One Piece Devil ch 1

Chapter 1: One Piece World!

Raftel is the final island of the world, where everyone wants to go.

In One Piece world, after Gol D. Roger come from the Island and surrender to the Navy, everyone thought what will be on Raftel Island.

Everyone asked Roger, but he didn’t answer a single thing.

[Do you really think that Navy have not asked Roger about the final Island]

No-one knows the answer.


In 1520,

Suddenly, on Raftel Island, an ancient laughter voice came. It is so creepy that if someone heard that he will have goosebumps on all over his body.

“Finally, someone come who will take revenge for me! Those 5 bastards and that guy must die! Ahhhhhh! Boy, I can only give you this much power, now everything depends on you.”

Suddenly a blood color gas starts to leak from the Island, and going towards East Blue Sea.


On an unknown Island, a boy wakes his eyes.

“Fuck, I will never drink alcohol in my whole life!”

He head is killing him.

He wakes up and looks around. He found that he is alone on the beach.

The last thing he remembers is the party on a private boat, he was actually invited by his friends. In those friends, his Ex-girlfriend is also there, which is currently the wife of one of his best friend.

He finally knows, why she breaks up with him.

She is really a rich girl, and her parents didn’t want to marry her to him.

Raj knows this, but looking at the girl, which was yours some time ago, and know she is other person hands, it may sound typical or old fashioned, but it really hurts.

Raj starts to drink alcohol, and after his 8 pegs, he doesn’t know where he was.

After thinking for a while, he vaguely remembers that someone throws him out from the boat.

After thinking that much, he looked around and touched his body. He knows that at least he is alive.

He might know, who is that bastard who tried to kill him. It was his best friend, who married his Ex-Girlfriend. That Bastard is really a poisonous snake, but whatever, it’s not my business anymore.

He knows that it is a good choice to sue them, for an attempt on murder. They are both like a super-rich businessman, what can government do to them?

So, he just forgets that pushing thing, he looked around and found that whole beech is covered with forest. It is like a virgin beach, where no-one came before.


It was already night, and Raj didn’t have the courage to explore the forest at night.

Anyway, he currently have a hangover, he just can’t have the guts and mood to eat. He just wants to sit on the beech and wait till the morning comes.


Raj didn’t know that Red blood like the mist is coming towards him.

Around 2 hours later, Red blood mist comes near the island, and it’s speed increases as it has found it’s target.

This is night time, Raj already closed his eyes.

Even if open his eyes, in night condition, how can he see the red mist?

Red mist just directly comes above Raj, and suddenly grab him, and starts to enter its body.

Raj woke up, when Red Mist grabs his hands. He tried to struggle and shout, but nothing happens.

It’s like the whole world is just disconnected from Raj.

Raj looks towards Red Mist.

Raj can’t clearly see anything, but he can feel that someone is looking at him.

“Alkamer… my son, you are alive.”

Suddenly an emotional voice comes from the Red Mist.

After a minute, Red mist understands.

“Boy, you are not from this world, I can give you power beyond your thinking. But after I die, you just have to take revenge for me. Just kill those 5 Bastards and anyone who is involved in the misery of mine.”

“Please, you are like a son to me. If you have the strength of taking my revenge, just take it. If you don’t have the strength, just live your life, I will just take that my revenge is impossible.”

“If you decide not to take revenge, don’t show this power in front of those bastards, they will kill you.”

Raj doesn’t know why his eyes started to have tears. He can feel the pain of this guy.

“Uncle, don’t worry, if I have the strength, I will torture them so much, that at least they can feel the pain, you are feeling right now.”

It’s like a vow. Raj doesn’t know why he wants to take revenge, but he can feel that this old man definitely have some relationship with me.

“I am really a lucky father, that before dying, I can see the face of my son.”

“Boy, I don’t have much time, now I am going to give you my bloodline. All the devil fruits come from me. You can collect all of them, but before collecting all devil fruits, you have to collect 5 Basic Devil Fruits which I divided with my power.”

“They are hidden in some specific places, where no-one can find other than me.”

“After you get the bloodline, you can detect them.”

“Good luck, my son! Bye.”

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