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One Piece Enhancement ch 15

Chapter 15: Enhance again

Naval Division turn into ruins now, under the great destructive power of ‘Thunder Kirin’. No one in the entire naval division was able to survive. Both the Momonga and the Navy soldiers were buried with the Naval Division.

I have to say that the power of ‘Thunder Kowloon Howling’ is quite scary.

But compared, the consumption is terrible.

At least for Avishek.

After using it once, the face of Avishek becomes very pale.

Holding the box with the devil’s fruit, Avishek said: “Let’s go.”

“Yes, master.”

Kazick nodded respectfully and broke into the void.

Avishek soon left this place.

And half an hour Avishek left.

A naval army came here, led by a man in a blue-colored suit, with a tall body and an explosive head.

When he saw the ruins of the naval branch in front of him, man’s eyes flashed.

But it quickly disappeared and no one noticed.

“Oh… We are late, Commodore Momonga maybe dead.” The man murmured, he is the newly promoted navy Admiral, Kuzan.

Because he was just around the corner, and he was called by Sengoku. just in case something bad happen.

Now looks like it is still late.

Quickly, A naval soldier came directly to the front of Kuzan: “Admiral, we have been detected that all the navy soldiers here have been annihilated, including Commodore Momonga.”

“It really troublesome.”

It is said that there is a sorrow in the eyes of Kuzan. After all, he know Momonga personally. But in the sea, death is inevitable, there is no anger in his heart, and some just want to avenge for Momonga. After all, in any case, Momonga is a navy, he died in a battle with the pirates. This is a glorious death.

He take out the phone bug, and called.

Soon the phone worm dialed.

“Hello, I am Marshal Sengoku.”

“Mr. Sengoku, I am Kuzan, now in the naval branch of Alabasta.”

“How is the situation?” Sengoku asked.

“The division was destroyed, the navy was completely annihilated, and no one was still alive, including Momonga.” Kuzan calmly said.


When he heard the words of Kuzan, Sengoku suddenly became shocked, and immediately have a heartache.

With Roger opening up the Pirate era, the number of pirates on the sea has increased dramatically. At this time, every Navy Admiral is a rare talent. Unexpectedly, at this time, a Commodore of the Navy actually sacrificed.

After all, this is not the divisional Commodore, but the headquarters.

After a moment of silence.

“I know, you try to get the opportunity to act.” Sengoku said a sentance, and then hung up.

Immediately after Sengoku took out a photo and looked at it.

The photo was taken from the Naval Division in Alabasta.

It is the photo of Avishek.

Looking at the picture of Avishek, Sengoku could not help but get upset: “A person who is silent and unnamed has the strength to defeat a Commodore of the headquaters. It is a big deal. The sea is getting more and more chaotic.”

“Come, take this photo and issued a reward order, the reward is: 80 million Bailey, the name is: Avishek!!”


A navy soldier answered.

For these, Avishek is still unknown.

After leaving the naval branch base, Avishek and Kazick quietly returned to the hotel and rested in the room.

At the same time, Avishek also took out the devil fruit.

This devil fruit, like all demonic fruits, has a mysterious spiral pattern on its surface.

“System, can this devil fruit transforms?” Avishek asks.


System answered.

Then, the devil fruit in front of Avishek directly turn into a ray of light and disappeared.

‘Transformation results, the host gains opportunities for reinforcement: twice!’


Hearing the sound of the system, Avishek suddenly stopped and asked strangely: “System, is the number of enhancements obtained after the transformation of a devil fruit more than once?!”

‘Yes host.’

System explained: ‘There is a different amout of energy in the devil’s fruit, so the number of enhancements obtained is not fixed.’


Avishek nodded and did not go into too much entanglement and ordered: “System, two opportunities to strengthen, strengthen my body once, and then strengthen Kazick once.”


With the sound of the system comes.

A stream of light entered Kazick’s body.

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