One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 35

Chapter 35: Caught the attention of the big guys

A few days later, Smoker’s report of defeat was placed on the desk of the Navy Marshal Sengoku.

After all, Smoker is not an ordinary navy. The handling of this matter is still decided by Sengoku.

“I didn’t expect that after so many years, the East Blue Sea has another interesting character.”

Sengoku sighed, but the expression on his face was not very good-looking. Smoker, who was highly hoped by him, experienced a big defeat so quickly that he did not think of it anyway.

Even if he dropped Smoker to East Blue Sea branch to sharpen his temper, he hoped that he would grow into a qualified Navy who obeyed orders.

Just like his old antique character!

“Ha ha ha! Although East Blue Sea has become the weakest sea in the four seas in the past few years, but don’t underestimate the people who come out from the East Blue Sea!”

“The East Blue Sea has always been a treasure trove of great people!”

It is naturally his friend who dares to speak to Sengoku is Garp. He is known as the hero of the navy!

At this time, Garp looked very happy. The residue of Xianbei was eaten everywhere, and many of them collapsed on the face of Sengoku.

“Garp, remember your identity!”

Hearing his old friend who starting to talk nonsense, Sengoku is very helpless.

“Is it wrong? All the reports about this kid are on your desk, including how he fell from a hero who saved the village from the pirates to an wanted pirate. Are you better than anyone else who forced someone to create new pirates?”

Garp is even more rude. After so many years, since his old friend took the position of Marshal, the concept of the two of them has gone further and further.

In addition, he specializes in confrontation with the world government, and his son is the leader of revolutionary army, Dragon, and the grandson Luffy, who has always wanted to be a Pirate.

All have become a quarrel between them!

If you don’t think about the old feelings, he can’t wait to throw this mess completely to Sengoku. Garp has already lived a relaxed and retiring life. He only want to eat, drink, and teach his grandson.

He is like an old bone now, and he have to stay in the navy to continue to glow.

He really miss the time he used to…

Rocks… Golden Lion Shiki… Roger…

Thinking about it… Garp fell asleep…


Sengoku almost smashed the table!

“Who is there?” Garp, who was “wake up”, did not care to continue to spray the slag.

“No matter what! Attacking the navy is a felony!”

“And the navy image of justice can’t be smashed! I think it’s handled very well!”

Sengoku loudly roared!

This is the difference between the two people’s ideas. The first thing to consider as a navy Marshal is the interests of the entire navy. Some sacrifices and misinterpretations are for the sake of justice!

Is Sengoku wrong?

If world know about this case, how can people trust Navy? Where should the Navy go then?

Therefore, Garp chose to sever the road to promotion, Admiral, Marshal, he can not do it, because he choose the road of retirement.

“You are Marshal, you have the final say! I have to take time off! I don’t know why Luffy was so fascinated by Red-Hair. He is always clamoring to go out to sea as a pirate. I have to let him taste this grandfather Love iron fist. So, he can finally became a good Navy soldier!!”

After listening to Garp that he had to take time off. The blue veins on the forehead of Sengoku broke out. He still had no way to stop his old friend.

He also knows that there have been more and more quarrels about the ideas between the two of them over the years, but what can he do?

World government, five old stars, Dragons…

If there is only one voice in the navy, how can his old friend need to express his dissatisfaction in this way.


Sengoku calmed down his anger and sighed deeply. “You are willing to go. Remember to come back soon, Navy needs you. Your naval hero status is the example that inspires the boys.”

“I hope that on the day the truth is revealed, my ‘Navy Hero’ status will not became a shame for the Navy.”

Garp’s words made Sengoku into silence.

“No! You are you, Garp will always be the hero of the Navy!”

“You don’t have to wear a high hat for me, but when will my retirement application be approved? Do you really want me to die in the navy!”

“Retirement is impossible. It is impossible in this life! In fact, I always think that it is better for you to sit in the position of Marshal.”

“Forget it, if I come to be Marshal, I might bring the navy completely into complete abyss.”

Two old friends looked at each other and laughed out loud!

After laughing, Sengoku said again: “This time when you went back to East Blue Sea. If you met a guy who beat Smoker, Catch him.”

“He may became a good navy if we adjust his education.”

“You are not afraid of someone looking for trouble?”

“Afraid! But I am even more afraid of you that you will go further and further away from me! When you catch him, I will say to the news agency that I made a mistake at that time, and then I will withdraw the reward order. How can they take me?”

“There are seven examples of Shichibukai in the front, the Navy recruited a pirate who was wanted because of ‘mistakes’!”

“Ok, if I really run into him, I will catch him back.”

“If you can’t catch him, I hope he can stick to his heart.”

When Garp left, he straightened his chest, but he don’t know why it seemed so bleak in the eyes of Sengoku.

I hope that it will not be another “good guy” who hates the navy because of unfair treatment and thus abandoning the road of no return.

After Garp left, Sengoku once again picked up the report on all the news about Luo Qing.

Regarding the strange performances of Luo Qing, three kinds of speculations are given in the report.

First, Luo Qing speculated that he was not afraid sea water. He may have double devil fruit ability. Also sea floor stone doesn’t work for him, but the possibility given later was extremely low. After all, Luo Qing’s situation was too special.

Second, Luo Qing’s various abilities are born or acquired, and maybe it is a strange species that has not been discovered. It is also somewhat convincing.

The last is a magnified photo of Luo Qing’s infinite gloves, with two circles circled clearly.

It is the appearance of the devil fruit after the reduction!

The pink one was confirmed by the intelligence personnel after checking the devil fruit illustrations that it is slippery fruit, which is consistent with one of the abilities exhibited by Luo Qing!

The third speculative result given by the intelligence personnel is that the gloves worn by Luo Qing are suspected to be carrier weapons capable of exerting the power of many devil fruits. Because they do not need to eat, he is not afraid of the weakness of the sea floor stone!

Credibility: Unknown!

This is why Sengoku paid special attention to a small pirate who ran out of East Blue Sea.

If Navy can master this technology…

This person needs to observe it for a while!

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