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One Piece Enhancement ch 9

Chapter 9: Your head, I want it.

This is a city near the port area of Alabasta. Now there is no dancing powder in Alabasta, so there is no drought in Alabasta as well.

He walks on the street.

“Alabasta should have a shipbuilding company?” Avishek muttered, he wanted to build a ship first. After all, it was very inconvenient to have no ship in this world.

But I still have no money to build a ship.

“Forget it, first find a pub.”

Shaking his head, Avishek went straight, and soon found a roadside pub.

Without hesitation, he went straight in.

He push open the door, a heat wave came.

He walked in to the bar, Avishek called the waiter to give him a glass of whiskey.

At the same time, his eyes are looking around.

Most of the pubs is filled with civilians here, but there are also some pirates sitting in the corner and drinking.

At the same time, Avishek also noticed that there are Navy also sitting here.

Several Navy soldiers drank wine, and one of them slightly caught the attention of Avishek.

“The navy … is the Momonga?!”

Avishek looked at one of them and muttered, Momonga, he is swordsman and he is body skills master, but now look at that the rank on the shoulder, he is only at a Commodore level.

The sound of the system came.

‘Host, system detected the energy reaction from the navy there.’


When Avishek heard the sound, he suddenly looked at it, and immediately looked at Momonga, and soon noticed at the Momonga’s feet, there was a box.

“Is it in the box, should it be the devil’s fruit?!”

Avishek a have a little thought.

He want to take away the devil fruit.

but not now.

However, it seems that Avishek also knows why Momonga appears here. He come here to protects the devil fruit from being stolen.

Time passes by one minute, ten minutes later.

Momonga and others got up and planned to leave.

Seeing this, Avishek said in low voice: “Kazick, follow them, if you get the chance, take the devil fruit.”

“Yes, my master.”

Behind Avishek, a low voice sounded, although Kazick did not appear, but he wanted to come to him to keep up. With the strength of Kazick, even if he can’t win, he can escape safely.

With the departure of the Navy.

The pirates in the pub are also relaxed.

“Damn, those navies have finally left. I just didn’t dare to relax because of that.”

“Oh, after all, that is the Commodore of the Navy.”

“That is, but fortunately he didn’t care about us, otherwise we would suffer.”

“Hahahaha, the Navy is gone, we can drink while relaxing.”

“Hey, give this uncle a big wine glass.”

Some pirates suddenly stood up and shouted, headquarters Commodore really can pressure on their head.

But in this world, there are also people who like to die.

For example, now.

A pirate in the pub stand up, step by step come to the side of the bar and stand behind Avishek.

There are only two seats on the side of the bar, just two of them are sitting, and this pirate is very eye-catching.

“Hey, kid, get up, your Grandpa is going to sit here.” The pirate shouted.

“Oh.” Avishek didn’t move, faintly pick up a glass of wine and take a sip, and then directly said. “Fuck off.”


Hearing Avishek, Pirate suddenly smiled, and punched directly on the table: “Kid, who do you think you are? Dare to talk to your father like this? My reward is 50 million bounty, the madman Vegeta.”


You really insulted this name.

Avishek heart spit.

In the Dragon Ball, the Vegeta is a Saiyan, who can crush you with one finger.

Avishek slowly turned around and looked at this pirate, who was also called Vegeta in the world of pirates. It looks very strong, with a fierce face and a knife cut on his face, which looks very fierce.

However, Avishek is very concerned about another point.

He slowly said: “50 million Bailey… Is it enough to build a boat?”


The pirate named Vegeta were suddenly frowned: “Kid, what do you mean by this?”

“What do I mean?”

Avishek smiled and drank the wine from the glass, and staring at the pirate Vegeta in front of him and slowly said. “If 50 million Bailey is enough to build a boat, then your head, I want it.”

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