One Piece Bounty System Ch 33

Chapter 33: Wins

Then appeared, behind Kuroobi, immediately kicked him, this time she used a full force, her legs seem to turn into a black snake, like lightning, quickly kicked Kurobi back waist The past.

When Yuxi was behind Kurobi, he did not find it at all. It was the strong wind of Yuxi’s leg attack, which made Kurobi discover Yuxi and his face flashed with a little nervou expression.

He immediately put out, boxing posture, double fists clenched, horse step solid, slammed a punch, shouted: “100 tile fist!” The fist and the foot meet in the air, the two strokes are two people’s strongest moves, the power of collision is not small.

“Boom!” Finally, Kurobi’s body was like a broken kite, flying straight out, and once again slammed into the wall, fainted. Without the slightest suspense, Yuxi won this game. She walked over to Kebi to help him up and walked to the side of Nami and Nojiko.

And Nami and Nojiko are looking at Yuxi with a look of adoration. They never thought that a woman can be so strong and defeated the most powerful cadre of the evil dragon.

If Kobi VS Hatchan is a tragic victory, then Yuxi VS Kurobi is a complete one sided victory!

If it is easy to play against Kurobi, then Tianlei and the fishman Aalong fight are undoubtedly cruel and fierce! Both of them chose hard-hitting, and even though they were evenly divided, of course, this is because Tianlei did use Haki. Now Tianlei’s Haki is too consuming, so Tianlei is waiting for an opportunity, a time to kill.

For a long time, Arlong didn’t get any victory. How can a proud and powerful fishman still want to fight with a human being for such a long time! What a shameful shame! He was very angry and laughed, but the smile made people shudder and coldly said: “Good, good, good!” Three good words were said one after another.

Arlong reached into his mouth. “Scratch!” A strange voice, Arlong actually removed all his teeth from his mouth! “Scratch” a series of snoring, the original Arlong’s right hand holding this pair of teeth, with Arlong’s push, the teeth will open and close sound came “catch catch”.

And he lost his teeth in the mouth, and the bare gums quickly grew a row of sharper teeth. In just a few seconds, it has already formed, and it is sharper than the first pair of teeth! Such a long tooth is really staggering!

When Tianlei saw this scene in the past life, he didn’t believe so much. How can teeth grow so fast? even if it is fishman! If it is true, is it not a teeth manufacturing machine?

But now the facts are in front of Tianlei, so that he has to believe, Tianlei can only sigh with one sentence, this World of One Piece is really surprising. At the same time, Tianlei also secretly thank god, fortunately this is only the speed of generating teeth, if the wound healing speed is so fast, then the fishman will be invincible?

And Arlong is still not finished, and even pulled out a pair of teeth and put it in the left hand, although the past life knows this Arlong’s trick, but now, after seeing it, it still feels quite a thunder. Attacking with your teeth has already opened your mind, and you can think of how big a brain hole is in a person who uses three teeth attack methods!

“Catch Catch~~~” accompanied by the crisp teeth biting, Arlong laughed wildly: “Seeing enough, the unique fishmen have their own specialties. And our sharks are the fishmen whose teeth are extremely sharp and can grow indefinitely, which is beyond your reach!”

Tianlei can’t help but sneer, isn’t growing tooth better? Is there anything to show off? Is there anything good about it? He is really speechless!

Arlong also sneer, not afraid, not retreating, and welcoming Tianlei’s attack. “Catch catch~~~~” He held his sharp teeth in both hands, and his mouth was also shining with cold light. Just like the three big beasts, they attacked Tianlei.

How can Tianlei be afraid of these teeth, even Haki does not need to use, just to make out the iron 1000 tiles fist, the double fist attack and the two pairs of teeth in the hands of Arlong, the result is known, Arlong’s two teeth in the hand were immediately broken into pieces by Tianlei’s double fists.

After the teeth in the hands of Arlong were destroyed, the anger in the eyes has already spurted out, and once in a bad situation, once again, he did not retreat, and opened a big mouth and bite Tianlei.

When Tianlei saw the performance of Arlong, he laughed because the time for his attack came. Immediately on the forehead made an iron block, but also attached Haki, a piece of black colour shine on the forehead of Tianlei is the best proof.

Then he rudely slammed onto the head of Arlong. This is the attack of Tianlei, but it is enough, only to see Arlong being hit, the nose of the pointed sword is completely broken. The teeth in the mouth have also shattered, and the eyes have also burst out, then suddenly flew out.

Tianlei didn’t stop the attack, because there is no systematic text in his mind, which shows that Arlong is only seriously injured, and did not die. So Tianlei does not want to give any chances to the enemy to turn over.

Tianlei’s used “shave” to came, and flew out Arlong into air, and immediately hit with Haki and navy six Iron and fishman karate 2000 tiles kick, and kicked in the belly of Arlong. The screaming Arlong stopped in the flight, but slammed into the ground and knocked a large pit above the ground, and Arlong was lying in the middle of the big pit.

However, there was no systematic text in Tianlei’s mind. Tianlei looked at the middle of the big pit and looked at the terrible condition of Arlong. Can not help but sigh, the vitality of this fishman is really strong! This kind of powerful attack in a row is cannot kill him.

Tianlei is not a soft-hearted person. He immediately take out gun and hit two gunshots on the head and heart of Arlong.

These two powerful attacks, Arlong vomited a blood and finally died.

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