One Piece Devil ch 8

Chapter 8: Raj Letter!

After he decided, Raj went to the same restaurant where they were eating before.

Raj took a pen from the table and wrote something on the paper, and gave that paper to the restaurant owner, and gave her instruction to whom that letter is given.

After giving that letter, Raj looks in the direction of Navy branch where gun shooting voice is coming, and then he moves toward the little ship on the port.

Nami also followed him, and before boarding, she asks: “Are you sure? I can feel that Luffy is your best friend.”

Raj smiled and said: “Because he is my best friend, I don’t want to put him in danger, without knowing the consequence. Let’s move, if they come before our leaving, it will definitely a tragedy.”

Nami and Raj sit on the boat, and the boat starts to move in the direction of Cocoyashi village. I don’t know how Luffy feels that something is going away from him.

He just looks in the direction of the sea, but can’t find anything, because building covers everything.

Luffy shook his head, and throw away those useless thoughts.


After beating Morgan, and solving everything, Luffy and Zoro come to the restaurant. Luffy wants Zoro to meet Raj and Nami, but after coming to the restaurant, with the fragrance of meat, he forgot everything.

After finish eating, Luffy, Zoro, and Kobi start to talk about their future plans.

Zoro asked about the other members, Luffy suddenly remembers about Raj and Nami, he said: “We have two more members, when they come, I will let you meet them.”

Zoro is also curious about his future pirate. Suddenly Hotel manager comes and put the letter on the table and said: “One of your friends left it here.”

Luffy picks the paper, but he just can’t what is written on the paper.

After looking at for 4-5 minutes, he looks towards Zoro and asked: “Zoro, do you know how to read?”

Zoro patted his head and thought: What the hell are you doing with that paper for 4-5 minutes if you can’t even read.

But he didn’t say anything and also shook his head: “I don’t know much about reading.”

Kobi come near and took the paper, and said: “I will read it for you!”

[Luffy, my friend,

Currently, your strength is too low, and you just started your career as a pirate. You want to become One Piece, so it will be much easier if I am not with you. So, goodbye till your strength reaches to at least Shichibukai. When your strength reaches to that level, I will also put your flag on my pirate ship, and fearlessly say that I am a crew member of Straw Hat Luffy.

Your Friend,

After reading until here, Luffy stood up in anger.

He knows that what Raj is saying is true, but he doesn’t want to be a coward captain, who let his crew fend for themselves till he has the strength.

Zoro directly took out the sword and put it on the neck of the lady manager.

“I don’t like to hurt woman, but I only ask once, where are our partners going.”

Restaurant manager started to tremble with the killing intent of Zoro.

Zoro also recognizes his partner. These are the partners, to whom you can blindly believe.

Lady manager really didn’t where they are going.

At the emergency time, Luffy mind works better than anyone.

He shook his head towards Zoro, and said: “We will go to Logue Town and wait for our partner to come. I know Raj is a very ambitious person, he will definitely want to go to Grand Line. And there is only one way to enter Grand Line, which is Louge Town. We will search for some more members, and a new ship, then we will meet with them. We first beat the hell out of that guy, who thinks that we are weak, then we will not give them food to 1 hour. See how they will be tortured by me.”

Zoro face turns dark while thinking, Who the hell get tortured when they didn’t find food for 1 hour. But he finally knows the condition of his Captain. He is completely a fool.


Nami and Raj is sitting on the boat, while Raj started to sneeze.

He looks towards the Shells Town, and thought of Luffy.

Nami said: “If you still want to return, you can. We are not far. Arlong is my problem, I try to handle myself.”

Raj shook his head and said: “We are friends, friends don’t leave other friends in danger.”

Nami really wants to spit on the face of Raj. You left your friend because you will bring them danger, and now you are lecturing about friendship.

But she didn’t say anything.

She found a comfortable place to sit, and after around 4 minutes of silence, Nami can’t contain her curiosity.

“Why the world government and Navy will be your enemy in the future?”

Raj thought for a while and said: “Because my talent is so dangerous for the world, and I also have an arch enemy in the government. It’s almost the same as Arlong for you.”

“What? So much hatred?” Nami really knows what Arlong means for herself.

“It is actually more than that. Currently, Arlong just killed your mother, and accept too heavy taxes from the people that they barely able to eat, right?”

Nami emotions got excited and said: “This is not a small thing, and also let a little kid to collect 100 Million Bailey.”

Raj smiles and said: “He didn’t force you to collect the money. Even if you want to leave your island and run away, he will not do anything to you, right?”

Nami turn silent and still there is anger in her eyes.

“Hey, don’t look at me like this, you don’t know what happened to them in the Grand Line, when they were there? Do you know, he is the mildest pirate I have seen other than Luffy.”

“Till now, he didn’t touch your body, or force himself on you, or any other woman on the island. Do you know what human do to their relative? They rape with them, also take as slaves, they torture them so much that they can’t live for just 15 days. He is the guy who runs away from that type of slavery!”

“Now tell me, are you more miserable or those fishmen? Do you know why they always say that they are the superior race, and human should be their slaves? Because they want to hide their fear!”

“You have been on the sea for more than 8 years, so you already know ferocious the pirates are.”

“Shut up, shut up…. I don’t want to hear this from you.”

Nami got panic when she heard the explanation of Raj.

“Ok, I am going to sleep, you handle the boat properly. When we reach your village, just woke me up.”

Raj didn’t sleep, he just tried to feel the condition of his body. He always feel that something is calling him.

Raj opened his eyes, and look towards Nami.

She is just sitting in the boat, but her mind is almost lost.

Raj know what she is thinking about it, but he can’t help her in this time.


After around 2 hours, Nami with red eyes, stood up and shout towards Raj: “Then why …. why they kill my mother, she didn’t do anything to them? Why they kill her?”

Raj opened his eyes, and saw Nami’s eyes.

“You really want to know.”

Nami face is full of tears, but she still nodded.

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