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One Piece Enhancement ch 8

Chapter 8 Alabasta

The last person is left because Avishek does not drive such a big ship by himself, and he is too lazy to waste time.

And he still needs to ask something.

For example, What is the current time period, this is very important. After all, as long as you know the time, Avishek can guess what will happen next and the trend of some big events through the plots known in the past.

It is very helpful to him.

After asking for ten minutes.

Avishek has clarified about the current age.

The plot will start after sixteen years.

Luffy was just born, One Piece has been sentenced, the Four Emperors will be established, and there will be some time before Navy establish Seven Warlord of the Sea.

In short, the present era is the era of the Pirate opened by Roger.

“A good time period.”

Avishek muttered, this time period will let him develop easily and let himself become stronger, and there will be no lack of opponents. Moreover, when the plot begins, I think I am already a very powerful person, so I can participate in some interesting plots at that time.

Other than that.

Also, the island closest to here is Alabasta.

Or, the last surviving pirate only knows the route of Alabasta.

“Boss, the distance to Alabasta, oh… There are still two days.” The pirate trembled and walked to Avishek and said in a treambling way, it seemed that he was afraid that Avishek will killing him.

Hearing the words, Avishek nodded and said slowly. “You go and handle the boat, and inform me when we reach.”

“Yes.” Pirate nodded quickly, and then ran away as if he had been yelled.

Seeing this, Avishek also entered directly into the cabin.

As for the bodies on the deck, Avishek has already let Kazick swallow it.

“Speaking of it, I didn’t expect to have a training room on the boat.” Avishek thought, he just found a training room on the ship, and there are some equipment inside, which must be used by the dead captain.

“Let’s practice these two days to trained here.” Avishek walked into the training room and looked around with satisfaction.

At least the next two days won’t be too boring.

The next training direction of Avishek is two points.

One: the ability of current fruit.

Second: the power of oneself.

Needless to say, the current fruit has just been obtained and he is not skilled, he still needs training.

However, the power of the self, although in the period after the system is strengthened, Avishek can barely use this power because he can’t fully controlled, therefore it needs constant proficiency.

Time passed slowly.

In blink. Two days is the past.


A country with a reputation in the first half of the Grand Line which has a place of historical text, in which the Nefertari family rules, they are the descendant of the king who created the world government, 800 years ago.

This place is familiar to Avishek.

The reason is naturally because of the thief burglary incident that occurred after the plot began, which is the case of Crocodile.

“According to the present time, Crocodile has not yet become a Seven warlord of the sea, and has not come to this place. And Nefertari. Vivi should now be just a little girl?”

Avishek went off the boat.

Here is the shore of Alabaster, but there is no city, just in the territory of Alabasta, in front of an endless desert.

Behind him.

Pirate shivered and waited for the next command from Avishek. He did not dare to leave without the order of Avishek.

Avishek thought about it and said it directly. “You can leave.”

“Yes, thank you boss, thank you boss.” Pirate suddenly became ecstatic, thanked a few words and immediately left.

“Master, want me to kill him?” Kazick’s figure emerged, his voice is cold with killing intent.


Hearing the voice of Kazick, Avishek shook his head and smiled. “He is a small person, it will not cause any harm to us, why bother to waste time?”


Kazick nodded respectfully, then enter into the void.

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