One Piece Devil ch 6

Chapter 6: Nami Compromise

Nami face turned white when she heard fighting against World Government, Navy and others.

Nami still stood up: “Hey, I don’t want to join your pirate group. Who will join the group of some weirdos who just know how to boost?”

Luffy acts like he didn’t hear and start picking his nose just like his grandfather.

Raj knows the condition of Nami, so he didn’t ignore her rebuttal.

Raj smiles and asked: “Even if we kill Arlong and save your village, you are determined to refuse us.”

Nami body starts to tremble. She looked at the eyes of Raj, which makes her feel that he can see every thought in her mind.

After 5 minutes, Nami calm down, and said: “You don’t know the strength of Arlong! He is like a demon!”

Raj suddenly have a disdainful sneer and said: “Baby, you really don’t know what is the real demon looks like!”

“But you don’t have to worry about, we will take care of Arlong when you join our group, and also we find 3 more partners.”

“As soon as we find 3 partners, we will directly go to your village and kill Arlong for you. How is that?”

Nami looked around and saw 3 boys looking at her. She pointed towards everyone and said: “Your Pirate group only has 3 members, and this small boat, Are you kidding me?”

Raj shook his head and said: “No, our pirate group has only two members, after we include you, we became 3. This is just a guy from Alvida Pirates.”

Nami also got shocked.

Suddenly Luffy said: “And about the ship, you don’t have to worry about, soon we will have an enormously big ship with lots of room, and….” After saying that Luffy starts to dream.

Nami completely ignores this idiot.

But Raj nodded and said: “Don’t worry, he may look like an idiot, but whatever he says, is 100% from his heart and true as well!”

Nami still didn’t take this to her heart. She just wants to know the strength of these guys, who claims that they can defeat Arlong.


After staying on the ship for around 2-3 hours, Luffy suddenly said: “I am hungry, is there a portion of food?”

Raj really wants to beat the hell out of this guy. First, he ate all the food from the boat, which is for both of them. And now he is hungry again. Raj also has not eaten since he left Foosha village with Luffy.

Nami just didn’t take care of these idiots. Because she already ate when she is on a merchant ship, so she didn’t need to say anything.

Kobi has already been hungry for days on the pirate ship, so this is nothing for him.

Suddenly Raj remembers and asks Kobi: “There must be a nearby town, where Zoro is locked, right?”

Kobi looked towards Raj in questionable attitude: “Yes, but how do you know?”

Raj didn’t answer Kobi and look towards Luffy: “Luffy, Zoro is the perfect guy for being our teammate, but you have to convince him!”

Kobi trembles in fear and said: “Hey, you don’t know what Zoro is! He is a bloodthirsty pirate hunter, don’t go near him, or else he will just kill you.”

Raj just shook his head and said: “You just need to let us reach the village, we will take care of ourselves.”

Kobi looked towards Luffy, and Luffy nodded.

Kobi changed the direction of the boat.

Suddenly Nami just threw the row towards Raj, and said: “Now that I am the crew member of your pirate group, why the hell I need to row the boat.”

Looking at the attitude of Nami, Raj just smiled and said: “After joining our team, you didn’t ask me to help you row the boat, so I let you enjoy yourself.”

Nami grinds her teeth, but didn’t say anything, and moves towards the different direction, to not face this handsome tricky guy.


After rowing the boat for another 5 hours, finally, they reach Shells Town.

Nami suddenly thought about the map to reach Grand Line is held by Marine Captain of Shells Town.

She also thought about stealing that map.

Nami starts to get excited.

Luffy and Raj looked around to find a restaurant to fill his belly.

Raj suddenly checks his own pocket and he finally remembers that he currently has no money.

He looks towards Luffy and asked: “Luffy, do you have money?”

Luffy smile and took out around 5 Bailey coins from his pocket.

Raj slams his head, really regret asking this guy.

Raj eyes suddenly shine and he looks towards Nami.

“Nami dear, give me some of your tressures!”

Nami acts like you step on the tail of a cat, and directly rejects it.

“Don’t put your eyes on my tressure, this is totally my tressure.”

Raj ignores her fierce eyes and said: “I just want to borrow some money. If you just lend me the money, I can recommend you to Captain for your position as Tressure Handler in our boat.”

Nami eyes shines and said: “Ok, I will lend you some money, but you have to return with 200% interest per month.”

“What the hell, Nami? Are you trying to cheat me?”

Nami smiles and said: “Are you not feeling hungry? I can even smell the Fried Chicken fragrance from her. You really don’t want to eat.”

Raj grinds his teeth and said: “Ok, give me the money, but remember, I will take revenge for this.”

Nami didn’t care about the warnings of Raj.

After traveling with Luffy and Raj, she clearly understands that Raj is totally perverted, but still don’t want to hurt the other party. Luffy is totally an idiot who doesn’t care about anything.

So, she doesn’t care about any warning from Raj or Luffy.

She took out 100,000 Bailey, and after counting it for 3 times, she handed over to Raj.

Raj showed the Money to Luffy, but Luffy already entered into the hotel, without caring that he only has 5 Bailey.

Raj shook his head, and follow. After 5-6 steps, he turned backward, and look towards Nami who is still in her thoughts.

“What happened? Are you not coming?”

Nami shook her head and said: “No, I have some other plans, you carry on!”

Raj smiles and said: “If you want to steal the map of Grand Line entry, you are just wasting your time. Buggy has already stolen that map from Morgan. If you still want to try, just go ahead.”

Nami really got shocked, and asked while trembling: “How do you know that? Can you read minds?”

Raj shook his head and said: “I can’t read minds, don’t worry. Just I can see the future sometimes. It is not consistent, but sometimes it really helps.”

Nami eyes are shocked. She turns silent and directly follows Raj.


When they enter into the restaurant, Luffy and Kobi already started eating meat, without even waiting for his partners.

Raj didn’t ask anything and joined them as well. Nami also comes and sit towards Raj.

Raj started to eat, but Nami didn’t move her hand. She is thinking about something.


After 30 minutes or so, Nami suddenly ask Raj: “Are you telling the truth?”

Raj look towards with questionable face: “What Am I telling?”

Nami lowered her voice and said: “About the seeing the future?”

Raj nodded and said: “Yeah, what other reasons I have to lie to you?”

Nami once again falls in her thoughts. After around 3-4 minutes, she looks at Raj, who is eating meat without any tension.

She asked: “So, because of this reason, you know about myself and Arlong.”

Raj looks towards and finally nodded.

“Can you tell me, what you saw?” Nami asked with hesitation.

Raj looked at her and said: “Do you really want to know? You know looking at the future is very dangerous. When you know the future, the future will change according to our plans and steps. It may create a totally different future, which we can’t predict, or something much worse than the previous result. This is the reason, I only tell others those incidents which not affect much in the future.”

“Just like now, I told you the map is already stolen. If I didn’t tell you, you just go there, and find the locker, and finally come empty-handed.”

“So, it will not change much future.”

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