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One Piece Enhancement ch 13

Chapter 13: You can’t stop!!

Canberra City Naval Division.

“What’s the matter?”

Commodore Momonga arrived there. He look at the body of Commander which turned dark, and condition is that he could not die any more.

“You, tell me the details.” Momonga pointed to a division soldier.

Originally, he came here from the headquarters to escort a devil fruit to the headquarters. When he was planning to return to the headquarters, the headquarters called him to let him come to the branch, saying that a branch Commander was killed.

Momonga was very angry at this time. When he was here, the branch Commander was actually killed.

This is not just a provocation of the navy, it is a provocation to him as well.

The navy soldier shuddered and hurried out to say. “A young strong man, he, he was able to control lightning. And he killed the Commander with that lightning attack, he said, he said his name is Avishek.”

“Avishek? Can control lightning?”

When he heard this, Momonga suddenly frowned and thought: “Is this the legendary thundering fruit?”

As a Commodore, he naturally saw the devil’s fruit illustration.

As one of the most powerful and destructive fruits of logia type, the thundering fruit detail mostly all navies will remember.

After all, no matter who eats the logia devil fruit, he will become a strong man. Not to mention the top of the logia system fruit.

This is the innate advantage of the logia system.

“Trouble.” The Momonga murmured with a little annoyance.

If it is really the logia thundering fruit, then he really can’t solve this problem. Because his current Haki level is not very good, he has just beginning to learn.

After thinking about it, Momonga couldn’t help but take out the phone bug of the Navy headquarters and planned to inform the Marshal about this matter.

But at this time.

“Hey… sir…. sir, look, it’s him!!”

The navy soldier just suddenly pointed at the door of the Navy branch.

Seeing this, Momonga turned and looked around.

He saw a young man who was slowly coming over and stopped directly in the range of about three meters in front of him.

From the face of the navy soldier, Momonga already knew who this young man was.

“You are Avishek?! who Killed this branch Commander.” Momonga asked coldly.

“Yes.” Avishek nodded.

He didn’t deny because there is no need of it.

“Accordingly, people like you should have escaped now, why are you coming back? Don’t tell me that you are a fool.” Momonga said slowly, tightening himself to prevent the sudden attack from Avishek.

Avishek couldn’t help but smile. He held his shoulders with both hands and shook his head. “It’s natural to have a purpose here. As for my purpose, you should understand it.”

“Is it.” When Avishek said this, Momonga suddenly changed his face. “You want to take away the devil’s fruit?”

Behind him, a soldier is holding a box in his hand. The box was seen before in the pub.

Momonga did not wait for Avishek to answer, and he shouted directly at the soldier. “Run fast.”

From the moment this person killed the naval branch Commander and still dared to come back, he can see that this person has absolute confidence in his own strength. In any case, he must not let anyone take the devil fruit away.

Otherwise, if someone finds an opportunity in front of him then that will be troublesome.

However, Avishek slowly smiled. “Now you react? but its already late.”

Then down.

Avishek directly rushed, and his body violently burst out and quickly rushed in front of Momonga.

Then, with a wave of his right hand, he slammed onto the head of Momonga.

“Damn.” In the face of the sudden attack of Avishek, Momonga’s subconsciously clenched his right hand fist and greeted him.

But then.


The scream of the Momonga sounded directly.

He quickly retreated, took back his fist, and hurriedly distanced himself from Avishek.

Looking down, Momonga has seen his right hand fist turned black, and even there is lot of damagem like burns.

Then he look at the right hand of Avishek.

There was a purple thunder flashing there, giving a sound of ‘Zizi’.

If he didn’t evacuate immediately, Momonga would feel that his fist would be directly cooked.

“The terrible destructive power, just in a short moment, actually hurt my fist.”

Momonga looked at Avishek with vigilance.

“No matter what, I will never let you take away the devil’s fruit.” Momonga immediately pulled out the sword from his waist.

“Is it? Unfortunately, you can’t stop it.” Avishek sneered.

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