One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 36

Chapter 36: Is not my dish

At this time, Luo Qing did not know that part of the secret of his infinite gloves had been speculated by the naval intelligence personnel, and even placed great emphasis on the desk of Marshal!

But even if he know it, it doesn’t matter if you estimate it. After all, infinity glove is too windy. So conspicuous things are inferred that the source of his various abilities is actually normal.

He can’t do anything about it, because whenever he use the devil fruit ability, he must first show infinity glove, and the shortcomings that can’t be hidden in the battle and the potential that the infinity gloves bring him are not worth mentioning!

Even if you know what you can do! Wait till I collect all the six devil fruits and then slam the fingers!

In the past few days, Luo Qing thought that his bounty should be much longer, but he did not expect that the reward for him was suddenly became very strange.

First, the title of ‘Golden Right Claw’, which was ugly, was finally changed, and it became a ‘No face’ Luo Qing…

Well, this title is not that much good, but it is much better than the previous one.

Then the following introduction to the origin of his bounty has also become the captain of the faceless pirate group, suspected of devil fruit ability.

What Luo Qing did not expect was that the rewards were not increased at all, but why even the categories changed!

From ‘Dead or Alive’ changed to, ‘Only alive!’

Is he also like the Vinsmock family Sanji?

Or do I actually have a big backing, but I don’t know it?

How could it be possible!

Luo Qing determined that he was from the earth, and there is a fart relative in this world!

He really couldn’t figure out this thing. In the end, Luo Qing had no choice but to make a conclusion. “My face is so handsome! It’s so handsome that even Navy is not willing to let him die!”

There is not such a sentence. When all the impossible conclusions are excluded, then the rest of the story, no matter how bizarre, is the real answer!

Well, that’s right!

If the hard-working Sengoku know that his ‘goodwill’ has been misinterpreted by him, I don’t know if he will directly send Navy Admiral to catch him!

To let others not pay special attention to the gold gloves on his right hand, so he changed his title.

He want him to be a low-key, so he has maintained a reward of 50 million.

He was afraid that someone accidentally slaughtered him for the exchange of money, so he left the words ‘only alive’.

If he is not afraid of attracting the attention of the whole world, then he really wants to let Admiral take a trip. Now he can only hope that Garp will catch him.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“Finally, come over!”

Because the news that Smoker was defeated was spread out somehow, the garrison in Louge town began to have the martial law.

Fortunately, Luo Qing and Nami were prepared for this. When Smoker looked angry at them and searched for this pedestrian trail, Luo Qing had quietly left the town of Louge town and pointed to Grand Line!

Finally, I have to go out from the novice village. Luo Qing’s mood is still a little excited and embarrassing.

Absolutely not because Nami finally promised to honor the promises she had given him this evening!

“Reverse mountain is coming, be prepared!”

Nami looked at the front with a serious look.

The red continent and Grand Line are two rings, so there are two intersections, the first intersection is the upside down mountain.

The upside down mountain, also known as Reverse Mountain, is an incredible and dangerous mountain, the gateway to the Grand Line. Upside down, there are five waterways on the mountain, which are x-shaped, and the water flows in and out. The water come in from four of the waterways flows to the top of the mountain. The four rivers connect the four different sea areas of the East Blue Sea, West Sea, South Sea and North Sea. The last waterway is flowing into the Grand Line.

Because the ocean currents in the northeast and northwest are too strong, they are strong enough to allow the water to overcome the upward flow of gravity.

Therefore, the first step to enter the Grand Line is to let the ship crash into the mountain in this process and disintegrate. There are also many pirates who are unlucky to die each year.

However, it is obvious that the quality of Arlong’s ship is absolutely qualified, otherwise he will not be able to come to East Blue Sea from Grand Line.

Luo Qing, who has no interest in the whale and the old man, is directly excited to wait for this historic moment.

Oh la la!

The whole boat climbed up the current!

Luo Qing, who had already prepared, had already fixed himself on the ship at this time, and then yelled and felt the new experience!

Really excited!

“Oh oh oh oh!”

With all kinds of strange noises, the four sea pirates who challenged the Grand Line gathered together!

Luo Qing also noticed that two unlucky pirate ships slammed into the red continent and were directly hit by the currents.

It’s really dangerous!

Fortunately, when the whale did not stop in front, there must be someone else to suffer.

Finally, when the ship stabilized, in addition to Luo Qing, there were two other ships on the sea. Luo Qing had noticed before. They came from the West Sea and the South Sea.

Unlocking the rope tied to him, Luo Qing went to the front, just as the captains of the other two ships thought so.

They all want to see who the other person is.

In Luo Qing’s observation, a pink-haired woman came out of the ship coming from South Sea. In addition, West Sea ship, came out with a man with glasses and a gentle personality.

It doesn’t look like a pirate, but it is like a clerk or a teacher.

“Meeting is fate. Everyone is coming to Grand Line for the first time. So, how about we will go along on the next trip?”

See no one to take care of him, glasses man are not angry.

“If you are not interested in this proposal, then leave each other’s names atleast.”

“I am from the West Sea, this is my pirate group, oh, forget to say, my bounty is 55 million Bailey.”

The female pirate with the pink hair stunned after hearing the number. She did not have a funny self-introduction, but placed her target on that guy.

“Hey! Over there, are you from East Blue Sea?”

Being handsome is trouble~

After Luo Qing finish his narcissism, he said very helplessly: “I’m sorry, I already have someone I like, and you are not my type.”

“…” Everyone!

Even Nami and Kobi have installed a look that I don’t know him, and I am far from this mental retardation!

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