One Piece Enhancement ch 16

Chapter 16 Reward Order

At the beginning of the reinforcement, Kazick was sleeping.

Avishek also waited silently.

They both quietly feel the changes in the body.

After 10 minutes.

‘Enhancement finished’

System prompts to sound.


Hearing the sound, Avishek spits out a breath, slowly opened his eyes, looked at himself, and order system in his heart: “System, scan my strength after strengthening.”


‘Physical strength is comparable to common Vice Admiral of the Navy.’

The strengthening of the body is specifically to strengthen all aspects of the body’s attributes, similar to the speed and speed of reaction, etc., comparable to the Vice Admiral’s refers to the physical strength and the rank of the Navy’s headquarters, not to say that it really wins.

Of course, it’s just saying that, but Avishek is really not afraid of the Navy’s headquarters now.

After all, he still has the fruit of electricity.

What he is missing is, just Observation Haki and Armament Haki.

He makes a fist with both hands.

‘Tak Tak Tak Tak’

The bones of the body suddenly rang.

Avishek smile, he is still very satisfied with the reinforcement.

Avishek turned and looked at Kazick.

At this time, Kazick was standing respectfully next to Avishek, and it had already been strengthened.

“System, Kazick’s current strength, should also be equal to Vice Admiral?” Avishek asked.


‘Kazick’s enhancements not only increased the attributes of all aspects, but also added an ability, an ability to resemble passive skills in the game.’ System said.

“Oh? Say it out.” Avishek suddenly asked because he did not expect Kazick actually got a new ability.

‘Fatal Assault: Attacks when the enemy does not find it, the power will double.’

“He is a natural assassin.” Seeing Kazak’s with a new ability, Avishek was satisfied.

This ability is simply created for Kazick.

Once Kazick enter into the void, who can find him? When he makes a surprise attack, and then cooperate with this ability, he can even seriously injure an Admiral.

“The strength has increased greatly. The two middle-level powerhouses must have been able to sail in the first half of this Grand Line. It is also time to leave this place.”

This place in Alabaster is not much good, and there is nothing worthwhile to wait for. In addition to shipbuilding, but after thinking about it, shipbuilding is still good in Water 7. After all, in this sea, the ship is also a partner and cannot be easily changed.

The boat is the companion of the pirates who sailed in the sea with you, for a lifetime.

“And I killed Momonga. It is estimated that it will not take a long time for the reward order to come out. There may be a stronger navy in the vicinity planning to arrest me.”

Avishek thought, immediately decided to leave Alabasta and go to Water 7.

The next morning.

Avishek left with Kazick and came to the port and boarded a passenger ship that was just heading for the Water 7.

From Alabasta to Water 7, the minimum time is one week.

Four days later.

On this sea area.

A passenger ship sailed.

In the room, Avishek is sitting on the chuang, Kazick may be hiding in a corner of the room.

And this time.

Avishek is holding a reward order.

His reward order.


A wicked person.

Bounty: 80 million Bailey.

Crime: Destroy the Alabasta Naval Division and kill a Commodore of the Navy.

The reward order is only his, and there is no Kazick because Kazick has not been discovered by navy.

After all, Kazick is mostly staying in the void.

“Reward, I did not expect that the first time there was a reward of 80 million, a bit nice as well.” Avishek muttered, saw the reward order, and then pasted it in the room.

For Avishek to be a pirate.

At least, this is also a good start.

At present, the reward of 80 million is considered a small pirate in the first half of the Grand Line.


At this time, a voice suddenly sounded.

As if it were a shelling sound, the ship suddenly swayed.


Feel the vibration of the ship, and Avishek eyebrow suddenly wrinkled.

This situation will happen to the passenger ships. Should it be a pirate?!

“Hey, it didn’t work for a few days, maybe let’s play.”

Avishek smiled, and suddenly went out of the room…

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