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One Piece Enhancement ch 12

Chapter 12: Strengthening Current

This is the reason why Avishek does not want to join the navy. Although there is no denying that there are good people in the navy as well but there are also a lot of corrupt as well. It is also undeniable that those corrupt guys are very disgusting.

So Avishek is not interested to be in the navy.

Instead of entering in the Navy, and facing these garbage every day, a free pirate is much better.

To be a pirate, the only thing that is worried is the question about your strength.

When you the strength to solve everything, you are free to go anywhere.


‘Host, you can go for an enhancement again.’

‘In addition, the system can now provide an auxiliary function, template function, as the name suggests, can display the capabilities of a host you can enhance in the form of a template.’

In a hotel, the sound of the system came in Avishek ear.



System sound comes again.

Then a blue template screen appears in front of Avishek.

Host: Avishek.

Can be strengthened: Body [to strengthen +1], Current [to strengthen +1]

Template shows the name and the ability to strengthen.

“Now I can make a second enhancement, but what should I strengthen? Strengthen the body like the first time? Or strengthen the current ability?”

Avishek murmured, his brow wrinkled.

‘Host, the system suggests that you should currently strengthen the current, after the current is strengthened, your strength should be greatly increased. At that time, you may try to take the devil fruit in the hand of the Navy, we saw before.’

System suggests.

‘By your and the strength of Kazick, the chances of winning the fruit are 80%.’

“Ok, this is the case.”

Avishek nodded.

Momonga just has the strength of the Commodore.

As far as Kazick’s strength is concerned, he is just like him. When you add yourself, it’s not a problem to beat the Momonga.

The only thing to worry about is to consider whether the Momonga has left Alabasta or not.

Think for a moment.

Avishek immediate decided and ordered: “System, enhance current capability.”


The sound of the system came.

An energy flows directly into his body.

Occupy his whole body.

Give him the same wonderful feeling as before.

This feeling comes quickly and goes fast, probably because he is the host, the reinforcement is particularly fast, and the time of strengthening is just a few minutes.

And at this moment.


The moment when the system sound comes.


Purple color current starts to leak out from the body of Avishek in large number quantity, issued a ‘buzzing’ sound, it seemed as if it can destroy everything in front of him.

‘Enhanced successful.’

‘The current evolved into: Purple level [destructive power is stronger than blue lightning]’

‘Add skills: Thunder Kirin’

Eyes of Avishek also has a touch of purple thunder color.

“After strengthening, it really feels different.”

Avishek muttered and raised his right hand to spread the palm of his hand, Avishek directly sighed. “Electricity.”


Purple thunder suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand and suddenly became a kirin, and later have a dragon roar.

“Sure enough, the destructive power has increased a lot.”

As the owner of this thunder, Avishek is directly able to feel the power of this thunder. Compared to the previous blue lightning, this lightning has at least twice the destructive power of blue lightning.

It’s terrible.

“System, what is this skill?” Avishek asked because he didn’t think that by strengthening he can get a new skill!!!

‘Host, this is a normal thing, don’t be surprised, any ability to strengthen has a chance to get skills, everything is just based on luck.’

“It turns out to be like this.” Avishek nodded.

At the same time.

The air in the room was awkward.

Kazick’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Avishek.

“Master.” Kazick looked at Avishek and shouted respectfully.

“Well, How things are going on?” Looking at Kazick, Avishek asked, referring to the devil’s fruit.

“There was no chance to take the shot. The Navy returned to the naval base here, it seems because of some things happened there.” Kazick said.

“Oh?” Avishek suddenly turns stunned.

Return to the naval base here?

Is it because of the reason that Commander was killed by him? So the Momonga returned?

Avishek does not know the situation and does not want to know.

“At least, Momonga has not left yet. For me, this shows that there is a chance to go to the Momonga and get the devil fruit.” Avishek muttered.

The make a fist.

‘Zi Zi Zi’

Purple thunder suddenly emerged …

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