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One Piece Enhancement ch 11

Chapter 11: Remember my name

After going out of the pub, he wrapped the head of the pirate with cloth.

After getting the information from the waiter about the naval branch, Avishek goes straight to that place.

He only need to hand over this head to the Navy Division, and he will get 50 million Baileys by then.

50 million Bailey, this is not a small amount for Avishek.

In a few minutes, Avishek came to the naval branch of this coastal city.

A small naval division with two Navy soldier guards at the door.

As Avishek approached, the two Navy soldiers immediately stopped Avishek and asked. “Stand up, don’t get close anymore, is there anything?”

“Get this.” Avishek directly threw the head in his hand and faintly said: “Give me the money.”


Seeing the package thrown by Avishek, a Navy soldier quickly caught it and didn’t know what it was. However, when he opened the package and saw it, he was shocked and a human head appeared directly in front of him.

“Ah, this… this, this is 50 million pirate… oh… the head of Vegeta.” Another Navy soldier looked at the head of the man and recognized it at once, suddenly shocked and watched. The attitude to look at Avishek suddenly changed.

He has already regarded Avishek as a pirate hunter.

He obviously come here to get the reward.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” The Navy soldier nodded and hurried said. “I need to tell the Commander.”

Avishek nodded.

The Navy soldiers quickly turned and left.

After a few minutes, it is back.

However, there is also a very fat navy officer with a greasy face.

“This gentleman, this is our naval Commander Cali.” The navy soldier said.

“I am not interested in what Naval Commander or not, just give me my money to me.” Avishek said, he is too lazy to take a look at the so-called Cali, because this is a guy who knows that other party is a waste.

When he heard Avishek, Commander Cali came over with a smile: “Oh, Little brother, just now he said that the reward of 50 million Vegeta was killed by you. I don’t believe it. But I finally believed after seeing the human head.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so small. Brother, you are so powerful, even 50 million Vegeta was killed by you.”

He start saying a bunch of nonsense.

Avishek was a little impatient, and said directly: “Give me the money.”

Cali’s eyes flashed a gloomy look, and the impatient look of the face was not disguised, obviously not to look at him.

But soon, he recovered, and quickly nodded, took out a bag of Bailey handed to Avishek, smiled. “Little brother, this is the 30 million Bailey you deserve.”


Avishek suddenly stopped. “30 million? I remember the reward of Vegeta is 50 million?!”

“Oh, the remaining 20 million, of course, is our hard work.” Cali smiled, with a pair of ‘You know’ look at Avishek.

“Oh? Hard work?”

Avishek nodded, his face suddenly became indifferent, and his mouth smirked with a disdainful smile.

“I should have known that you a stain of the navy?!” Avishek said.

“Uhhhh?” Cali frowned. “Little brother, what do you mean by this?”

“What do I mean?”

Avishek smiled.

The sneer of the face did not hide, without any hesitation, he suddenly punched on Cali’s face.

“Great discharge!”

Avishek snorted.

A strong current burst out suddenly.

In the eyes of Avishek is the unconcealed coldness.

The current bursts, it all concentrated in the right hand palm of Avishek, and erupts over Cali’s face through the palm of his right hand, and then spreads throughout his body.


Cali screamed, the obese body kept shaking, and his face has a very painful look.

But just a few minutes later.

Cali himself was directly blacked out by electricity.


“You, you actually killed Commander Cali!!”

The two navy soldiers on the side saw this scene, and suddenly they shivered directly.

“What about killing?” Avishek snorted and didn’t care.

Anyway, I will be a pirate sooner or later, but today’s scene has advanced a lot of time before he planned to be rewarded.

Presumably, Avishek will be rewarded after today.

After all, he killed a Commander of the Navy.

However, a garbage dare to think about my money, that is equal to looking for death.

Avishek sneered and walked straight into the naval branch.

It was not until a moment later that the 150 million Baileys were looted from the Navy Division.

Before leaving.

He look at the two Navy soldiers who were scared to talk at the door, Avishek said: “Remember my name, Avishek.”

“When the time comes to reward… How you will put my name.”

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