One Piece Devil ch 7

Chapter 7: Nami reaction!

Nami grinds her teeth and finally turned silent.

After taking some time, Nami can’t stop her curiosity and asked: “Tell me what you see?”

Raj looked at her seriously and stood up from the table.

Luffy looked towards him and ask: “Are you finished so early?”

Raj smiled and nodded. Then he moves towards the counter and asks: “How much is the cost for this table?”

After calculating for a while, she said: “It’s 55,000 Bailey.”

Raj didn’t frown and directly looked towards Nami.

Nami understands that he wants her to pay the bill. She grinds her teeth and pays, without saying anything.

After the bill is paid, Raj moves towards Luffy and said: “You go and meet Zoro. If you like him, just let him directly join us. I have some other work to do, so if you need help, just shout it.”

Luffy just smiles while eating and completely ignore him.

Raj moves towards the gate and also gave a signal to Nami to follow him.

Nami started following him.


After Raj comes near beech, Nami can’t help but say: “Hey, you already taken money from me, and still let me pay the full bill.”

Raj didn’t turn and said: “That is the price of knowing the future, just follow me, without saying anything. We have to find a place where no-one is there.

Nami looked around and found that there are still some people on the beech.

Nami pointed out that they are too far off, they can’t even hear us.

Raj just shook his head, and keep walking.

After walking in an empty area, Raj finds a nearby tree, and he finally sits towards it.

“Are you sure you want to know the future? Because after knowing it, the future will definitely change.”

Nami nodded seriously and sit near Raj.

“You can take this as intuition, when I and Luffy almost sucked in the sea whirlpool, I just fainted.”

“At that time, I had a dream about seeing you from jumping from Alvida Ship, I thought you are also a member of Alvida pirates. At that time, only Luffy was my partner, so I saw the future based on his perspective.”

“Before coming to the merchant ship, I know he will meet a pink haired boy.”

“In my dreams, after that incident, Luffy went to Shells Town and let Zoro became his partner. Then they traveled to Orange Town and meet you there. You come here to steal the Grand Line entry map. After Luffy defeat Buggy, you joined his team.”

Nami face is full of surprises and an unbelievable look.

She knows herself, that she will never join the pirate group.

That only means, he is lying.

But she still wants to listen to his story.

“After stole 10 million worth of tressure from Buggy. But Luffy gave half of your tressure to the town people to repair their damage from Pirates.”

After listening to the word of tressure, Nami eyes directly turn into a dollar sign.

Raj continued: “After that our ship reached, Syrup Island, and there we found our next member, i.e. Usopp. We also fight with some pirates, but I don’t know much detail about that.”

“In the middle, we meet some pirate hunter which almost died of scurvy. After that, we reach the Baratie restaurant and find our new partner, Sanji.”

Nami suddenly started to get irritated by his lies. When she wants to curse, Raj said:

“At that time, you stole our ship, and return to your Conomi Island. You collected you’re desired 100 million.”

Suddenly Nami ears got erected, she finally got interested and hope to the god that his predictions must be right.

“Suddenly, some Navy soldier came, and shoot your sister’s shoulder in front of you. They took all the money you stole.”

“You are crying while sitting there, but suddenly you remember something and run towards Arlong park. At this time, Straw Hat pirates reached the Island.”

“At that time, you are angry and tensed, you cursed everyone and let them leave that island, but they didn’t listen to you.”

“You reached to the Arlong’s Park and asked Arlong why he sends Navy to take her treasure away?”

Nami face turned white when condition reached to this level. Her eyes turned wet, but she didn’t sob.

“Arlong said, you didn’t send money to his hand, so the village is still his own, and you will work for him, until you draw the map of the whole world for him.”

“You run away from that place and finally meet Luffy, and ask his help.”

“He destroys whole Arlong park and beat Arlong as well.”

“After that, I woke up.”

“But when I saw you on Alvida ship, I know that dream was real. I followed and let you join us first.”

Nami eyes turn red, and said: “Tell me, this is not true, right?”

Nami still has some hope that Raj tells that this is just a joke, and Arlong didn’t break his words with her.

But Raj said opposite: “Actually, till now, whatever happens, goes according to the dream? If you want to check, if this is true or not, you follow us directly.”

After thinking for a while, Nami shook her head: “No, I have to return to my village, if you said is true, then my sister is in danger. You also told me that whenever you tell someone about future, it will change. So maybe it already start to change, if I didn’t go, and something happened to my sister, I can’t forgive my sister.”

Raj thought for a while and then said: “Ok, but I will go with you. If Arlong really turns away from his words, then your life is in danger. I can’t let you be in danger.”

“Are you a fool? according to your prediction, if your whole straw hat pirate group didn’t go there, then you are just going to die.”

Nami said seriously.

Raj shook his head, and said: “Don’t worry, I don’t want to put the straw hat into danger, so I have to find some excuse for him to let me go.”

Nami is a bit surprised and curious about why the whole world government and Navy will be against this boy.

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