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One Piece Enhancement ch 6

Chapter 6: The emergence of the pirate group

Current fruit.

Through the system strengthening of this fruit, it has become a strong potential, and there are no other shortcomings of this devil fruit.

Avishek is ready to eat this fruit.

But at this time.


a cannon.

He saw at a distant place, a black point gradually expanded, it was actually a ship, the flagpole on this ship, Pirate flag fluttering. It is a pirate ship.

And a shell was fired from the pirate ship and it rushed towards Avishek.

It fall directly next to Avishek boat, stirring up the waves, letting his ship shake and keep on, it seems to about to turn the boat.


On the pirate ship, a pirate with a black skin and a bearded man was looking at the front with a telescope, excitedly laughing. “I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it. I actually saw a devil fruit. I heard that when you eat a devil fruit, you get the powerful power. Hahaha, this devil fruit is mine.”

“Bastards, Speed up the boat and get close to that boat.”

The pirate named Sadie yelled, and behind him, dozens of pirates suddenly shook their arms and responded loudly.

This is the Warrior Pirates, Captain is a Swordsman, reward: 30 million Bailey.

He just used the telescope to observe the surrounding waters, just saw Avishek in the boat, and clearly saw the devil fruit in Avishek’s hand.


On the boat, Avishek looked up and looked at the pirate ship that was approaching quickly, and then looked at the devil’s fruit in his hand.

He is not a fool, he suddenly understood why the pirate ship attacked himself.

“Hey, They really don’t know how to live and die.”

Avishek sneered and stood up straight.

But in three minutes, the pirate ship was directly close to the boat of Avishek.

With a bang, Avishek jumped directly onto the pirate ship, landed on the deck, and held the current fruit in his hand.

Sadie looked at the young man in front of him, and his attention suddenly fell on the devil’s fruit in Avishek’s hand, and his eyes burst with greed, and he immediately shouted: “Kid, fast, give me the fruit in your hand, as long as you give it to me, I will spare your life.”

Devil fruit.

The secret treasure of the sea.

They have only heard the name and have never seen it before.

Now that they have seen a devil fruit appear in front of themself, Sadie will naturally not let go.

“Do you want this?” Avishek raised the devil’s fruit in his hand and watched Sadie slowly laughing.

“Right right, fast, give it to me.” Sadie nodded quickly, his attention was always on the fruit and never removed.

“Hey, you want it… you can have a dream.”

Avishek smile and peel off the current fruit in his hand and said: “This fruit is mine, you want? stop dreaming.”

After that, Avishek bite the fruit in front of them.

The indescribably disgusting taste fills the mouth.

Avishek frowned, forcing the taste and swallowing the flesh directly into the stomach.

Then, an energy appeared directly in his body. In the midst of it, he seemed to understand how to use this energy.

Deep right hand, he raise his index finger.


‘Zizizizizizi’, a blue faint current appears at his fingertips.

“Ah, ah, ah.”

Seeing this scene, Sadie turn crazy and his eyes became red.

“You!! You actually ate the devil’s fruit of Laozi!! I want you to die!!”

Saidi roared, he has already regarded this devil fruit as his own, and even began to imagine the beauty of the devil fruit after he eat it.

But now, everything is gone.

This boy actually distroy his dream in front of his eyes.

Sadie is going crazy.

He pull out the sword directly at the waist, point to Avishek, and roar: “Brothers, grab this guy, I want to cut into mince meat!!”



“Catch him.”

A group of pirates raised their arms and screamed. They rush directly toward Avishek.

Seeing this, Avishek is not flustered, but a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Kazick, solve these people, left the captain for me.” Avishek faintly ordered.

“Yes, master.”

The voice rang out loud.

Behind Avishek, the air bursts.

Immediately, a purple-black figure rushed out of it…

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