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One Piece Enhancement ch 1

Chapter 1: Strengthening System

Grand Line.

Little garden island.

The time is early in the morning, the sun just rises and the air is warm.

However, on the shore, a young man is standing on the beach, his brows are slightly wrinkled, his eyes are excited, and there is confusion.

His name is Avishek.

In short, Avishek is a traverser, he is coming from the earth, and surpassing the world while he was drunk. Like all passers-by, Avishek also has a golden finger called the ‘Enhancement system’.

And Avishek is clear about the world his is in. This is the world inside an anime that he liked to watch in the past, the world of One Piece.


Take a deep breath, Avishek looked at the blue sea, and muttered in his heart. “Since I am already here, let’s work hard in this world!”

“System?” Avishek shouted.


“Introduce your function briefly.” Avishek asked.


System: “There is only one function of the system, which is reinforcement (strengthening). It can be used to strengthen anything and make it more powerful on the basis of the original. At present, Host has five free strength opportunity as a first time system using gift. After these strengthening, Host needs to provide special energy to get the strengthening opportunity.”

“Any Item can be strengthen upto ten times.”

“Host body can strengthen without any limit.”

“I got it.”

Avishek understands almost all the functions of the system. He is clear that the system’s ability is to enhance. It is really useful for himself because he came from earth and this is ONE PIECE world where a normal chicken can kill him.

“So system, first give me a reinforcement.” Avishek ordered.

“Yes!” System sounded.

Then, Avishek feel his own own body that suddenly there is a powerful energy that flows through his body.

Energy appear in every corner of his body and changing his muscle ratio.

After three minutes.

The energy disappears.



Avishek at this time couldn’t help but scream. He feels like his body has full of inexhaustible power.

After a short three-minute intensive.

The body of Avishek has become very strong, the slender body, the muscles under the body are not like bodybuilder but still have lots of explosive power.

“This is the feeling after the reinforcement? It really feels very good.” Avishek muttered, he look down at his body, it has already changed greatly, no longer the former thin look.

“System, continue to strengthen.” Avishek shook his fist and said again.

‘Host, according to the system test, your current strength is equivalent to the strength of Captain level on naval headquarters. The system suggests that you should be proficient in your current strength, and then strengthen it after your can fully control it. Otherwise, if stronger will become more, controlling will be really difficult.”

“So… okay.” Avishek thought about it and nodded. System will certainly not harm him, so the system’s advice is definitely beneficial to him, so there is no need to entangle.

However, there are four opportunities for reinforcement and Avishek wants to test it.

After all, the system has said that it can strengthen anything.

He also wants to see what other things can be strengthened.

With this in mind, the source turned to look at the forest behind him, although this is Little garden in Grand Line, but Avishek did not know till now.

The idea of ??exploring the island emerged in his heart, and Avishek immediately acted.

He start going straight ahead in the forest.

The forest is dim, because the trees are so lush, so that the sunlight is hard to come in, so there is such a view.

Avishek is moving slowly.

There is nothing to panic about.

According to the system, since he has the strength of the Captain of the navy headquarters, as long as there is no extremely strong person attack, he does not have to worry about dying. Moreover, Avishek does not believe that he is person with bad luck that he meet a Shichibukai level enemy right away.


Suddenly, Avishek stopped, and his eyes fell on the tree in front, because there is an object he can strengthen.

Avishek’s line of sight is getting better and better.

He can clearly see that there is a cockroach on the trunk.

Of course, if it is just awkward, it is not enough to cause Avishek to be surprised and noticed. What he really surprised is that this Cockroach skin is actually a purple-black one, and the two sickles are all emitting cold light.

And the body shape and size is almost the same as a bird.

Because it is in the dark forest, the light is not bright, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t see this flaw.

“Hey, I feel that this is a bit special. I don’t know what will happen after the reinforcement?”

An idea suddenly emerges in his mind…

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