One Piece Devil ch 4

Chapter 4: Need Help

Raj looks at Luffy and asks: “When are you going to sea?”

After listening to Raj question: “I am going to leave tomorrow.”

Raj thought for a while, suddenly Dadan asks one question.

“What is your name boy?”

Raj looks towards Dadan, which tremble after looking at calm eyes of Raj.

Raj smiles and said: “My actual name is Devil D. Dragon, but you can call me Raj.”

Suddenly Raj thought something, and ask Dadan: “Can you arrange some boat for me? And essential item for the sea? I also want to leave this Island.”

Dadan looks at him with suspicion and said: “You can find anyone, when you reach at the port. They will arrange for you.”

Raj said embarrassingly: “I actually have no money with me, so this time you have to arrange it for me, but don’t worry, I will repay this debt soon.”

“And I also need a detailed map with compass.”

Dadas face turn black, and she thought about beating this shameless guy.

She almost forgot that this guy is the owner of unusual Conqueror Haki, but it is still good that he didn’t go with Luffy. With this unstable factor, I really will not feel easy.

She decided to help this guy, maybe she needs his help in the future.

After looking at the condition of Raj, she knows that this guy really has nothing.

Dadan said: “You don’t have to return anything, just help this guy, if he is in trouble.”

Raj looks towards Luffy, who is eating without any thoughts.

Raj finally nodded.

Don’t know why Dadan feel that with Raj’s help, Luffy will be much safer.


Next Day,

Other thieves of Dadan gang starts to wake up.

Raj and Luffy also to embark on their new journey.

Dadan arranged everything for Raj, as well as Luffy.

For Luffy because when she the arrangement of Luffy, she really wants to beat Luffy.

Luffy arranged himself is only a small boat, without ingredients, without a map or anything.

Dadan looks worriedly towards Raj and gave some indications.

After looking at the face of Dadan, Raj knows what she wants.

She wants him to take Luffy with himself.

After thinking for his further plans, Raj nodded towards Dadan.

Raj turned towards Luffy and said: “Luffy, why not we start our journey together?”

Luffy got stunned and laughed while saying: “Finally I have a partner.”

Raj shook his head and said: “I didn’t told you that I joined your crew.” but Luffy didn’t listened to a single word.


After Luffy said goodbye to everyone on the Foosha Village, he and Raj finally sit on the small boat and moved towards the sea.

Just like in the anime, Sea King suddenly comes out from the sea and glares at them.

Raj is too bored to use Conqueror Haki to stun this guy, but Luffy used his rubber fruit and directly punch to his face.

Sea King directly got stunned. Raj told Luffy to pick this guy up and throw this towards the sea coast, so villagers can enjoy eating sea king for the first time.

Luffy really did the same thing.

Raj thought something and wants to open the map to check it.

Luffy looks towards him, and said: “Raj, don’t worry about it. we will be fine.”

Raj also got relaxed and slept on the boat.

He doesn’t know why he feels that his body is changed from yesterday’s condition. His body is much more powerful than the previous day.


After around lazy 5 hours, Raj starts to feel hungry.

He opened his eyes, and starts to search for some fruits in the wooden basket.

But when he checks the wooden basket, he found it empty.

Raj looks towards Luffy in confusion and asked: “Luffy, have we mistakenly took the wrong wooden basket? Because this one has no fruits.”

Luffy looked towards the empty wooden basket and said: “Oh, fruits from that basket are eaten by me. You are just sleeping on the boat, I felt bored, so I ate.”

“Fuck, Luffy that is the food for at least 3 days for both of us.” Raj face directly turn dark.

Suddenly the boat starts to sway. Raj and Luffy stood on the boat, and looked around.

Their face turns white when they saw Sea Whirlpool.

Raj knows that they are in great danger, because he didn’t know how to swim, and Luffy just can’t swim because he is a devil fruit user.

Raj directly picks the rowing paddle and starts to use his greatest strength in urgency.

Boat really stopped moving towards the whirlpool, but it also not going towards any other direction.

Raj has to increase the speed, if he wants his boat to come out from this condition.

But he just can’t, because if he uses more strength on Row, then they will definitely breaks, and he really doesn’t want this to happen.

After one hour rowing, the condition didn’t change but it starts to get worse. Whirlpool starts to get worse.

Finally, Raj can’t suppress the fear, and started to row at full speed.

Row on the boat starts to have some cracking sound, but luck is really with them, they come out from that dangerous condition before Row finally breaks down completely.

After looking at the condition of a broken row, Raj knows that they need a big boat, and also this is an urgent need.

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