One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 37

Chapter 37: Ace’s debt?

“Are you joking with me?” The pink-haired female pirate gnawed her teeth and apparently had no good temper.

Glasses man who had just reported his name was completely ignored, and his face was gloomy!

“Don’t be angry, do you want to try it as an ordinary friend first?” Luo Qing asked.

Who are these special people! Why is there not a normal one!

First, a self-feeling spectator, and then a narcissistic madman who can’t understand people!

This time of choice to enter the sea is really wrong!

Jewelry Bonney thought so.

Luo Qing has made the other two people as a ‘freak’ who is not easy to get along!

“If you come out from the East Blue Sea, do you know the fire fist Ace?” Pink hair female pirates forced her anger to ask.


It is said that Ace gone out to the sea for more than a year at this point in time, that is, I don’t know if he have challenged the Whitebeard at this time or not. After he challenged, he will be taken as a son.

Why is this violent woman inquiring about Ace?

Is it Ace’s debt?

Luo Qing, who have the burning fire of the gossip, began to plan.

“Ace? Of course I know! Not long ago, I became my younger brother after I have beaten him. Who are you? Is it…”

“Who am I, don’t need to know! Just tell me where Ace is now!” The pink-haired female pirate interrupted his words directly.

“How do I know! Find it yourself.”

Seeing the other party is so unkind, Luo Qing is too lazy to give her a good face, even if she is really Ace’s gimmick!

And look at the other side, she still do not know the whereabouts of Ace, then this time Ace should have not challenged the Whitebeard, but he soon challenge him.

“Report your name!” Pink hair female pirate said with a sullen face.

“It is necessary to self-report your name before asking others? Is this the number of rituals that I have to teach you?” Luo Qing said with a smile.

He is such a person, others respect him, he will respect him!

If you don’t want to give face? Sorry!

The pink-haired female pirate wants to shoot under the wrath of the anger, and the men behind her are desperately hugged her, and they have not let the two of them fight at this soon!

After a little calm down, the pink-haired female pirate was barely pressed her anger because he seemed to really know Ace.

“Then you will listen, I am the captain of Bonney pirate group – Jewelry Bonney, bounty of 80 million Bailey!”

80 million is amazing!

Luo Qing is sour, and he hates that the navy doesn’t increase his bounty. He is embarrassed to open his mouth!

“Luo Qing, the captain of the Faceless Pirates Group, has a bounty of 50 million!”

The level of bounty does not represent the level of strength, at most can only be used as a reference, who is strong or who is not, can only be decided after fight!

After hearing about that Luo Qing only has 50 million Bounty, Jewelry Bonney smiled with sarcasm, and did not leave him face.

Seeing her appearance, the glasses man who had a bright eye, his face changed badly.

However, he immediately resumed his smile, and no-one know what he is planning.

“This is my life paper. You will give it to him when you meet Ace in the future. Rest assured, I will give you a considerable reward, definitely more than 50 million!”

After Jewelry Bonney finished laughing, she took a piece of paper from her hat, then peeled off a piece and shot it with a dagger!

“But I won’t help you!”

After that, Luo Qing hung an extremely sloppy expression and threw her life paper group into the sea!

Mad, who is forced to look at it!

Luo Qing is very upset, he does know where Ace is likely to go next, but he just does not say it!

“Don’t stop me! I have to destroy him today!”

Crew behind her were all persuading her to bitterly, apparently knowing the captain’s temperament.

“A funny guy!”

Luo Qing is too lazy to continue to deal with a girl who has an IQ problem. If she doesn’t provoke him, he can also talk with gentlemanly manners.

“Let’s go.”

Luo Qing naturally put this gem-set dagger into his arms, and then found that Nami was looking at him with gaze.

“Oh, I just want to keep it for you first, absolutely not thinking about hiding private money!”

Luo Qing said as he spoke, and he handed over the dagger.

“Oh, don’t bite your face, the things on the boat are all captain’s, even people are ~”

After throwing a happy wink, Nami put away the dagger.

Luo Qing persuaded and nodded. Her words were really correct!

Otherwise, why didn’t she take the initiative to come to sleep?

After the talk collapsed, the three ships all started their new journey silently.

From here, there will have seven magnetic extensions, representing seven routes.

Forgetting that there is a record pointer, Luo Qing suddenly has some dumbfounded eyes!

Just then, a very familiar record pointer was thrown at the foot of Luo Qing.

“Rookie who doesn’t know anything at first glance, this thing is sent to you. It is paid in advance. If there is news about Ace, let me know.”

After that, Jewelry Bonney took a route and left.


Use or not, this is a good question!

At this time, Nami has been picked up by the record pointer left by Jewelry Bonney. “I just heard about this thing. It is a must-have after reaching Grand Line. The pointer should point to the next island. Let’s go.”

“This is the life card left by the woman, what is the life card? Is there a card with life?”

Nami was like a child who got a new player and asked very curiously.

“Well, the life card is a very special thing. It is possible to determine whether this person is safe or not, depending on the state of the life card and the direction of movement.”

As he said, Luo Qing also showed the life card on the palm of his hand.

The life card was leaping and moving in the direction of Jewelry Bonney’s departure, making Nami feel very novel.

And when Luo Qing was entangled in the need to shout a ‘true incense’, the glasses man’s boat also leaned over.

“Do you hate that woman who is self-righteous? If you don’t want to use the woman’s alms to give you the record pointer, just follow us. When you get to the next island, you decide the next route.”

Glasses man gave a very ‘friendly’ advice!

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