One Piece Devil ch 9

Chapter 9: Reason

“Let me propose a hypothetical situation, ok? But don’t panic!”

After thinking for a while, Nami nodded.

“You, your sister, and your mother, all are captured as a slave. You are tortured daily, that you all just want to die as soon as possible. Suddenly a guy like me, comes and climb on Mary Joa, and free all the slaves. Either they are human or fishmen. You as a human, depends on me.”

“But as a human, I still want to help the fishmen slaves and went to send little child slaves to their parent home, but instead of being happy, child parents inform Navy about my whereabouts. You all three are with me, I helped you run away in the situation, but I got seriously injured and finally died in front of you.”

“Now Navy is trying to find your whereabouts, so you run to the East Blue Sea, where you find an island, which is filled with fishmen. Because you have to save your family, and also let them have so much fear that they will not inform your whereabouts to the Navy. What will you do, Nami?”

Nami turned silent, and didn’t answer.

Nami finally gathers her courage and said: “But this is the only hypothetical situation!”

Raj shook his head and said: “No, this is the real story. The hero who climbs on the Mary Joa is Fisher Tiger, those parents who betrayed Fisher Tiger are humans. Instead of your family, you can put the family and friends of Arlong.”

“This is also one of the reason, you have seen that there is such a deep hatred in the eyes of fishmen.”

“I am not saying that you just forgive Arlong, but when you try to punish another party, at least try to stand on their position and decide, who is wrong or right?”

“Arlong is totally wrong when he killed your mother, so his punishment will definitely be death in my eyes, but next time you meet any fishmen, don’t compare them with your previous hatred. Maybe they have much more miserable life than yours.”

After saying that Raj just closes his eyes, and starts to think about his body reaction.

Nami didn’t say any single word after that. It took us two days to reach Cocoyashi village.

After reaching on that Island, Nami took me silently, and reached her home.

She knocks the door, and her sister opened it.

Raj just got shocked after seeing the beauty of Nojiko. She looks much more mature and sexy than Nami.

Maybe Raj like Tattoo girl, and little bit tan girl. He really can’t say about the figure of Nojiko.

He just kept on looking at Nojiko like a fool. Nami talked Nojiko for a while, but when Nojiko Pointed towards Raj, who is drooling from his lips. Nami who saw this scene has so much anger that she just can’t describe it.

Nami just directly kicks on Raj’s ball once again, and suddenly “Ahhhhhhhhhh” terrifying painful cry rang on the whole village.

Raj just can’t control his body, and directly fainted on the door.

Nami also got shocked by her own anger. She knows how much strength she used.

In a panic, she comes near Raj and tried to call him. But he really fainted this time.

Nojiko gave an idea to take him inside, and check his condition.


After they drag Raj’s body on the bed, they both tried to call him. They even sprinkle some water on his face, but Raj didn’t wake up.

If his breathing is not normal, anyone will think that this guy is dead.

Nojiko pointed towards his pants, and signal Nami to check the condition of that part.

Nami got flustered.

Raj opened his eyes a little bit and saw the condition.

Raj woke up when Nojiko sprinkles water, but he didn’t open his eyes.

After 2-3 minute discussion, Nami decided to check that body part with the help of Nojiko.

They decided that pant will be removed by Nami, and underwear will be removed by Nojiko. After checking that condition is good or not, they will decide to call the doctor.

After too much work, and trembling hands, Nami removed his pants.

Raj can’t expose his condition, right now? Or else, full enjoyment plan will be destroyed.

But just by thinking, blood from his body starts to move on that part.

Its size starts to increases. Raj tried to control as much as possible.

Nojiko and Nami also feel that something is changing, but with red faces, Nojiko grits her teeth and pulled his underwear.

A black cobra-like thing comes out, in a semi-erect state. But still looks around 6′.

Nami and Nojiko both exclaimed at the same time.

After controlling their breath and heartbeat, Nojiko gave a signal to Nami, to check the condition of his balls.

After arguing for some time, both stand up to check.

Just when they touched the balls, a black cobra stands in its full glory.

Both of them controlled their heartbeat. Their heart is like a rabbit, which can come out from their mouth at any time.

After checking the condition, Nami and Nojiko both are not in a condition to help Raj in wearing his clothes, so they just put some clothes on his body, and went to other room, just to control their condition.

Raj opened his eyes, after smiling a little, he went to sleep.


Both Nojiko and Nami didn’t talk for a while.

After some time, Nami smile towards Nojiko and said in a joking tone. “It is really big.”

Nojiko nodded like a hen.

After that, a burst of laughter rang in their room.


Next Morning,

Raj stood up and wear his clothes.

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