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One Piece Enhancement ch 4

Chapter 4: Giants and the Devil Fruit

After having breakfast, Avishek leaves the scope of the cave.

“Kazick, take me to the two giants.” Avishek ordered Kazick.

“Yes, master.”

Kazick nodded and immediately led the way up, and Avishek followed closely.

It took a few minutes and soon Avishek came to a huge plain area. There is no forest, but there are many huge stones. Looking up, he can see that there are two giant giants sitting in front of each other, talking loudly while drinking.

“Hey, human.”

Brogy noticed Avishek first. As for Kazick, he has already entered the void. It is like a natural assassin, hidden in the void. Hidden has many benefit like finding the right opportunity to suddenly appear and attack.

“It’s really a human, I haven’t seen anyone coming here for a long time.” Dorry turned his head and looked at Avishek.

Dorry raise the bowl full of wine in his hand and laughed. “Kid, do you want a bowl?”

“Forget it, your bowl is too big for me.” Avishek shook his head and smiled and jumped directly onto a large stone.

“Drinking with the big bowl is the most happy thing, hahahahaha.” Dorry laughed and drink a bowl of wine.

“If you want to drink some good wine, I will give you later in the future but do you have a permanent pointer?” Avishek asked.

Although I don’t know them before but the coolness of the giants has enabled them to instantly become friends with good relationships.

“Permanent pointers, there are a lot there?” Dorry pointed in a direction.

“Ha ha ha, that is of course, you know that the pirates who died here are quite a lot. We all gathered together and put them in that one place. Come with me.” Brogy laughed and swayed. The huge body slowly stood up and led the way.

“Thank you for the help.” Avishek said to the two giants.

Dorry directly poured a bowl of wine again and laughing: “You don’t need to say thank you between men.”

“Haha, yes, next time. When I come back, I will take out some good wine me.” Avishek laughed back and followed Brogy.

But a few minutes later.

Avishek followed Brogy to a hill on the shore.

There are some wrecks of the ship.

Very shabby.

There are many pirates who came here long ago and finally died here.

“It’s here, boy, go find it yourself.” Brogy pointed at the mound, and he shook his body and planned to turn back.


Avishek nodded and waved at Brogy, then shouted. “Hey, remember, my name is Avishek.”

“I will remember kid, hahahaha.” Brogy raised his hand without looking back and laugh.

Then, Avishek began to come to the mound and began to look for it.

There are a lot of wrecks here, and there are a lot of permanent pointers. Avishek has found several.

After taking one, Avishek is planning to leave immediately.

But at this time, the sound of the system suddenly sounded.

“Host, system detected an energy response below the mound.”

“Energy reaction?”

When he heard the sound, Avishek suddenly stopped. This energy is the only chance to increase the number of reinforcements. He must not give up. Without any hesitation, Avishek turned directly and began to dig up the mound.

Until a pit was dug in the mound, something finally appeared in front of Avishek.

That is actually a… devil fruit! ! !

The fruit is full of spiral patterns and looks mysterious, but I don’t know what the devil it is.

“System, is this the energy response you said?” Avishek pick up the devil’s fruit and asked.


When he heard the answer from the system, Avishek thought about it, or decided not to let the system absorb the devil fruit and pick it up to strengthen the opportunity.

“Let’s wait to find that what this devil fruit is, then decide what to do.” Avishek thought.

Because he is not sure what this is devil fruit is, and Avishek already has two opportunities of reinforcement, he is not eager to absorb this devil fruit.

And if he find the devil fruit illustrations and find that this is a good devil fruit, he can eat it himself.

After all, the devil fruit is something that Avishek will definitely eat.

But first he have to find a good devil fruit.

At least it has to be Logia.

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