One Piece Devil ch 3

Chapter 3: Conqueror Haki

When Raj about to reach to the nearby area of human, suddenly a voice comes from a distance.

“Who are you? Why you are attacking us?”

Raj thought that someone attack on those humans, so he rushed towards them.

Just as Raj reached, he finds a burly lady try to stand on her feet, and a boy with a straw hat is also looking at him with vigilance.

Luffy looks towards Raj and asked in anger: “Damn it man, what did you do to my friends?”

Raj put his hands up, to let them calm down and said: “Hey, I didn’t do anything! You see, I just come now.”

“Someone might have poisoned them.”

Luffy looks got flustered and said: “Dadan, are they poisoned?”

Dadan tries to stop herself from fainting: “No, this guy used Conqueror Haki to make them faint. Luffy this guy is too powerful, I will try to buy you some time, you just run away from here.”

Raj is listening to their conversation. He finally understands why there are no animals in the forest, they just scared away by his Conqueror Haki.

Luffy directly shook his head, and glare at Raj: “Bastard, you tried to trick me. I will beat you.”

Raj got surprised after hearing the response of Luffy. He tried to explain, but suddenly Luffy’s hand stretched and gone backward. Raj finally understands who this guy is.

Raj watched everything in Anime form, and here everything is based on a real human. How can he know that this guy is Luffy?

“Luffy, I really do….” Suddenly a punch comes toward his face at an incredible speed. Raj just unconsciously knows that he can’t dodge in time, so he also makes a punch and counter-attack.

When Raj punch touched the punch of Luffy, it stops the speed of Luffy punch, but it didn’t affect him at all.

Raj knows that without Armament Haki, it is impossible to hurt Luffy, with his durable rubber body.

Raj looks towards Dadan and said: “Dadan, make him stop, I really don’t know how to control my conqueror Haki. You can see that, I can’t even stop this Haki when I know that it is not affecting you much.”

Dadan looks at his eyes, and feels that this boy is really saying the right thing.

She said: “Luffy stop, he really is innocent.”

Raj look gratefully towards Dadan and asked: “Can you tell me, how to control my Haki now?”

Dadan thought and said: “I don’t know much, but try to cover your aura into your body, maybe you will able to control.”

Raj closes his eyes, and tried to control it. After 5 minutes, he really took back his Conqueror Haki.

Dadan and Luffy felt that the mountain type of pressure is removed from the top of their head.

Raj opens his eyes and said: “They have already fainted, so can I join your party in their place?”

Luffy smiles and said: “You are pretty powerful, come and join us.”

Dadan didn’t say anything, just there is some precaution in her eyes.

She really doesn’t know, where this boy comes from?

Most people when they release their Conqueror Haki, they just release it and close it pretty soon. Because if they really make it open, the whole time, they will directly die with the loss of mental strength.

She doesn’t know how much time before this guy activated his Conqueror Haki, and he is still fit and fine. How did he do that?

Only Red Hair Shanks able to keep his Haki open for more than an hour, that is why he is able to become Emperor without the use of Devil Fruit power.


Raj also looks at Dadan’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Because she is not the main character here.

Luffy looked at Raj, and suddenly asked: “Uncle, will you join my crew?”

Raj face petrified.

Am I look like an Uncle to you?

Raj got scared when he thought that maybe when he comes into One Piece World, he enters into the body of an old man.

But my hands look young.

Raj suddenly stares at Dadan, and asks: “Dadan, do you have a mirror with you? I need it urgently!”

Dadan is a woman, so she really carries a mirror with her.

She took out, and throw towards Raj.

Raj caught mirror at a very fast speed, and checked his face.

He looks exactly like he looks in the previous world. Around 21-22 years old young handsome boy.

Raj glare at Luffy and asked: “Luffy, are you a fool? How do I look like an Uncle to you?”

Luffy scratch his head and smile: “Ohhh, you are not uncle, so do you join my crew?”

Raj shook his head and said: “Sorry, I don’t want to work under anyone, I will be king of the whole world someday, why would I work under you?”

Dadan face suddenly changed when she heard the statement. It looks like a normal thing for this boy. His voice has a confidence which she has not seen in anyone.

Luffy face also changed and said: “Do you also want to be One Piece?”

Raj shook his head and said: “No, One Piece means king of the pirates, I want to be king of everything, including Navy, Nobles, World Government, Pirates or anyone. So I will not join your crew.”

Luffy face also turned serious this time.

Luffy didn’t ask for the second time, like he usually asks from Sanji, Zoro, and even Usoop.


Dadan body starts to tremble.

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