One Piece Devil ch 2

Chapter 2: Power of Bloodline

After saying this, Blood mist starts to enter into the body of Raj.

First Raj didn’t feel anything, but after all the blood mist enters, every bone in his body starts to break.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck! Old Man, you want to kill me.”

But no sound comes, and Raj finally can’t stand anymore. His bones start to break one by one, and then bone-marrow starts to change.

Hopefully, he just fainted when all this started.

His Spinal cord breaks into different pieces, and then it dissolves into the Red mist, and starts to create a new one.

If Raj is alive, he definitely not want to have any superpower after feeling this pain.


After around 2 hours, when the sun starts to rise, Raj body changes are also complete.

But Raj didn’t wake up.

Wild Animals in the forest doesn’t dare to come near Raj.

It is like, they are having an instinctual fear against Raj.


Mary Joa, a known basement.

An old man stood up, and looked towards the direction of Raftel.

“Brother, Are you dead? How can I not sense you now?”

He is one of the 5 Old Elders of World government.

“Sorry brother, you are just too powerful, if I didn’t betray you, I think we will definitely be lost against you. I am sorry.”

His face covered with some remorse, then it recovered like normal.

He finally knows that even if someone finds Raftel, they can’t do anything against them.


When Night is about to come, Raj wakes up.

He remembers the last pain, and suddenly goosebumps come.

“I really never want to feel that type of pain.”

Raj stood up, and tried to move, but he just walk one step and suddenly he covered 20 meters, and then fall on the beach like a dog.

“What the hell just happened?”

In anger, Raj just wants to stand up while jumping, but strength used by him is just too much, and he directly pasted on the tree like a lizard.

After sliding, Raj cools down his mind, and tried to test while punching the sand on the beach.

Even if his strength didn’t increase, his wrist will be safe. If his strength really increases, then he has to practice soon, to control it.

Raj just punched on the beach, “Boom!!!” A pit of more than 10 meters is created.

After seeing the effect, Raj calm down directly and without moving anywhere, he sits on the same place, he was standing.

He suddenly remembers the word of the Old Man in Red Mist. After remembering that, Raj blood is starting to boil for revenge.

He remembers some of his instructions like he has to find some important 5 Devil Fruits.

After remembering about Devil Fruit, Raj knows that he is in One Piece World.

But he doesn’t the calendar time period. Is this Luffy time, or Rogers, or Shanks?

After thinking that much, Raj starts to move slowly.

After an hour, Raj at least able to walk.

In the process of walking, Raj feels that he can able to fly, if he practices well.

He tried several times, but it didn’t go well.

Raj starts to feel hungry, and he also has to think about, how he can leave this fucking Island.

After having so much strength, Raj at least has the guts to enter into the forest.

Suddenly Raj feels that he is in the new world, he should have a name which matches this world.

A name comes in his mind, “Devil D Dragon.”

What type of name is this, it doesn’t even have my name before. But don’t know why he feels that this is definitely the best name for him.

“Ok, I will just take this name, and my pet name will be Raj. Now it looks fine.”

Raj looked towards the sea, to find any boat is coming towards this way or not.

But there is just no-one.

So, Raj picks one direction, and walk towards the mountain forest.

He can find food, as well as from that position, he can at least see the whole island. Maybe someone lives on this island.

When Raj starts to walk in the direction of mountain, weak animals just starts to run away from his way. They are like a frightened beast.

Raj comes from modern society, he eats Non-veg food, but he doesn’t have to guts to kill anyone by his own hands. It may feel ridiculous, but 80% in our society is like this.

Raj looked around for some fruits, and after some time, he really finds something to eat.

After eating fruit from the whole tree, Raj feels that he is still not satisfied, but it’s like his body carves for more energy-rich food.

But Raj really knows that he can’t do that.

After walking for around 5 hours, patience and hunger of Raj is almost uncontrollable.

Raj finally convinces himself that if he can’t even kill some little animal, how will he gonna take revenge and fight pirates.

Raj decides to kill some animals and make them his dinner.

From the time, Raj enters into the forest, he didn’t saw a single animal. Raj know that something is wrong. He increased his speed of walking, so that he can meet some animal.

Subconsciously, his speed is almost around the fastest runner in his previous world, but he still used less than 1% of his strength.

When Raj is about to reach at the top of the mountain, Raj super sensitive ears hear the sound of humans. He finally got relieved and moves toward that direction.

He really didn’t find a single animal in the whole pathway. He know something is wrong, but he just can’t guess.

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