One Piece Enhancement ch 18

Chapter 18 Killing Wolf Dogs

“Bastard, don’t underestimate me. I am Wolf Dog!!”

He was irritated by the tone of Avishek.

He is wolf dog pirate Captain, a pirate with 60 million bounty, how can you be afraid of the boy?


He roared and his body appearance changed rapidly, his body swelled, the clothes were broken, and in blink of an eye, he directly became the shape of a werewolf, but this werewolf was a bit like a dog.

“Kid, You are going to die today.”

Dean roared, rush to Avishek.

The devil fruit of the Zoan system has greatly increased in all aspects of the body. Dean’s rushing speed is extremely fast. Almost in one breath, he come in front of Avishek, the right hand is claw-shaped, with the air whistling, he directly attack towards the face of Avishek.

If ordinary people was attacked by this shot, it is estimated that his head will directly split in multiple pieces.

But Avishek didnot panic.

There is no need to panic.

‘Thunder shield!’

Avishek directly swiped his right hand.

Before Dean’s attack came to himself, the electric light emerged, and the purple thunder was immediately presented in front of Avishek, turning into a lightning shield.


Everything happened too suddenly, Dean did not expect a shield to appear in front of him.

When the shield appeared, the distance between his hand and the shield was only one centimeter.

This distance is too late for him to recover his hand.

He can only watch his hand to hit the shield.

The strong current burst into him in the moment when Dean’s hand slammed into it, and the purple electric dance.


Dean’s screams rang directly.

His hand felt a tearful pain in a flash, and his face suddenly became pale.

He hurry to get back and retreat, then escape from this ghost place.

But how could Avishek let him go?

“If you want to go now, it’s already late.”

Avishek sneered, slamming out his hand and grabbing Dean’s blackened hand that had been thundered.

“Asshole, let go of me.” Seeing this, Dean suddenly snarled wildly.

He lift his left hand directly into a claw shape and attack Avishek with great destructive power.

Avishek directly attack with ‘Great discharge’ attack decisively.

The strong current burst out from the body of Avishek in a moment.

The current flows directly along Dean’s right hand, toward Dean’s body, invading his entire body. And his body gradually paralyzed under the aggression of electricity, but also with severe pain.

“Ahhhhh!! Bastard!!”

Dean screamed in pain, his face pale, and his body kept twitching.

The left hand is still in claw-shaped, and it seems that he want to continue to attack Avishek.

But once again Avishek attack.


Thunder and lightning suddenly raged again.

Purple lightning dances.

“Oh… so terrible.”

“He, who is he?”

“He saved us? Is he a Pirate as well?”

The civilians on the passenger ship were already stunned, all gathered together and shrunk in the corner to watch the scene.

They are very curious about the identity of Avishek.

But Avishek at this time does not know this.

Lightning flashes, with horrible destructive power, spread directly through every corner of Dean’s body. Whether it is bones or meridians, even blood has become a way to spread lightning.

Dean’s hand is slowly reaching out to Avishek’s head, which is very slow. Perhaps because his body was ravaged by lightning, he is now out of breath, so the speed of the hand attack slowed down very much.

Before his hand reached Avishek’s forehead, only one centimeter was left.

It suddenly stopped.


Dean’s body surface, purple lightning blooms and covers his entire body.

The lightning that was originally in his body, at this time, directly rushed out of the body.

“Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!!”

With Dean’s screams, he died.

Even the left hand that he wanted to attack Avishek stopped in front of Avishek’s forehead and did not touch Avishek until he died.

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