One Piece Infinity Gloves ch 31

Chapter 31 Free Surfing!

If Luo Qing is not the devil’s fruit user, then everything can be explained!

The species of this world are very strange, there are giants, there are small people in the kingdom of Tata, there are fish people, there are ‘toy people’, and there are all kinds of different kinds of strange species.

It seems that one more sea beast that can take human form is not an unacceptable thing.

Was put together!

Smoker, who thought he had guessed the truth, was very angry, especially the other party still take his weapons!

But before he could wait for him to open his mouth, Luo Qing first to break out!

“You are the sea beast! Your family is a sea beast!”

“Have you seen such a handsome sea beast?”

Luo Qing was so angry that he couldn’t explain anything to the ‘enemy’, so he immediately rushed over and prepared to teach him a little more!

I have the sea floor stone weapon, Luo Qing instantly violently walked away, and Smoker was beaten really good!

This time period of Smoker is far less than four years later, the Navy Vice Admiral Smoker, who has mastered Armament Haki. He is currently even worse than Luffy who enters Grand Line.

Looking at the whole world of pirates, Smoker typical starting point with high starting point, small potential and slow growth!

Until Luffy went to sea two years later, he became one of the ‘five Emperors’, and the bounty was as high as 1.5 billion Bailey. Smoker’s fighting power did not have any surprising growth. It’s really a pity.

At the beginning, Smoker, who thought that he could chase the future ‘Five Emperors’ in the future. In the end, if Luffy’s father did not come forward, it is possible that Luffy’s journey will remain in Logue Town.

Luo Qing is very excited!

Mad! It’s very fun to play with Laozi just now!

With the sea floor stone weapon, Luo Qing immediately turned over to be the master!

On the physical quality, Luo Qing, who possesses the devil fruit bonus of Zoan system, he can easily beat sturdy Smoker who don’t know six-style or Haki!


After being thrown away again by Luo Qing with his own weapon, Smoker touched the left and right faces which is swollen, and the killing intent in his eyes was almost confined!

He has always been at the Navy Headquarters, and he is a disciple of the former Admiral Zephyr!

Actually being beaten by a rookie pirate, he can’t stand this insult!


The warship is sinking!

The two people forgot this!

Navy on the warship had already jumped into the sea and escaped, leaving only two of them on the dead ship.

However, it is not going to go down now.

Smoker just wanted to be elemental flying but he was hit by Luo Qing. This time he didn’t have the kind of good luck. He fell into the sea with his own weapons and never showed up.

“Colonel Smoker!”

Tashigi and others quickly sneaked into the sea to find Smoker.

Luo Qing, who did not soak his feet on the water, also quickly sneaked into the place where Smoker fell into the water.

Don’t misunderstand, he is not going to save Smoker, he is going there to find the sea stone weapon!

This kind of good thing is a waste on Smoker’s body, so I will take care of it!

Imagine a person who is not afraid of the sea and is not afraid of multi-devil fruit. He also took a sea floor stone weapon without Armament Haki and the ability to resist…

This picture is really beautiful!

Tashigi struggled to drag the unconscious Smoker upstream, Just as Luo Qing’s figure passed by, the two also looked at each other and caught curiosity from the other’s eyes.

Tashigi is curious about who he is, and Luo Qing is curious as to whether she and Zoro’s gf are the same person, because he didn’t know before. Yes, yes, yes, I found a lot of plausible evidence, Barabara…

There are still more people who think that it is not the same person at all, and there is a lot of evidence.

However, Luo Qing was only curious about it, and he left this question behind. Anyway, Tashigi is not the one he likes. Does it matter to him? This question is still a headache for Zoro.


After continuing to search for a while, Luo Qing finally found the sea floor stone that sinked to the bottom of the sea.

After struggling to swim in the past, Luo Qing is desperately going upstream, otherwise he will die!

Really, if Oda dare not draw a shark fruit, otherwise he will definately take it.

Fuck, swim, swim, swim…


Luo Qing finally swam out of the sea, but before he could tell the direction, he heard the loud noises around him.

“Where is he!”

“Don’t let him run, chase!”

Luo Qing looked back and saw hundreds of navy eyes swimming to him!

Fuck, Smoker is drowned, right? Do you want to react so much!

Luo Qing was shocked, and then did not hesitate to physically escape from here!

Luo Qing thought angrily and speeded up the swimming.

However, the hundreds of navies in the back are still chasing after them. They are joking. They are both arms and legs. Even if you can swim fast, you can take our hundreds of people off!

We will make you tired and then catch you!

This will not work…

Luo Qing began to think about countermeasures. After he had smashed the warships, and after a battle with Smoker, he sneaked into the seabed to search for weapons. Luo Qing felt that his physical strength was rapidly declining.

And it seems that the navy reinforcements are also coming from a distance.

what can I do about it?

Luo Qing suddenly had a chance!

He thought of Doflamingo who use ordinary line fruit and became the most powerful Shichibukai!

So he slammed the sea with his hands and used this impulse to leave the sea for a short time, and then immediately used the slippery fruit!

When Luo Qing stood on the sea smoothly, a wind suddenly pushed him, and then hundreds of navies chasing after him looked dumbfounded and saw Luo Qing directly ‘slip’ out on the sea. A few hundred meters away!

Although people can’t stand on the sea, things like surfboards can help humans to act on the sea!

It uses the tension of the sea!

Under Luo Qing’s brain hole, he eliminated the friction between his feet and the sea, and then used the wind as a driving force, allowing him to slide at high speed on the sea without sinking into the sea!

This technique Luo Qing named “free surfing”!

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