One Piece Enhancement ch 23

Chapter 23: Kaneki’s participation

Avishek heard Kaneki answer.

Although Kaneki is a person, but at the same, he is also a ghoul.


He has a great potential.

And to be honest, if Kaneki learns Armament Haki, then he may become very strong. Especially if he applies the Armament Haki to his scales, then his strength is definately equal to Admiral level.

After all, Kaneki itself is the protagonist of the other world, with extraordinary potential and may even surpass the Admirals.

Because he can still eat devil fruit.

Thinking about it, Avishek could not help but ask: “System, if I use reinforcement, can I help Kaneki solve the problem of eating people?”


The sound of the system immediately sounded and answered directly.

“This is easy to handle.”

When he heard the answer from the system, Avishek has a lot of relief.

To be honest, when he know that the person in his front is Kaneki, there is a kind of idea in Avishek that wants to recruit him as a partner, and let him be a member of his own pirate group.

After all, if you become a pirate, you must not only have yourself and Kazick?

And as for recruiting ordinary cannon fodder as a crew, he did not think very much. Avishek has the same idea as the straw hat pirate group in the original.

Everyone on the boat must be an elite, and that is the best way to enjoy fighting.

And Kaneki, no doubt is definitely an elite crew.

He thought about it.

Avishek said: “Maybe, I can help you solve your cannibalism problem.”


Kaneki suddenly got excited, and looked at Avishek, hoping that Avishek did not deceive him. For him, every time he eat, it is a kind of inner torture.


Avishek nodded and said. “But not now, because I still need one thing, this thing is the devil fruit.”

“Devil fruit.” Kaneki nodded, he also heard the devil fruit of this world, they are powerful, even make an ordinary person to become stronger.

“You want to find a way back to your world? It is not something that can be found overnight. How about becoming my partner?”

Avishek asked again.



Seeing Kaneki’s doubtful eyes, Avishek laughed: “Become my partner, sail with me on this sea, at least enjoy being in this world before going back, isn’t it?”

“Well, you can also try to find the way back to your original world.”

“Ok, it sounds good.”

Kaneki did not think much and immediately agreed.

In this world, the only thing he can believe is the fate, because this person is like him. Moreover, Avishek also said about the fact. Instead of staying in one place, it is better to go out with him and sail on the sea.

Moreover, if there is not enough strength, Kaneki does not know whether he can support till the day when he finds the way to his own world.

After all, there are many strong people in this world.

So he also needs to be stronger.

“Oh, then, now, we are partners, it is worth to entrust your back to the other partner.”

Seeing Kaneki promised, Avishek could not help but laugh.


Kaneki nodded heavily.

Seeing this, Avishek said. “Let you see another partner. Come out, Kazick.”

“Another partner?”

When he heard Avishek, Kaneki wondered. But soon he just saw that behind Avishek, the air vibrate and from the crack, a purple-black monster comes out.

Kaneki know that the strength of this cockroach is absolutely terrifying.

“He is Kazick, well, our other partner.”

Avishek said with a smile. “Kazick, remember this person, his name is Kaneki, and later, he is our partner.”

“Yes, master.” Kazick nodded respectfully.


Seeing this, Kaneki turn confused again.

“Ah, how do you say it, because it can be said that I created him, so he called me, master.” Avishek explained with a smile, the specific did not say so.

However, Kaneki just nodded and did not ask.

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