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One Piece Enhancement ch 5

Chapter 5: Strengthening the Devil’s Fruit

“Let’s keep it.”

Looking at the devil’s fruit in his hand, Avishek laughed and immediately left the place.

A permanent pointer is available.

The next step is to prepare to leave this place. If you want to leave, you will definitely need a boat. Although there is no ship, there is no problem in making a simple ship or a raft. The only worry is whether the ship that was built can handle the One Piece world Sea conditions. The problem of disintegration on the way to sailing.

“Kazick, go and cut some trees.”

To the shore, Avishek shouted behind him.

“Yes, Master.”

The voice of Kazick came from behind. Kazick’s figure appeared, and then Kazick came directly to the front of several big trees not far away. Two scythes waved, and a few big trees slammed down.


Seeing this, Avishek also went to find some solid trees and vines, and prepared to build the ship directly.

It took a whole day.

A simple ship was barely built.

During this period, he also allowed Kazick to hunt some animals as dry food for sailing.

The sun rose on the next day.

Avishek has already stood with Kazick on the boat, laughing with excitement. “Ha ha ha, set sail!!”

Going in the wind. The boat slowly left the little garden.

It going towards a larger sea.

On the shore of the Little garden, at this time, the two giants, Dorry and Brogy, also came out, watching the far-off vessel and Avishek above the boat, all laughing.

“A funny kid.”

“Avishek…hahaha, a simple kid, maybe he will be powerful figure in the sea.”

“We should buy newspapers often here.”

“Haha, yeah.”

“Brogy, come on, continue our 300th battle.”

“Come on Dorry, this time I will defeat you.”

On the sea.

The ship was sailing, and Avishek was lying on the deck, watching the devil’s fruit in front of him.

To be honest, when he saw there was a devil fruit in front of him. There was a lot of hope in Avishek’s heart, but he has to hold back. After all, if he eat the devil’s fruit ability of garbage, he will be depressed for his whole life.

Although there is a saying that ‘the devil’s fruit are not waste, only the user are waste’, but it is undeniable that the devil’s fruit of the Zoan system does not have a high starting point as of the Paramecia and Logia systems fruit, except for the Mythical type.

This cannot be denied.

The system seems to be aware of the idea of ??Avishek.

‘Host, in fact, here in the system, there is no weak thing.’ System sound came.

“Well? Why do you say that?” Avishek asked.

‘Because no matter what, after the strengthening of the system, the weak will become stronger, and the valueless will also show his greatest value. ‘


Avishek turn silent.

The meaning of the system is obvious that he should use strengthening on this devil fruit.

But he also hesitated.

Devil fruit can be converted into a number of enhancements and can also be strengthened.

He silent for a moment, then Avishek understands.

He smiled, his heart is looking forward to it. “In this case, then system, strengthen this devil fruit.”


A ray of light appeared directly and entered the inside of the devil’s fruit.


The system’s prompt tone sounds directly.


‘Removal of the devil’s fruit curse.’

‘The power of the devil fruit is enhanced.’

‘Detected by systemic strengthening, this devil fruit is: current fruit’

‘Enhancement results: fruit current is enhanced to a level with the thundering fruit.’

A series of notification appeared in Avisheks mind.

Avishek heard the words, but it suddenly stopped.

Current fruit?

This is obviously not a logia system, but a Paramecia system that can control the current. But the relationship with the thundering fruit is like the relationship between the Mera Mera no Mi (Ace fruit) and the Magu Magu no Mi (Sakazuki fruit).

Magu Magu No Mi fruit is equivalent to the evolutionary type of Mera Mera No Mi Fruit.

The Goro Goro no Mi fruit relationship with the current fruit is same.

However, after the strengthening of the system, the electric volts of the current fruit actually increased to a level with the Goro Goro no Mi fruit.

In other words, this current fruit is equivalent to the Goro Goro no Mi fruit other than elementalization.

Still a fruit without shortcomings.

In other words, he is not afraid of the sea floor stone or the sea, he can also… eat the devil fruit without limit.

“System, the shortcomings of the devil fruit is also including a person can only eat this one fruit?” Avishek asked.


“That means, as long as I eat this devil fruit, I can continue to eat the devil fruit.” Avishek looked at the current fruit and muttered, and the expression of excitement appeared in his eyes.

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