One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 32

Chapter 32: Krieg Pirates?

“What to do? Is it still chasing?”

“I still chase a fart! I can’t even see his figure!”

“Forget it, go back first, Colonel Smoker will not blame us. After all, it is an enemy that even Colonel Smoker can’t beat.”

“I didn’t expect that Colonel Smoker who has strong Logia devil fruit ability was beaten.”

“Yeah, the other person is not the imaginary devil fruit ability. I saw the guy swimming in the water just faster than me!”

“I don’t know how many strange things that guy learned!”

“Don’t say it, hurry back. If it was heard by Colonel Smoker, everyone didn’t have a good fruit to eat.”

. . . . . . . . . .

Smoker was unfortunately at this time. He can’t hold the pirate, and the warship he brought from the navy’s headquarters was also sunk. Even the sea-floor stone weapons specially prepared for him were taken away.

This is undoubtedly the worst battle since Smoker joined Navy!

Smoker, who has the pride of the sky, has suffered such a big loss!

When the news was reported, he still don’t know what kind of punishment will be waiting for him!

Faceless Pirates, Luo Qing!

Smoker completely remember him!

On the other hand, Luo Qing, who finally escaped, lost his way at sea. Why did Luo Qing wanted to turn around and special want Nami to be his teammate?

(Of course because she is beautiful!)

Her skin is too good!

Of course, because the importance of the nauticals is self-evident!

If there is no-one who can tell the direction in the sea, even an arrogant person can only sway on the sea like a headless fly!

Not to mention the fickle weather of Grand Line which has a weird weather!

The first second may still be clear and clear, and the next second may have hail!

In this respect, Nami’s talent as the nautical sergeant can also rank in the top three in the whole pirate world. Even if it is determined to be the first, there will not be many people who will jump out and refute!

This is the first reason Luo Qing first thought of inviting Nami. He is not the kind of person who only think from his lower body.

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So when Luo Qing looked around and found that the surrounding scenery was all the same, he knew that he must have lost his way.

“Where am I?” Luo Qing turned around and kept himself from falling into the sea, looking for Nami and Kobi.

But this practice is obviously futile.

In desperation, he had to look for a direction and try to activate his luck.

Not to mention, the direction in which he glides forward is really having a boat, but the people above are obviously not Nami and Kobi he is looking for.

Because this is a fleet of more than 20 ships!

And there is still a pirate flag flying in the wind!

“Oh… there is a pirate group of this size in East Blue Sea. It seems that there is only the funny East Blue Sea ‘overlord’…” Luo Qing did not expect his luck to be so good!

Obviously, Krieg Pirates at this time are far from the scale of two years later.

He really don’t know how that guy brain works. He think that collecting 5,000 men and 50 ships can let him go to Grand Line.

In the world of pirates, the importance of personal strength is really far beyond the advantages brought by the quantity, and he can only rely on this point to make a fortune in the East Blue Sea.

Luo Qing, who thought so, did not hesitate at all, and jumped directly to one of the ships.

“Who are you? this is…”

“There is no time to talk to you about these miscellaneous fish, I am still rushing to find Nami to benefit!”

Even if Luo Qing’s physical exertion is extremely high, However, it is easy to deal with these ordinary pirates. After all, the physical ability to use the slippery fruit is very little.

Luo Qing cleaned up some guys on the ship at a very fast speed, and then when the other people on the ship had not responded, he went straight to the most prominent ship in the middle!

With Krieg’s character, he will definately on this most luxurious ship!

“Who are you? Dare to provoke the majesty of East Blue tyrant, Lord Krieg!”

How every statement of these guys are same? A defective product from a production line?

Luo Qing was too lazy to talk nonsense. After finding the first time, he started the transformation with the last physical strength!

Krieg’s equipment is all made of gold, but I can imagine how much money these guys has robbed and how many bad things they have done!

Luo Qing feels that it is time for robbery!

Luo Qing, who suddenly became a humanoid lizard form, scared everyone to jump, and then heard someone shouting in horror: “He is the ‘golden right claw’ Luo Qing! Pirate with the bounty of 50 million!”


Luo Qing directly cut his head!

You can dare to mention such an ugly title, it is not fast enough to die!

After 3 minutes…

The head of the Krieg is landing. From the beginning to the end, Luo Qing didn’t say much.

The strength of this guy depends on equipment and sinister tricks. Luo Qing still feels that it is safer to kill him soon.

“Stop! Whoever moves again, I will kill him!”

After Krieg died, the people on the whole boat were in a panic, and the more than 20 ships around the ship were stopped!

Luo Qing hated these guys but he couldn’t do anything. His physical strength had already bottomed out.

After seeing people scared, Luo Qing said again: “Give me a place, I will not kill you.”

For a while, there was a pirate who was barely qualified to speak and asked: “Can you guarantee that you really don’t kill us?”

“Do you have a bounty on your body?”


“Then I won’t kill you.” Luo Qing said very impatiently!

The rest of these people think about it, so they are temporarily relieved.

“Sir, where are you going?”

“Louge Town, hurry up, the sooner the better!”

The man has the heart to say that recently Louge Town has come to a decent navy that is strong and hard to eat, but it is impossible to listen to him if he wants to come to this adult, so he still honestly greets people to sail.

“Where is Krieg’s treasure? Take me to see it, and let some put his head in a box and send it to me.”

Although Krieg is very junk but he worth 17 million Bailey!

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