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One Piece Enhancement ch 2

Chapter 2: Kazick.

However, there is still a doubt in Avishek’s mind about enhancement.

Avishek is to ask the system. “System, if I strengthen this, will it attack me?”

System: “No, as long as the host-enhanced life object that has not yet produced wisdom, then it will not attack the host, but will recognize the host as Boss and swear allegiance.”

“So I will be relieved.”

When Avishek heard the answer from the system, Avishek was relieved. According to the system’s answer, as long as the reinforcement object is not yet wise, relying on the life of the instinct, it will not attack him. Instead, he will recognize him as the Boss.

“System, strengthen this one time.” Avishek ordered.


A ray of light emerged from Avishek’s body, and instantly rushed into the purple cockroach’s body. After a while, it fell from the trunk and lay still on the ground.

“This should be because of the reason for the reinforcement?” Looking at the ground as if it was dead, Avishek asked the system.

He has been observing this cockroach for a while.

What can be seen is that as time passes by, the body shape of this cockroach is slowly expanding and becoming larger.

Finally, when it became the size of a dog, it stopped.

Two sickles, shining coldly.

The purple color on the body becomes deeper, showing a purple-black color that looks horrible and mysterious.


Cockroach open his eyes.

The icy look flashed.

After opening his eyes, he first look at Avishek, it does not attack, but is quietly standing there, seems to be waiting for Avishek to issue orders.

“Not bad.”

Avishek nodded. He was very satisfied with the shape of this cockroach. After all, this cockroach is now equivalent to his own partner. Although it looks terrible, it is also very dangerous.

“Very good, from now on, you are called Kazick! Hahaha.” Avishek smiled.

“Urrrr, Kazick, I like this name.” A voice is heard by Avishek.

Avishek got surprised.

Then it was the reaction, this is the voice of Kazick.

Avishek: “System, can Kazick be strengthened again?”

System: “Yes, the animal’s adaptability is strong and can be strengthened until the limit.”

Avishek: “Ok, then continue to strengthen it.”

System: “Yes!”

As before, a ray of light rushed out of the body of Avishek and entered the body of Kazick.

But then.

In Avishek of the mind, the sound of the system sounded directly.

‘Detected the hidden gene in Kazick’

‘Enhanced Excitation Gene’

‘Successful Enhanced’

‘Kazick Awakening Void Ability’

‘Kazick Awakening Phagocytic Ability’

‘Enhanced Complete’

The notification of the system sounded again and again.

Let Avishek be stunned for a long time.

He saw that Kazick’s body shape has become bigger. It is similar to a big tiger. The body is darker in color. The two sickles on the forelegs are far apart and can feel the coldness above.

The most important thing is Kazick’s body surface, but also a layer of purple light.


“System, what is the ability of Kazick to wake up?” Avishek doubtfully asked.

‘Kazick awakened two abilities.’

‘Void: He can enter the void world, lurking in it, making people undetectable.’

‘Devouring: He can eat other animals and evolve to become stronger by consuming other creatures.’

“What? Isn’t this exactly the same as the one in the League of Legends?” Avishek was surprised.

The League of Legends is a game in which a hero is a scorpion, able to enter the void, and can evolve through upgrades, almost as much as Kazick in front of him.

“Oh, but it’s very good.” Avishek smiles.

The more powerful Kazick, the more satisfied he is, because that is his partner, absolutely heartfelt, and part of his strength.

“System, check the strength of Kazick.” Avishek ordered.


After half an hour.

System said: “The current strength of Kazick is equivalent to the Rear Admiral of the Navy! ‘

“It is actually the level of the Commodore.” Avishek is very excited.

Looking at Kazick, Avishek ordered. “In the future, you follow me.”

“Yes, master.” Kazick’s voice rang slowly.

After two intensifications, Kazick’s IQ has been greatly improved, but there is no hint of betrayal in his heart.

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