After 1 minute, Luo Qing, who was beaten by Nami, comes out from her room.

“Why have to wait until the evening, now I can change it and let me see it!”

Luo Qing whispered a few words, then smirked.

It seems that in the future, this good habit of not knocking on the door will continue to be maintained. Otherwise, where can you see such exciting benefits!

Luo Qing, who sang a little song, walked over to take over the work of Kobi. Don’t misunderstand, instead of standing here, let my disciple go to the cabin and clean the room of Nami…

Kobi ran away to clean up the mess!

Kobi! Never cry! He is the partner of justice! These must be the test of his teacher! Have confidence in the teacher!

Kobi, who thought so, knocked on the door of Nami with tears.

Then, oh, look!

Kobi flew out with a swollen face!

Huh? How is this scene so familiar?

Sure enough, Nami, who sneer, once again put down her beautiful legs, and then grind her teeth and said: “When teacher is so pervert, how can the disciple will be good!”

“Oh!” Kobi make a sound.

“I am wretched!”

“Even if the teacher is wretched, it does not mean that the disciple must be like this!”

Luo Qing and Kobi shouted at the same time about their ‘grievances’!

They look at each other!

“You are really my good disciple (teacher)~”

Then an extremely embarrassing atmosphere lingered between the master and the apprentice…

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