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One Piece Enhancement ch 10

Chapter 10 Thunder Sword!

“Little boy, this old man will tear you apart first.”

When he heard Avishek, Vegeta suddenly became angry, you think you can take my head?

Vegeta punched straight toward Avishek’s head, and his fist was whistling, and it can be seen that the strength of this punch is great.

But Avishek is still not flustered.

He just raise his right hand and the index finger sticks out.


Words slowly spit out from the mouth of Avishek and the blue current suddenly appeared on the tip of Avishek’s index finger. It suddenly turned into a strong electric light shot and greeted Vegeta’s fist.


Looking at the electric light, Vegeta was shocked. He hurriedly wanted to take back his fist and escape. But his physical actions are unable to keep up with the nerves reaction.

When he just wanted to take back his fist.

Thunder and lightning directly hit his fist.

A severe pain was uploaded directly from the fist.


Vegeta screamed, and the fist was directly blacked by lightning.

To know that Avishek lightning has been compressed, the fist without the Armament Haki cannot resist without getting hurt, after all, not everyone is a master like Garp.

“Devil fruit ability?!”

Vegeta holding his fist, watching Avishek in horror, the pirates entering the Grand Line from the four seas, generally have a similar point, fear of the devil fruit, think that devil fruit users are invincible.

The same is true for Vegeta from the East Blue Sea.

When he see the current in Avishek.

He has only idea about ??running away.

That is the ability to control the lightning, how can I win?

After thinking, Vegeta immediately shouted. “Kids, let’s take a step back, why don’t we consider that like nothing happened before?”

Hearing the words, Avishek suddenly smiled.

“Are you an idiot?” Avishek sneered. “I said it? Your head, I want it.”


Avishek rushed straight in front of Vegeta and punched Vegeta’s head.

Seeing this, Vegeta immediately blocked the attack in front of his hands and roared: “Kid, don’t think I can’t do anything.”

“Really?!” Avishek disdains said.

“Bastards, I will kill you.”

Vegeta roared, directly counterattack, hands clenched, with a fierce look, directly attack towards Avishek’s head.


See this, Avishek direct whisper. “Thunder Sword.”

The sound of ‘Zizizi’ sounded.

The current emerges in the palm of the right hand of Avishek, and in a moment it becomes a long sword formed by lightning.


Avishek slam forward this long sword.

It all happened only in an instant.

At this time, Vegeta was waving his fist and rushing toward Avishek.

Only the one who greeted him was Avishek of the Thunder sword that suddenly appeared in Avishek’s hand.

It is too late to recover the attack.

‘Ahhhhh! ! !’

A scream rang directly.

‘Swishhhh’, Thunder sword just crossed a cold light, and then the blood floated directly in the air, the two palms were directly separated from the body and fell to the ground.

Vegeta is screaming and rolling directly on the ground, and the palms of his hands were cut off.

At the wound, the blood is like a spring.

“I have said it, your head, I want it.”

Avishek looked at Vegeta with a sneer, he once again waving the thunder sword in his hand and slammed.

‘Swishhhh’, Vegeta’s head was directly separated from the neck, and the face also had the look of agony and fear.

This kind of scene.

The rest of the pub was afraid to do anything, and looked at the young man with horror.

Who can think that a young man can easily kill a 50 million pirate?

This young man is so powerful, everyone is afraid to speak, for fear that this young man will kill them too.

However at this time.

The sound of the system in Avishek mind ring.

“Host, your strength became estabilished, you can carry out a second reinforcement.”

“Second reinforcement?”


Listening to the sound of the system, Avishek is a bit surprised, but he did not immediately strengthen it, but directly carrying the head of Vegeta. He look at the bar staff and asked: “Hey, where is the naval branch here?”

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