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One Piece Enhancement ch 14

Chapter 14: Thunder Kirin


After the sound of Avishek sounded. He look at the back, the navy soldier who is holding the box with the devil fruit was dead.


A purple figure appeared, and a cold light flashed. The navy soldier only had time to make a scream, and then his head was directly separated from the neck, and fell to the ground and rolled to the foot of the Momonga.

This is Kazick.

He killed the Navy soldier and immediately took the box and enter into the void.

When it appears again, it appears next to Avishek.


Seeing this, Momonga suddenly got shocked, and he did not expect that this person actually had a helping hand.

“Bastard.” Momonga roared and immediately rushed straight toward Avishek.


Momonga snorted and immediately appeared in front of Avishek, holding the sword in both hands and squinting directly at Avishek’s head.

“I said you can’t stop me.” Avishek said without a slight panic, the right hand waved, and the purple current quickly condensed into a purple thunder sword.


Avishek directly waved the thunder sword to block the Momonga attack.

“Hey, I will kill you today, and then take back the devil’s fruit.” Momonga snorted and attacked again.




A sword and another sword, the attack of Momonga is like a storm.

The strength of the navy headquarters has always been stronger than the division. The Commodore and the Divisional Commodore are not at all the same level. Even Momonga strength is not weak. The fierceness and speed of such attacks, even a general Pirate with reward of 100 million will soon be unable to hold on.

But Avishek has nothing to hold on.

There is no expression on his face.

But it can be seen that Avishek very easily handling these attacks.

“Master, do you need me to help?”

Kazick stood by and watched the battle between the two men, and said directly, as long as Avishek ordered, it will directly shoot, at any time to find the right time to bring the most deadly strike to Momonga.


Avishek yelled back as it fought with Momonga.

He also wants to fight well and adapt to the feeling of fighting with this level of power.

As time passes by one minute.

Avishek jumped back a few steps in a row and pulled the distance apart.

Immediately with a wave of his right hand, thunder sword disappeared.

“How? Want to surrender?” Momonga saw this and with cold voice, taunt.

“You think more.” Avishek shook his head in disdain: “I just don’t want to continue to waste time. So, it’s time to take your life, let’s try that trick.”

“That trick?”

Hearing, the unpredictable hunch of Momonga’s heart emerged. His muscles tightens and alertness goes to peak.

“Are you ready?” Avishek mouth slammed and looked at Momonga.


There is no hesitation.

Avishek raised his right hand and pointed at the sky, screaming. “Thunder Kirin roar!”

This is a skill that appears after the system strengthens the current. Listening to the name, he knows that it is related to lightning, but Avishek does not know how the specific power of this skill is. How much it consumes, he just wants to try it this time.

When the sound of Avishek has just fallen.

The sound of ‘Zizizizizi’ current is sounded.

Then, the scene of terror appeared directly.

The purple thunder like crazy rushing into the sky, as if a beam of light is pointing at the sky.

In a short time.

The sky is directly covered with purple thunder cloud.


Seeing this scene, Momonga’s face turned pale. He already has a feeling about his death.


Without any hesitation, Momonga yelled directly at the other navy soldiers, and he turned and prepared to escape.


“It’s late.”

Avishek sneered.

A wave of the right hand.

The majestic purple thunder in the sky comes out.

A scream of ‘Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ came.

That is the roar of the dragon.

Nine large-scale purple thunder and lightning dragons rushed out of the thunder and lightning ocean, roaring directly, and rushed to the group of people who are on the ground.

Directly engulfing everyone in it…

At the far away distance.

The civilians in Alabasta saw this and they were frightened. They quickly turned and ran.

Some people even trembled and squatted on the ground, fanatic. “The miracle, this is a miracle.”

If Avishek sees this scene, he will definitely laugh. “God is fooling you.”

In short.

This scene is too spectacular and wide-ranging, and many people in Alabasta have noticed it.

Even in the capital of Alabasta, you can see the scene of the roaring Kirin.

That is a very shocking scene.

Nine purple dragons swaying their huge bodies, appearing from the thunderclouds, rushing to the ground…

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