One Piece Devil ch 11

Chapter 11: Arlong Park

Nami wants to swear some more, but Nojiko took her inside his room.

Raj didn’t want to interfere in their chit-chat, so he left.

Raj already killed so many Navy soldiers, so Navy will definitely retaliate. He doesn’t want the villagers to suffer for him, that is the reason he left one Navy soldier alive. At least he will inform the Navy that a boy killed the whole Navy team, and not the villagers.

He also can’t stay here too much, or else Navy reinforcement will come. So, he decided to solve Arlong today, and leave this village tonight.

After thinking that, Raj started to walk into the direction of Arlong Park.


Nojiko took Nami into the room, and just they entered, Nami started to ask questions.

Nojiko told her everything that Navy came in the morning, and start search for her 100 million Bailey. When Nojiko tries to stop them, Marine Captain took out his gun, and shoot.

Raj comes in front of her to save. The bullet penetrates in his back.

“What? Raj is injured right now?”

“Actually he was injured. When the doctor took out his bullet, it automatically starts to heal.” Nojiko said with the expression of worship.

“Yeah..Yeah, he is great. Just tell me, who killed all the Navy soldiers?”

Nojiko looked towards Nami, and said: “Raj killed them.”

“What? Raj did all this, even when he is injured.”

“Yes, and you don’t know, he can turn into a huge monster. After turning into the monster, he killed all these guys in less than a second.”

Nojiko eyes once again filled with worship light.

“What monster? Have you really seen it with your own eyes?”

Nami asked in disbelief.

“Hey, do I look like a person who can lie?”

Nami looked disdainfully towards Nojiko, and her face turned red.

“Yeah … Yeah, sometimes I lie, but this time everything is real, you can ask any villager.”


Raj already reached to the gate of Arlong Park.

He didn’t bother about knocking the door, he just directly kick it.

All the fishmen look towards Raj.

A smiling boy started to walk towards Arlong.

Arlong looks towards this arrogant boy, and suddenly feels an unprecedented threat.

“Who are you, boy? And what you want?”

Arlong asks with his sinking face.

“Well Arlong, I will give everyone two options.”

“First, you ask forgiveness from Nami, if she forgives you, I will just break your four limbs, and let you and your family member go.”

“Second, you don’t accept my previous option, and I will kill you’re every family member present here in front of you, and then finally kill you.”

Arlong stood up in anger, and many fishmen even attack him, but before their attack reach, a very heavy and thick killing intent released.

This killing intent almost changes the entire Arlong park into Hell like condition.

Actually, it doesn’t change anything, it affects the mind in such a way, that you start to have illusions, and plus Conqueror Haki pressure. It is more than enough to convince them.

Arlong even saw the condition when Admiral attack, but this time the mental attack almost create the same condition when Admiral attack there team.

Arlong starts to tremble. He never thought this type of day will come. He wants to say why a superior race member like mine, ask forgiveness from Nami, but he doesn’t dare.

“Can you promise that you let us go?”

“It depends on Nami. If she forgives you, I will just break your four limbs, and let you and your family go.”

“If she doesn’t forgive you, then it is your bad luck, because after all, you killed her mother.”

“Assume someone kills your mother in front of you, and then capture you to work for him. Can you forgive him?”

After listening to this, Arlong drops his head.

“But don’t worry, even if she can’t forgive you, I will at least let your fishmen brother be alive.”

“What? Really.” Arlong turned happy, because he knows that Nami will not forgive him, for whatever he did.”

“Yes, but only those, who didn’t kill any innocent human.”

There are still some Fishmen who didn’t kill humans.

After thinking for a while, Arlong nodded his head.


Full Arlong pirate group started to walk towards Nami house.

Every villager saw this, will be frightened and close their house gates.

Nami is still planning what to do in the future. She totally understands that Arlong will never let her go. So, she is planning to shift the whole villagers, to some other place.

Suddenly some voice comes from outside.

Nami comes out from the house with Nojiko.

Arlong and his whole fishmen team kneeling on the ground in front of the house of Nami.

Nami face is filled with shock. Nojiko condition is also same, when she saw this scene.

“Nami, I know I have done a lot of cruel things to you. I killed your only parent, and also force you to work for me. I know, it is too difficult to forgive me, but at least let my brothers live. I am willing to give you my life.”

“No, Arlong Boss, We will live and die together.”

“Yes, brother, we can’t let our boss die alone.”




Fishmen member started to talk, but suddenly Arlong anger voice sounded: “Shut Up, Your life is in my care, so if I want you to live, you have to live.”

Nami looked around and found Raj standing at the corner of the house.

“Ahhh, Raj, thank you… thank you very much.”

Nami hugs Raj while crying out loud. She knows everything happens because of this boy in front of her.

She is already in a desperate condition. If Raj didn’t help her now, she has to leave this place.

All villagers come out, and start looking at the event happening in front of Nami’s house. When they heard that Arlong asking forgiveness from Nami, they also got courageous.

“Kill him…. he is a murderer….. he killed lots of villagers from our village.”

“Yeah, don’t let monsters live them to live.”

Raj listens to their word, and suddenly his voice sounded in the whole village.

“Yeah, they really a monster, who killed many villagers… but I want to ask some questions from the villagers.”

After looking at the face of Raj, every villager took a step back.

Raj didn’t care about them, and ask: “When 8-year Nami, going out to sea, to stole money from the pirates to take the village back from Arlong, where were you all?”

After hearing the question, everyone lowered their head.

“Today when Navy comes to stole all money which Nami collected, and even shoot her sister, where were you all?”

Raj looked towards Arlong, and asked: “Arlong, in 8 years, how much money you collected from all the villagers of Cocoyashi?”

Arlong said: “600 million Bailey from Cocoyashi village.”

Raj looked towards all the villagers and asked: “So, you have so much money with you, but you didn’t give this money to Nami, to redeem the village for you, because you already know that Arlong will never let go Nami.”

Everyone head is low. No-one said anything.

“Congratulations, you are really good well-wisher of Nami.”

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