One Piece Bounty System Ch 46

Chapter 46: The Battle with Dorry

Tianlei: “Mr.3, Paramecia wax wax fruit, character is sinister. He is a person who fights for victory, but the ingenuity is good. There are 7 strokes of good ability.”

“Candle Ball, Wax Museum, Candle Lock, Candle Wall, Extra Large Service Candle Wall, Mud Carving, Extra Large Service Candle Feast”

Speaking of this, Tianlei could not help but think of it. In fact, he still have two powerful moves, but it is a big move that he developed when he entered Impel Down. The power is quite big.

The highest art of the Candle Champion Cup “Mr.3”, in addition to the head, can cover the body of the candle armor, shaped like a huge robot, through “Miss GoldenWeek” “coloring” to strengthen the power, this move is used advancing in Impel Down to beat 42 million Bailey wanted criminals.

The champion’s boxing “Ploughing Boxing” made a continuous punch in the “Candle Champion Cup” state.

If you add his Armament Haki, it will be strengthened!

Mr.3 listened to the words of Tianlei, and knew that every trick of his own, is clear cut in front of this Rear Admiral.

Looking at his strength and trying to deal with himself is simply a breeze! Mr.3 looked at Miss Valentine and Mr.5 who had apparently surrendered to him. He immediately understand the meaning of Tianlei, and understand why Miss Valentine and Mr.5 betrayed. They encounter such a powerful opponent who knows everything about you, so you have no choice but to surrender.

Tianlei: “I know you understand what I want to say with your mind!”

Mr.3: “I surrender!”

Tianlei: “It is not just surrender, but join my warship and join the Navy.”

When Mr.3 listened to the words of Tianlei, his eyes could not help but almost out. He finally know the ambition of Tianlei! But he like ambitious guy: “I will be your subordinate from now on!”

Tianlei smiles: “That’s good.”

He turned to Miss GoldenWeek and said: “You?”

Miss Golden Week asked: “Is there tea? Is there a scallop to eat?”

“This is a question to ask our chef!”

Nojiko walked over and touched the head of Miss Golden Week: “As long as you want, of course there is no problem!”

Miss Golden Week immediately put a cute look and said: “I am in.”

Tianlei: “Today, I will divide you into team again. After that, it will not change. The first team is the sailor team, the second team is the swordsman team, the third team is the ability team, and the fourth team is the logistics team.”

“The first team captain, Yuxi, the team player Kobi, Alvida; the second team captain, Face, the team player Dezaia; the third team captain Bartolomeo, the player Mr.5, Mr.3; The four team captains Nojiko, the team members Mikita, Miss Golden Week. Now all the staff go to carry wine.”

Soon, Tianlei took a group of people with dozens of barrels of wine and came to the place where Dorry and Brogy were fighting. The two men are still playing hard!

“First come over and drink some wine and fight later!” Tianlei knows the weakness of these two people, that is, a drunkard.

Sure enough, when they heard about wine, Dorry and Brogy immediately stopped: “Navy? Why give us wine? You know we are pirates!”

Tianlei: “It’s a pirate more than a hundred years ago. Our navy only catches those who are evil. You are here for more than a hundred years, so you didn’t hurt anyone at all.”

Dorry and Brogy nodded: “Well?”

Dorry: “How do you know that we are here for 100 years?”

Tianlei: “I just heard from the people that there are two giants here, so I want to come over here and try my strength. So if you fight with me, whether you win or lose, I will give you this wine. How?”

Dorry and Brogy started to laugh, and said: “No problem! We also likes to fight and drink, we are willing!”

Tianlei: “Ha! Ha! Ha! That is, fighting and drinking, a lot of fun in life!”

Dorry and Brogy heard and smile even more better: “Ha! Ha! Ha! Brother, you are our friend from now on.”

Tianlei said to his group behind him: “Let’s put the wine down, let’s drink first!”

After opening the huge barrel, everyone starts to take a sip of wine for a while! This time, Tianlei is also got excited under the effect of wine.

Tianlei handed over half of the wine: “Come, let’s do it!” Tianlei finished pouring a bucket of wine in his hand.

Brogy also picked up the wine and drank it: “Cheer!!!!” Dorry: “Happy, let’s have one more round! Come, come back! Hahaha!”

Tianlei is also not to be outdone. The wine is fully drank by them in just 3 rounds. If it weren’t for this world’s perverted body, he will just die from drinking wine.

Dorry: “The wine is also enough! Come on! Fight! Hahaha!”

Tianlei also ??smile: “Then lets start Dorry, let’s have a full power fight between us!”

Dorry: “Then I will be welcome.” After he picked up the giant sword that was put aside, he came over.

Tianlei is not afraid, he is wondering how much his strength is worse than the strong ones in these One Piece world! He immediately pulled out the snow sword and greeted him.

“Boom!” After a loud noise, a huge shock wave formed immediately, and the barrels around him were rushed out. And Tianlei’s partner is also got impacted by the shock wave, but this time Bartolomeo reacted quickly enough to immediately provide support with the barrier, which blocked the impact.

Dorry: “Ha ha ha! Kid, your strength is good! But now I will use all my strength! Try again!” Dorry once again did not have any fancy big sword move and directly smashed over.

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