One Piece Enhancement ch 21

Chapter 21: Black Goat Eggs

Tom turn silent. Looking for the partners of life?

It seems that for a long time no one has called his ship as his partner, all of them used it as a tool.

No, Roger, a few years ago, regards his ship as his partner just like this boy in front of him.

He silent for a moment.

Tom looked at Avishek and said. “You can come again tomorrow. I will give you a reply tomorrow.”

“Well, I will come again tomorrow then.” Avishek suddenly nodded with smile and did not hesitate, he immediately turned around to go.

He knows that Tom wants to think about it again. If so, how about waiting for another day?

As for forced persecution, this is impossible. After all, he wants to let him really help him build a good ship. Forced persecution is of no use.

He turn around, Avishek opened the door and left the room with the gap that the naval soldiers did not pay attention to.

As Avishek leaves.

Tom’s two disciples suddenly got anxious.

Iceberg looked at Tom and asked quickly. “Teacher, do you really want to help him? Now, every day, Navy is staring at us.”

“Yes, if you are discovered by the Navy, you will probably be sentenced to death immediate as a punishment.”

“You two, don’t have to worry, I have my own considerations.” Tom shook his head and smiled. “And, even if I promised him, who said that I must build a ship?”

“If you don’t build, Where is the ship come from?” Franky asked strangely.

Iceberg eyes suddenly turn bright. “Is it…”


Water 7 Capital.

In the city, Avishek left the South Beach and returned to the hotel room, and then came to a pub just next to the hotel.

The pub is bustling and the atmosphere is very lively.

Most of the people are residents here.

But there are also navies, only one or two.

Avishek went straight into the pub, sat down in a corner, and took a beer and drank it.

There is no activity in the world to pass the time. The only thing that comes to mind is drinking and sleeping in the pub.

“Yahhh, I want to come back at night to drink here again.”

“Hey, do you dare to go out at night? Are you not afraid of being caught by the devil?”

“That is, if you got, even your bones will not be left.”


In his ear, the conversation of several residents passed over and Avishek could not help but got currious. This is the second time he heard about devil. Let him be a little curious about this cannibal devil.

It’s a little scary to eat people like this.

But if it is not human, then eating people can be understandable, but if it is human, then eating people, it is a little scary. It can only be a human being who loses humanity.

“Can I sit here?”

An indifferent voice suddenly came from the front and interrupted Avishek thought.

He look up, and found that it was a man in a black robe. The whole body was covered under the black robe, making people automatically ignore. Plus this position is in the corner, it is even more unclear.

“No problem.”

Avishek shrugged and said.

He slightly glanced at the boy in front of him, and then he was surprised and ask. “Brother, why are you… drinking coffee in the pub?”


The black robes guy in front of him is holding a cup of steaming coffee.

Drinking coffee in the pub?

This hobby is a bit strange.

“Personal hobbies, I just want to drink coffee.”

The black robe guy slowly replied, sitting in front of Avishek, holding a book in his hand and watching it quietly.

Hearing the words, Avishek shook his head and did not ask more.

He is too lazy to manage other people’s affairs.

On this table, only two people are sitting, so Avishek while drinking, will also look at the black robes guy from time to time.

Soon, Avishek figure out what the black robe guy was reading.

A novel called “The Black Goat’s Egg”, the author seems to be a high name.

“A good book.”

Avishek muttered, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and he always felt that the novel seemed to have been seen.

“Where is it?”

Avishek muttered, rolling the memory in his mind. Since he felt familiar, it means that he must have seen the book or heard it. Just don’t know why, but he can’t think of it.


Avishek shook his head. “Why can’t I think of it?”

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