One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 33

Chapter 33: Really killing you!

Luo Qing thought are very simple. He is waiting for a chance, find a trustworthy innocent person to cooperate, even if you say half a price, he will get atleast 10 million Bailey!

Seeing that he has earned so much money, Nami will definately satisfy his wish by wearing swimsuit!

It’s a step closer to the ultimate goal!

Money, it’s really a good thing!

Luo Qing began to praise his economic mind. He really don’t understand how silly he behave when he was on Earth!

It seems that he is still suitable for doing this kind of business!

“Fuck, he is really rich!”

After seeing Krieg’s savings over the years, Luo Qing couldn’t help but swear!

These gold and silver jewels almost shook his 24K titanium alloy dog ??eyes!

If someone say that the value of these treasures is less than one hundred million, he will definately beat that guy to death!

It definately worth more than 100 million!

Luo Qing’s eyes also have a tendency to change like Nami’s ‘Bailey Eyes’.

It is no wonder that two years later, this guy can pull out 5,000 guys and purchase a full 50 boats to challenge Grand Line.

Strong financial resources!

Luo Qing said nothing to send people away, and then directly showed infinity gloves to put these treasures into his internal space!

The space of 100 cubic meters actually gave Luo Qing the illusion that it was not enough for the first time, so Luo Qing decisively took out all the things in it.

When they came in, the treasures are filled this place, when they went out, there was only oranges left in the room.

After an hour…

“Sir, I found a ship in front, their is no flags hanging, you see?” A wretched guy came to please.

He killed a 17 million bounty pirate Krieg, and he also have 50 million reward, so these little guys naturally know how to choose.

It is a pity that Luo Qing will never want them to join his team at all!

. . . . . .

“Nami! Not good! There is a very luxurious pirate ship over there!”

Staying here waiting for Luo Qing to return is the Nami and Kobi he is looking for.

At this moment, the anxious mood of the two was replaced by another panic.

The entire Faceless pirate group only has Captain Luo Qing who has combat power. The rest of the team, whether it is Nami or Kobi, still has a long way to go. This is also when Luo Qing is not there. Nami is afraid to hang up the pirate flag.

Whether it is the pirates or the navy, it is not the two non-combatants member who can deal with them.

“It’s bad! It’s actually Krieg Pirate!”

Nami’s face suddenly changed to white!

Although Krieg’s bounty is not equal to Arlong, the huge force of more than 2,000 people and more than 20 ships has indeed made him a celebrity in the East Blue Sea.

“How the bastard Luo Qing hasn’t come back! We really gonna die!”

As time went by, Nami’s confidence was constantly shaking.

In order to be able to meet Luo Qing in the first time, she actually hid in the distance from where he and Smoker fight.

But who would have thought that Luo Qing had developed the ability to surf, and then the person was gone!

The dumbfounded Nami and Kobi had to hide while waiting for him to come back in the nearby waters, because this is one of the sea routes to Louge Town. As long as Luo Qing runs not far, he will definitely find a way back, then he will definitely pass by here!

Have to say, Nami gambling is right!

Just as Nami was ready to avoid Krieg Pirates, a familiar but faint voice came to her ear.


“Nami! Kobi!”

“I am back!”

Standing next to the boat, Luo Qing excitedly waved his arm.

“It’s Sensei! Sensei, he’s fine! Sensei, he is alive!”

Kobi’s face covered with color of joy.

I knew it! I knew that Sensei would definitely come back safely!

Nami also looked very happy, but she immediately thought that since Luo Qing returned safely, wouldn’t she say that she would soon fulfill her promise?

When she thought of changing in the black swimsuit to show him, Nami felt that her face turn hot and seemed to have a fever.

At that time, moment was so hot that she agreed with his unreasonable request!

Ten minutes later, two ships finally met successfully.

Luo Qing smashed the head of Kobi according to the usual practice, and then ignored his smirk and directly put his gaze on the face of Nami.

The ruddy face of Nami flashed. “Know… I know… I promised that I won’t…”

Luo Qing’s light movement is once again bringing Nami into his arms. “Don’t wait for me in such a dangerous place next time. I promised you, no matter what happens, I will definitely come back to see you.”

This time, Nami did not push him away, but after a slight silence, her trembling hands covered his waist.

This is also her first positive response to Luo Qing’s hug.

Just when both of them were immersed in this warm and beautiful atmosphere, Kobi suddenly said strangely: “Hey? How did the ship suddenly start turning back even without saying hello? Are they friends of the teacher??”


Luo Qing immediately turned around!

“Don’t run!”

Nami was a little unhappy. “When you left, you left. How do you relate to Krieg Pirates? They are not good people!”

Luo Qing helpless: “Krieg has been killed by me! The ship is worth tens of millions of Bailey!”

“What are you waiting for! Come chase!”

As soon as she heard that it was tens of millions of Bailey’s business, Nami suddenly became more active than anyone else!

“Forget it, don’t chase it. This time, I have completely offended the Navy of Louge Town. Even John will not cooperate with me again.”

When Nami thinks about it, they really don’t have time to continue to delay.

When the navy of Louge Town reacted completely, it would be too difficult for them to go to Grand Line.

Nami’s emotions suddenly fell down, and the little money that went to her hand flew away, She is really unhappy!

Then she heard Luo Qing said: “Fortunately, Krieg’s treasure has been taken away by me, otherwise the loss is too big!”

Nami’s ‘Bailey Eye’ began to shine again!

“Treasure? Really? How much?”

“Hey, this treasure is really a lot! It’s worth more than 100 million Bailey!”

More than 100 million Bailey?

Nami feels happy as if she is stepping on the clouds!

“I really love you! Mua~”

Excited, Nami hung around Luo Qing’s neck and gave a kiss on his face.

Is this a confession?

Luo Qing touched his face and thought.

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