One Piece Enhancement ch 17

Chapter 17: Who gives you confidence?

The biggest worry for passenger ships sailing on the sea is that they encounter a pirate ship.

After all, One of the reason why most pirates became pirates because of looting. There are a lot of people on the passenger ship, and you can get quite a lot after grabbing a passenger ship. Therefore, many pirates are directly robe after seeing the merchant ship.

This is the case now.

Avishek walk from the room to the deck.

Next to the passenger ship, a pirate ship is parked, and the pirates are waving the ropes and coming to the deck of the passenger ship.

“Ha ha ha, today is another day of good harvest.”

“Everyone, give the money to your grandfather.”

“Hey, Also catch a few beautiful girls who we can play with it.”

Pirates laughed wildly.

The people on the passenger ship suddenly shivered.

Although there were some hired mercenaries on board, they were vulnerable to these pirates, and they were all slaughtered in less than a few minutes.

“It’s over, it’s a pirate group.”

“And it’s a Pirate with bounty reward of 60 million Bailey, Dean.”

“We can’t be saved. I hope he can take money and let us go.”

People on the passenger ship saw it. After the mercenaries were killed, they became even more fearful. They gathered together one by one.

Pirate, Wolf Dog Dean.

He has the ability of Zoan wolf dog.

“The devil fruit ability.”

Avishek knows the pirate’s information from the ordinary people around him, and this devil’s fruit ability user is also the first ability user that Avishek has encountered so far.


Avishek slowly came to the deck. Then he saw that a dozen pirates waved the weapons on the deck to force the people to surrender their money, while others went to the cabin to move the passenger ship goods.

And the Wolf Dog Dean.

Avishek also saw it all at once.

He was a slender man, dressed in a cloak, standing there and just instructing everyone, the weapon was a pair of iron claws on his hands.

It can be seen from the bloodthirsty look flashed in his eyes that this person is not a good person.

At least he likes killing.

When Avishek noticed Dean, Dean seemed to be aware of the same, immediately turned to look at Avishek side.

“Annoying eyes.” Dean muttered, he pointed to Avishek and coldly said: “Kid, come over, clean my shoes.”

No reason, just because Avishek looks good, he wants to humiliate him.

Hearing the words, Avishek pointed at himself and watched Dean like he is looking at a joker. “Are you calling me?”


Dean whispered.

Avishek shook his head, and immediately his eyes turn cold. “I think you may be looking for the wrong person.”

His right hand lifted up and the index finger extended.

A purple current shot directly and slammed onto Dean.


Looking at the current, Dean suddenly stunned and had no time to escape, but only raised his right hand in front of him.

The current hit his wrist directly.

“Ahhhhhh!!” The screams sounded.

On Dean’s wrist, a black hole with blood flowing directly appears.

Visible the power of the purple current is increased as well, a random blow is to create a blood hole in Dean’s hand, the power can be seen in general.

“Damn, the devil fruit ability user.”

Dean hurried to take back a few steps, looking at Avishek with gaze, the rest of the pirates also stopped the matter in their hands, suddenly walks toward Avishek.

“I didn’t expect to encounter a demon fruit ability user here, and … is still a logia system.”

Dean slowly said. Do not blame him for thinking this way, the ability of current, no matter who sees it will be considered logia.

However, Avishek slowly shakes his head and laugh. “I am not a logia fruit user person.”

“Is it?”

Dean’s heart quietly sighed, not the logia department, then it would be better to deal with. He also stay on the Grand Line for a long period of time. Naturally, he clearly know the ability of logia devil fruit. If he does not have Haki, he will basically not win.

“Since it is not logia, then you will die.”

Dean yelled directly. “Everyone, kill this kid.”

If it is a logia devil fruit ability, Dean may leave. But since it is not logia.

The enemy who injured his hand, he must report back.

“Kill this kid.”

“Slaughter him.”

Pirates yelled, and excitedly rushed toward Avishek.

Seeing this, Avishek mouth evokes a disdainful smile, and there is no interest in even attack.

When they have not yet reached Avishek, they have all died.

They saw a purple figure appear abruptly and flicker between pirates easily.


Every time it appears, one pirate head will fly.

However, in just three minutes, all those Pirates died.

The deck was stained with blood.

“I am very curious, who can give you confidence to win against me?” Avishek looked at Dean, who was already scared.

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