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One Piece Enhancement ch 3

Chapter 3 Things to Do

What I do now??

Five opportunities for reinforcement, only two times left.

Avishek is not very concerned about the opportunity because his primary purpose now is to make himself stronger, after all, only strong strength is the root of the inventory in this world.

Looking at Kazick, the Avishek directly waved. “You can go in the forest to hunt, with your Devouring talent, it’s really a shame if you don’t use it properly.”

“I will follow master’s orders.” Kazick nodded and suddenly disappeared.

However, Avishek knows that Kazick has entered in the void. Although he can’t see him, he is just next to himself, and he will appear when he calls him.


a loud noise.

In the forest, a huge mammoth crashed down on the ground. Its huge body directly shocked the ground, raised dust, and the ground cracked like a spider web.

“Third head.”

Looking at the mammoth corpse that fell to the ground, the Avishek muttered, and it has been a long time since entering the forest, and this is already the third beast he killed.

Killing the beast has two purposes.

1: Increase his own actual combat experience.

2: Let Kazick swallow these bodies to make him stronger.

“Calculating time, Kazick is coming back soon?” Avishek muttered.

Before that, he let Kazick himself kill the animals and swallow them. After all, this is faster.

The calculation time is also correct.

Not long before the Avishek, the air trembled, and a figure slowly appeared, it was Kazick.

“Master, there are two, giants.” Kazick said immediately.

“Giant?” After hearing the news, Avishek remembers the story.

He subconsciously looked at the mammoth corpse, and two words appeared in his mind.

‘Little garden.’

Avishek laughed, Little garden naturally a Island in Grand Line. The island is known for its ancient islands, which have many ancient species.

This is not surprising why there is a mammoth.

“It seems that I should be in Grand Line now, and I don’t know what time it is now.”

Avishek muttered, and even shook his head. “Forget it, fill your stomach first.”

Avishek smiled, directly ignited the firewood, and then tossed a large piece of meat from the mammoth to keep it roast.

Then he said to Kazick. “You can swallowed the other parts.”

“Yes, Master.”

Kazick nodded respectfully, and immediately flew to the top of the mammoth and start biting the body of a mammoth.

Kazick’s body is like a bottomless pit, no matter how much food is present, he can swallow everything.

Take the root stick and put the meat on the grill. It didn’t take long to test it.

When the barbecue is finished, the sky is a bit dark.

The night is coming.

After finding a cave and laying some hay inside, Avishek and Kazick were sleeping inside.

This cave is not bad, there is a hole in the top and a hole to see the sky outside.

Lying on the top of the hay, looking through the small hole to the night sky full of stars, Avishek is quiet.

“The two giants that Kazick said today should be Dorry and Brogy? The giant pirates.” Avishek thought.

The rewards of these two giants are not low, and the reward of 100 million is also very good in the first half of the Grand Line.

“Tomorrow, I will go and talk to them, and then it is time to consider about leaving.”

To the world of One Piece, presumably everyone will be interested in the endless adventures of One Piece, Avishek is no exception. When he came to this world, he thought about a lot of things in his head.

He want to feel the power of the Four Emperors and the Three Great Admirals.

He also want to be a pirate and become the emperor overlord in the sea.

He also want to leave his own legend in this world.

Unconsciously, Avishek entered in the dream.

The next day, when the sky was bright.

Avishek walk out of the cave, watching the rising sun, a smile appeared on his face.

“A new day, it started.”

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