One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 34

Chapter 34: Devil, Nami

It turns out that Luo Qing really wants more…

“Hurry and hand over the treasure, it’s not very convenient to stay this gloves in your hand, so just give it to me~”

Nami looks at Luo Qing, and at the same time, she can’t help but fantasize about her dream of stealing treasures with ‘golden gloves’ everywhere.

Luo Qing face turned black, and then decisively opened the topic.

“Before this, should you honor the promises you promised before?”

Nami first blushed, and then suddenly sneaked into his ear and said quietly: “In fact, the black set is not the best, and there is even more exciting thing I have~”

Luo Qing eyes brightened and hurried nodded!

“As long as you let me borrow the ‘golden gloves’ for two days…”

Feeling that Nami exhaled the orchid in her ear, Luo Qing had already been very heart-warming, but once he heard that Nami was still thinking about his infinite gloves, he immediately woke up.

Don’t mention that he is willing to lend to Nami, this thing can’t be taken down, unless he cuts his right hand!

And with the character of Nami, the word ‘borrowing’ is actually read as ‘give’.

When is Nami ‘borrowing’ something?

“It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you. It’s the glove that I can’t take it off. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself.”

Luo Qing said as he summoned infinite gloves.

This light proves that this thing is worth the price!

Nami said: “If I can get it, will this gold glove be mine?”

“Yeah! As long as you can take it, it will be given it to you.” Luo Qing helplessly said.

“You can’t resist!” Nami looked at him suspiciously.

“I don’t resist, come on…”

Luo Qing stretched out his right hand, which is how this conversation feels a bit…

Nami did not say anything and she began to pull out. How could any equipment could not be taken down? After all, it was just a glove.

However, 5 minutes passed…

Nami’s face turn red and she can’t shake the infinite gloves. She was not willing to call Kobi, and then tied Luo Qing to the mast.

Another 5 minutes passed…

Nami took out all the tools she could find and started to smash!

She don’t know what infinite gloves made of rare materials have not left with a trace!

In the end, Nami, who had already been red-eyed, lifted a big knife, and then said to Luo Qing, who was frightened by a look: “Reassuring, it will not hurt too much, just missing one hand does not get in the way~”

Luo Qing immediately broke the rope, then start to escape!

How could he give up his hand!

“Don’t run! You will be just fine, very soon!”

“I am not a fool! You calm down, Nami!”

Nami took a big knife and chased after Luo Qing. How I feel that you are taking this opportunity to retaliate against when I accidentally saw you in swimsuit.

In the end, there was no way, Luo Qing had to make a killer move!

Luo Qing took out a diamond necklace from the infinity gloves and threw it out!

He saw a glimmer of light in the eyes of Nami, and immediately threw away the big knife that was in the way, and caught it with a 720-degree spiral landing in the air.

When Nami was wearing a diamond necklace on her neck, she immediately looked at Luo Qing with a murderous look.

So next, Luo Qing starts to throw a treasure everywhere, and Nami starts to catch with red eye and running around.

When Nami was very skilled at using his mouth to hold the last ring, Luo Qing silently spread his hand.

“This time, all are finished!”

Nami heard the words and look at herself which is covered in jewelry and the pile of golden treasures not far away, she could not help but smile.

At this time, Luo Qing suddenly rubbed his chin and seemed to be able to test the results of the training.


“Hey? How come?”

Nami used a mouth with a difficulty factor of 9.9 to bite the last thing that Luo Qing had thrown out.


But when she looked at Luo Qing proudly, she found that Luo Qing and Kobi all looked at her with a smirk, and even tears came out.

Ok? what?

All the things in Nami’s doubtful hand were dropped, and then the last “treasure” thrown out by Luo Qing was taken out of her mouth.

“You two are dead!”

Nami release her killing intent and looked at the two people who couldn’t help but laugh!

The laughter of Luo Qing and Kobi stopped short!

Two looked at each other and seemed to understand the meaning of the other’s eyes.

“It’s over, this time you seems to be playing big!” Luo Qing said.

“What is it about me? It is obviously the your deed. Why are you blaiming me?”

“Good disciple, you should take the first step for the teacher.” Luo Qing said.

“…” Kobi.

“Thinking about the last words?” Nami’s fist creaked, and a big demon walked over.

“What are you waiting for, run!”

Luo Qing took a step out and went out. For his own life, he also used his ability of slip fruit.

And Kobi is not so lucky, but he is still a child and slowed down to let Luo Qing to escape, and directly caught by Nami.

“Laugh? It was very funny, Right?”

“Ah! It’s none of my business!”

“First abolish your disciple, then find your teacher and count this account! Hey…!”

Then the scene of the chicken flying dog jump was staged like this. The boat was full of screams, roaring, pleading, and humming.

. . . . . . . . . . .

An hour later, a wolf-stricken Luo Qing and a nose and a swollen buttocks increased significantly. Two laps of Kobi were tied to the mast to dry…

“Sensei, I am so thirsty… I feel so painful…” Kobi said terriblely. He suddenly felt that his original choice was really wrong!

Luo Qing carefully observed around, after confirming that Nami had returned to her room. After not paying attention to them, his muscles directly broke the rope and then took some water and also give it Kobi.

“Hurry to eat, if the female devil came out and saw it….” Luo Qing was really terrified by Nami.

Kobi is very touched!

“Sensei ~~~”

“It’s really a good drama for the teacher and the apprentice.” The devil, Nami, looked at them with a sneer.

“It’s none of my business, it is him!”

Kobi looked at the rope that had fallen off from himself, and the sturdy Luo Qing who didn’t know when to tie himself up…

My fucking teacher!

Return my feelings to me! Bastard!

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