One Piece Enhancement ch 19

Chapter 19: Ignorance is also a crime

Pirate Captain’s black body falls directly on the ground.

Air is filled with bloody smell, the deck has been stained with blood, only Avishek stood alone on the deck, Kazick has also entered into the void.

At this time, the ordinary people trembling and coming over.

“Thank you for your great help.”

“Thank you, adult, thank you.”

“I am grateful.”

These people really went from heaven to hell. They thought, they would by robbed by the pirates, but did not expect Avishek to suddenly appear and saved them easily.

Looking at the people in front of him, Avishek slowly shake his head: “I am not saving you. I am just bored, so wants to kill someone.”

Avishek is turn around and going back to his room.

As for the bodies on the deck, let the people on board handle it.


But at this time, a voice suddenly sounded.

He saw a young man in luxury dress suddenly ran out of the crowd and stopped Avishek.

“Well? What?” See this, Avishek asked directly.


This young man looked at Avishek with a burning look and turn excited. “I see your strength is very good, it is better to be my bodyguard and protect me. I can give you a reward of 100 million Bailey a year, how is it?”

He come from the aristocratic family and can see the power of Avishek. At that time, he has an idea of ??recruiting him immediately.

He believes that under his own money, he can definitely succeed.

“Are you mentally retarded?”

The words of Avishek is just a faint reply, his eyes look at him like an idiot. Generally, even a fool can see it? Since he can kill a Pirate Captain, it means that he can get money as much as he want just by killing a few pirates with reward, why bother to work with someone else?

When he heard Avishek, boy suddenly swelled and his face turned red. He didn’t expect Avishek to insult him.

Immediately, there was some anger on his face.

“Hey, I see your strength and give you a job is already giving you a god grace, do not throw the friendship toast and do drink wine of enemies, my father is a noble, you should understand what the nobles represent?”

In this world, the nobility is also very powerful.

But compared to the World Nobles, they are just the same as slag, so many people ignore them.

But don’t underestimate the nobility.

Any nobleman has a lot of money.

The Navy is also very enthusiastic to help them because they have money.

Moreover, some of members in the Navy are from some nobles, but only at low level officers because Sengoku will not let those people enter the core positions.

When some people heard that this young man is a nobleman, and some people suddenly shrank their heads.

Most aristocrats and Dragons are similar, evil who have no fear of Navy, so many ordinary people are a little scared of them.

However, Avishek suddenly sneered.

Turning around, Avishek stared straight at the young man and slowly said. “Are you threatening me?”

“What about threatening you? I am giving you face, you should think about it.”

Hearing Avishek question, young man thought that this powerful person got scared. After all, he is not one of these Pirates. How can he not be afraid of the nobility? When the young man think so, his courage to look at Avishek increased.


Avishek smiled.

There was a smile on his face, but it was a cold smile.

It is extremely cold.

Looking at the youth, Avishek shook his head and slowly said. “Do you know?”

“Uhhhhhhh?” The youth got confused.


When young man just think, blood suddenly flying out.

The young man suddenly found out that he could see his neck, and his head was gone! !

In the next moment, the youth directly lost consciousness forever.

Behind the youth headless body, Kazick’s figure slowly emerged, and the blood on his sickle was slowly dripping.

For such people, there is no sympathy in ??Avishek. He just shook his head and disdainfully said: “Sometimes, ignorance is a sin.”

“I was going to save you, and I never thought of saving you, but do not take my silence as my weakness.”

Avishek slowly said, it seems to be said to the dead youth, and also inform all the people on the ship.

Avishek did not think much more and went straight back to his room.

But on the deck.

The people on the passenger ships were once again got scared. Before Avishek said that he did not save them but he still killed Pirate Captain. They still don’t believe it.

But now it seems that it is true.

This person has no pity for them, and when he got bored again he will not hesitate to kill them as well.

“Oh… I, I remembered!!”

At this time, an old man suddenly trembled and panicked. “I remembered, that person, he, he is also a pirate, I just saw his reward order.”

“He, he is a Pirate with the reward of 80 million, Avishek!!”

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